How to Close an App with ease on the Iphone 13?

Unresponsive apps are a common issue for all of us and almost every phone version whether iOS or Android are facing it. Every other device is having the option of closing such unresponsive ads and it differs from one device to another.

Closing unresponsive apps are also essential to be able to achieve the following;

  • Improve the performance of the app.
  • To preserve the battery life of your device
  • Your essential apps will work faster than ever if you close unwarranted apps.

 If you have an iPhone 13, you must follow a certain process to make the changes. It is a simple one and there is just one way in which you can do it.

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Method: Use the app switcher or visit the Home Screen for App closure on IPHONE 13

  1. Double click on your home screen and then swipe from below to the middle of the screen to check what apps are open on your device.
  2. Swipe left or right to find the app you want to close and then swipe on the app’s preview to remove the app from the list of viewed apps. You will need to swipe up to close the app by moving your finger toward the edge of the screen.

If you can’t stop the app that way, you will need to restart your iOS phone.

Another way is to system update your app so that it stops malfunctioning.

You can also use this process to stop the apps from running in the background.

Follow these few steps here for App closure on IPHONE 13;

  1. From the iPhone 13 settings, scroll down to move to the General tab.
  2. Choose the Background app refresh tab.
  3. Next, toggle off the switches for the apps you don’t want to see running on your phone.

In this way, you will not only save battery but you can also stop unknown background activity from happening.

You can also experience a smooth user interface if you stop these unnecessary apps from running in your system.

You can also free up system resources by simply erasing unnecessary apps from your device.

Slowing down of your device or unknown slowing of your internet connection is often due to the background running apps. When you are done using them, you need to close them so that you preserve your most essential requirements on your phone. These are easy processes and there is no specific science involved in it that you need to ace up. Simply going through this article will be enough to go for it.

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