Is Saturn App School Safe? Saturn App Reviews, Hoax, Dangerous?

Saturn is an app that supports the complexities of a high school efficiently. We all know how cramped and jargonistic often, a high school routine will look. We have been through it. But unlike the olden days, now, there is something to manage it all.

The app brings you the countdown feature and every second of your life will be tackled with suitable reminders for you to never lose on a thing as before. Also, if you are part of a community, you will know everything that’s happening around you from the app.

Is there something you want to tell your community? Use the bulletin feature to highlight matters that influence you the most.

But, how does the app know about your schedule? Upload a single photo of your timetable and all the essentials wherever you’ve scribbled it up and the app will do the rest for you.

Is it safe to use Saturn App?

It is not safe to use the Saturn app.

The app claims to be used in 16000 schools and the number of schools each day seems to be growing.

However, school authorities claim that the app is not capable of protecting students from predators, wrongful content, and cyberbullying. It is a major question mark to the student’s privacy.

Also, the app does not have any verification process for users registering with the app, authorities claim. You will never know if all the registered users are school students, parents, teachers, or some random people trying to pry over kids.

Saturn app hoax

The Saturn app is not a hoax app and works very well. Its founder, Dylan Diamond is constantly releasing updates to make the app better. In this current update, they have made it possible for a child to view their peer’s works. Students who do not prefer to showcase their schedules can choose to make their accounts private.

Company guidelines claim to prevent and prohibit cheating. However, students can cheat by posting notes for their homework inappropriately and improperly. Also, it is typically not a social messaging app but the founder plans to develop the app in that particular direction.

There are certain best practices that one needs to follow when using the Saturn app if they want to protect their privacy.

  • Keep your account private with the Saturn app.
  • Do not miss to report inappropriate comments and messages everytime you receive any.
  • Do not miss to know your school ambassador.
  • Do have limits when using the Saturn app. Do not view it always. Keep a fixed daily time when you’d view your schedule there.
  • Do not share any personal information with anybody you don’t trust.

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Saturn app Reviews

People have no complaints about the app’s basic functioning; however, they are having problems and issues with the privacy of the app. Many questions are being raised by people about how the app’s privacy feature works.

Reviewers have shown how the app poses a threat to one’s privacy. After downloading an app and then creating an account with them, if you tap the people tab located at the downside, you will get the names of students.

Some got a list of 800+ students and you can also see their grades. You can also have their Snapchat avatars for all those who linked their accounts. provides reviews for apps that should deal with parental controls. They rank Saturn 1 out of 5 which make it a suspicious app.

However, amid all the uproar, the app came back stating they have improved its security features. They have standardized it. Any unverified phone number will lead to the deletion of the account.

With Saturn, you cannot switch schools which means you cannot change from one school to another. However, if someone wants they can remove their account from one school and switch to another school creating a new account using a different school name this time.

Even though the app is useful, its privacy concerns need to resolve well.

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Is Saturn app dangerous?

No, it is not a dangerous app at all but as it lacks privacy issues, chances are that your child can get subjected to something you don’t want them to fall prey for. Cyberbullying of children is quite common and for those who are into this app, there is a chance you could have to look into it. Your child needs to be cautiously treading the path and using the best practice tips to remain safe.


What you need to understand about the app is that its dangers are all presumed ones. It means none of them are improbable yet not entirely proven. However, when it comes to safety, it’s always good to be on the safe side. Read more of what people are talking about the app before you use it.

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