Vidilook App Download, User Reviews, Safe or Not?

What is Vidilook app?

Another money making app, VidiLook will allow you to make $65 a day and almost $1980 a month. If you refer a friend, you can make almost $500 a day. Also, people who want to join the app cannot do so without an invitation. But the catch is you have to pay to earn. There are four investment packages that are called subscription packages and you can choose anyone of them.

According to the app’s site, your invested money will come back to you within 33 days. After that period, whatever you earn will only be profits. Earning will start from day one itself. You can encash your payments in USDT and then transfer the same to your banks.

How to USE Vidilook App?

  • First, click on the referral link sent to your email ID. Once you click the link, you will be able to download the app.
  • After completing the app’s installation, you must create an account with either Binance or Krakern (for the UK residents).
  • Upload money in your wallet using USDT and only use the TRC-20 network to transfer the funds.
  • Use your VidiLook deposit address and also select from a subscription package to start watching ads.
  • As you watch the ads, you keep generating the VDL tokens. These can be sold for USDT and the money will transfer back to your Crypto exchange e.g. Binance.
  • All you will need to do is sell your Binance and then withdraw the amount in your local currency and transfer it to your bank account.

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How to Install Vidilook app on android & iOS?

VidiLook is available for Android on Google Playstores.

For iOS, you have to rely on third party apk sources.

App Features

App features are here to tell you more on what you can do with the VidiLook app.

  1. You can earn easily using the app and everyone can do it. All you need is a phone or a desktop and a steady internet connection to watch the ads.
  2. Earn 1.5% revenue for your subscriptions and encash with easy payouts.
  3. De-risking period is quite short and offers users a lucrative scheme of rewards.

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Is Vidilook App SAFE?

Yes, VidiLook app is completely safe to use. But if you are not well versed with the way cryptocurrencies work, you might want to get a hang of it before getting onto the site.

User Reviews

The reviews shared by users are mixed. Some users have received the money while others account was banned or restricted. Theses restricted account are of those users who are failed to invite at least 3 people in the app.

vidilook reviews screenshot
vidilook reviews


VidiLook is a decent looking app and people are not aware if the app will remain in the market for long. But as long as the app is there, you can fairly earn watching the ads from here.

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