How to Use Fakespot App? (Fakespot Amazon analyzer)

What is a Fakespot App?

Fakespot is a false review, shady seller identifier app and the app is designed to catch the fake sites from leaving reviews, and fooling sellers. With a desire to build on customer efficiency to determine fake mediums the app is offering a free plugin for the Chrome web browser. 

Just plugin to the Fakespot app in your Chrome browser and detect all the falsities that surround you online.

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How to USE Fakespot on the amazon app?

You could detect fake Amazon reviews and sellers in two distinct ways. Either take up the Chrome browser plugin or simply keep Fakespot open while you browse through the sellers or your reviews.

When the seller list is popping up, you can easily copy-paste the link to their search tab and then wait to find out if they are authentic.

You could also tag the plugin to your Chrome browser, and then it would be a far swifter and easier process to find out the flaws with your reviews on Amazon or even the sellers who pop up promising huge gains on your computer screen.

How does Fakespot work?

Fakespot works either through your Chrome plugin or through their Search box. They also have an app on the Apple AppStore and Google Playstore. Recently the app was removed from the Apple app store due to some rifts and controversies charged down upon Fakespot by Amazon.

The app is using artificial intelligence to detect if the links from which the reviews are being sent are genuine or not. They compare the review givers with their profiles, their Amazon using frequency, and also compare their web presence. 

Similarly, they do the same for sellers and websites and tell you reasons why you should not trust someone. They also offer better alternatives that work wonders towards making it.

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Fakespot alternative

ReviewWindex,, GMB ToolBox are some of the

Fakespot alternatives you could try.

Is Fakespot Safe & legit?

The app is maintained regularly from the backend. Since the app is itself designed to expose fraudulent practices, the app interface is checked regularly from the backend to make things globally feasible for its users.

Safety, security, and legitimacy of the web app are three cornerstones that guide this team’s proficiency and practices.

Fakespot vs Review meta

Fakespot is convenient since it is offering a Chrome plugin. All you need to do is install it in your Chrome browser. But with the plugin comes numbers which users can often get confused with, these numbers are talking about the quality of the reviews posted for the product and not the quality of the real hand on the product. 

However, with Review meta, you can find out about the review hijackings that are happening on the backend with many products. You might have come across products where the reviews often talk about an entirely different product so it is here that Review meta can help you detect which product reviews are coming from compromised sources and which are real.

Additionally, they also grade the products on the list.

Fakespot app reviews

The Google PlayStore gives it a 3.3 rating and the app is rated by almost 408 people to date.

The app is capable of telling you if the source of the review posted on the account is genuine. Based on the judgment done by the reviews the app guides you to decide if you should buy that particular product or you can let it go.


Is Fakespot accurate?

The Fakespot review is accurate and they can tell you if the review posted on Amazon is genuine or fake. They can tell you the source of the review and thus, they can ascertain if the reviewer is a bot, fake user, or an original reviewer onboard.

How does Fakespot make money?

Their primary earning comes from ads that are posted on their site. People who visit their site to read about the products or use it to detect the authenticity of products based on the reviews posted on different sites, if clicks on products posted in their ads would generate revenue for them.

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