IRCTC Cautions Users About Fraudulent Rail Connect App

IRCTC is cautioning its users of a fraudulent rail connect app. Most of us who use Indian Railways book tickets via the ticketing app widely known as the IRCTC Rail Connect App. Almost 80% of the tickets all over the country are booked using the Rail Connect App. Only 20% of tickets get booked through the counters and that too, happens only in remote areas.

But upon hearing about the fake IRCTC Rail Connect app, Railways took to Twitter and informed the same to their users.

The fake one is known as irctcconnect.apk.

Most users have reportedly received download requests via Whatsapp and Telegram Channels.

  • These entire download requests are accompanied by a link which is the link to the app apk. You can also download the app apk using the link.
  • After that, people will be asked to book their tickets through it.
  • Once you start the booking process, you will see fake data related to train seat availability.
  • Even though other details will remain the same within the app like the train timings, number, and other train related identities.
  • Once you book your seats, you will be prompted to make a payment.
  • When you make a payment, you will either get a payment failure notice or the screen will malfunction.
  • But you lose your money and also lose information about your credit card or debit card.

These are primarily phishing links that you will get and you must pass on the information not to fall prey to these phishing sites and links.

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Where can you download the correct Rail Connect app?

Additionally, IRCTC also informs its users that the legitimate app is present in Google Playstore and Apple appstore. If anyone wants to download the app, they will need to visit these Play stores. After installing it from a legitimate site, you will not run the risk of falling prey to the wrong people and can book your tickets safely.

There is an alert on Twitter that relays the same information and also informs their users that they can inform any of the IRCTC call center numbers in case they have detected any such app or discrepancy.

IRCTC Rail Connect Details

Trains connect most of the interior places of the country. If you want to find out more about their site, you will need to read about it or refer some friend who knows best about it. Falling prey to a malicious site can lead to loss of wealth and there is no way to track down the hackers in any way.

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