How to Make Money on Premise App in 2024?

Getting paid some extra money is possible using many apps nowadays. These apps cannot make you rich, but they can give you some small amounts that, over time, can grow to an amount that might be of some use to you. Find out more about such apps if you want to earn those extra bucks. But, most importantly, learn if these apps actually pay you for the job that they make you do.

To get a better idea about which of these apps pay and which don’t, you will need to test them or read about them. If you want to find out more about such an app, go through the essential information here for the Premise app from South Africa.

Premise app South Africa

What is Premise app South Africa?

The app, which helps gather essential financial and economic data, is meeting its needs. It is the company that helped Space X and Tesla get off the ground. Data is primarily sold to clients like Standard Chartered and even Bloomberg. Even Bloomberg and the UN are its clients.

Data gathering comes from ordinary people, and contractors get paid for their work. The pay varies from a few cents to more than 50 cents at times. Real time assignments are created by these contractors, and people are earning from them.

Premise has an app only for Android, and users can download it, complete surveys, and earn handsomely from it.

How to make money on Premise app?

To make money on the Premise app, you will need to complete not just surveys but occasionally certain tasks. Thus, their tasks are known as survey tasks. You might be told to record your information by snapping a photo of that particular activity.

  • After you complete taking a photo and add it to the location details, you can go to the app’s dashboard.
  • From the dashboard, find out the available tasks and complete them.
  • In some surveys, you will only need to answer a few questions, while in others; you might also have to take a photo.
  • Every task comes with an expiration date, and you will need to complete it by then.
  • The availability of tasks will vary from one location to another and is mostly restricted to your location.
  • Once you complete the tasks, you will get paid for them.

How does Premise app work?

Once you create an account with them, you need to login, and after logging in, you will have to complete a task to reach the dashboard. When you move to the dashboard, you will have to find the suitable tasks available for you.

Choose them, enter these surveys by clicking on the take the survey option, and then complete them.

With this app, you might have to complete a survey, or you might even be asked to snap a photo of a particular item. Once you complete the task, you will get paid for it.

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How to Install Premise App?

The Premise app is available in the Google Play Store. It is only available for Android users, as most people use Android phones, and iPhones are still not used by all.

Once you have found the app in the Google Play Store, you will need to launch it soon after the installation is complete.

Is Premise app Real or fake?

It is a real app and is capable of providing you with many good survey options. If you want to understand more about the surveys you can take and the amount you can earn, you will need to take the surveys yourself. There is no fakeness about the app, however, not all might benefit from it. Most people in suitable locations can only benefit from the app. Those in rural and sub-urban areas might not get the right amount of benefits they might want to get.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Premise app safe?

Yes, using the app is practically easy and safe. There are no two ways about it. Also, the app is regularly updated, so there is no possibility of bug or malware issues with it.

Does Premise app really pay?

Yes, once it reaches a certain amount, you will be able to request a payout from them. After you click on the payout, you can easily collect the amount from your preferred mode of use.

How much does Premise app pay?

Every survey comes with a different price range, and for Premise, you can earn a lot out of them. But if the surveys are not paying a suitable amount, you might not be able to earn more. So try to find out beforehand how much you can earn from a survey, and then enter it.


Earning when free is becoming a trend as money is essential for almost everyone. Most people are finding suitable ways to earn and those who are interested in taking surveys and cannot find other ways of earning can easily earn from these Premise survey app. Most don’t make enough, but after a long time, they might make some.

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