Here’s Why App Subscriptions Actually Make Sense

Even an app that helps you detect a gemstone charges you a fee these days. For those who are amateurs, a one-time investment of an amount to just identify a few gemstones does not seem to do justice. Except if you are a gemologist or a jeweler yourself.

But, then those who use an app frequently which should be translated to almost every day, such subscriptions are worth it. For example, if you have to pay for a gaming app you play and get back to daily would make a lot of sense. Your financial app where you check your stocks would be another such app.

According to some, app subscriptions make sense for not just the users but also the developers. Without money managing an app is almost impossible for a developer. No matter how good an app they have built if there is no money coming in, managing a small team, sending push notifications, and even updating the app frequently becomes almost impossible.

There are only two kinds of apps that might have this privilege going forth.

  • Content-oriented apps where you go regularly to read what’s new.
  • Service-oriented apps that provide you with more than one service at a time. 

Single-service apps may not survive in this ocean of apps.

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App subscriptions make sense

  1. Subscription apps can serve as a continuous source of income for the developer who can keep getting money and thereby the chance of app improvement doubles.
  2. Knowing your audience is easier as and when they subscribe. You can understand more about your audience and collect information about them more.
  3. User engagement improvement chances also rise with the increased app subscriptions.
  4. Most of the apps that ask for a subscription offer a free trial period without which the chances of an increase in the dropout rate increase. A free trial period provides you the option to understand the app before engaging with it at a monetary level.
  5. If apps provide you a chance to earn, their subscriptions can also rise.

Thus, for those developers who are planning to switch to a subscription model, a backlash is the most common occurrence for them. Initially, you might notice dropouts as well but then subscriptions alone can save an app from falling into nothingness.

The app market however has to understand that minting money is not how users will see it and would want to respond to it.

  • Forced subscriptions must be avoided
  • Weekly subscriptions need not be made a norm.
  • Running too many ads pushing the user to subscribe can only make matters worse.

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