How to Use BSN Online Banking App (Complete Guide 2024)?

You can have an account with BSN banking App online if you are 18 years old and above. It allows you to check your balance and also helps secure your online transactions.

What you need to do is just register your account with them and then add your credentials to create an account.

App Features

Use BSN Online Banking App

Here are the different services or features you can target with the help of the BSN online banking app.

  • Manage your account in no time with the help of the BSN online app.
  • Transfer funds using the BSN app easily.
  • Paying bills or even making bulk payments is possible and can be done feasibly using the banking app.
  • With the help of the app, you can arrange for an automatic debit, make statutory payments like EPF, and SOCSO, and even target IRB payments.
  • Transaction reporting, multilevel customization, auto sweeping options, credit card usage, and set term deposits with the help of the BSN apps.
  • Take loans and opt for multiple batch processing options using the BSN app.

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How to Use BSN Online Banking App?

You will need to use the following steps for using the BSN online banking app.

  1. Login to your BSN online account and then click on the first time registration tab.
Registration BSN
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions for registering with the BSN online banking app.
  • Include your debit or credit card, PIN, expiry date, and CVV.
  • Enter your IC number or passport number, and include your user ID and password.
  • Next, add your OTP and choose your security image.
  • Proceed with the first time login and update your personal details.
BSN online

How to Activate BSN Online Banking?

Two ways in which you can access your BSN online banking services include;

  1. Visit our nearest physical branch for help and they will guide you further on the activation process.
  2. Give a call to the BSN Contact center at 1-300-88-190 or +603-2613-1900. These help centers operate from 07:00 am in the morning to 12:00 midnight every day.

How to Install BSN Online Banking App on Android & iOS?

To install BSN Secure on Android and iOS, you will need to visit their official playstores. For Android, visit Google Playstore and for iOS you need to visit the Apple appstore. Simply click the install tab and wait for the installation to complete.

Is it Safe to use BSN Banking App?

BSN Banking app provides enhanced security options and there is BSN Secure which acts as an advanced security option. With its help, you can authenticate your entire internet banking transactions instead of using the old SMS/ OTP option. Verification is secure with BSNSecure and also is for TAC.


Here is everything you will need to understand about the BSN Banking app if you wish to use the app for your benefit. After creating an account, you will be able to accomplish a lot of steps easily without having to visit your bank again.

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