Mission Vatsalya Scheme Eligibility 2024 (Last date to apply)

Child rights are minimum in many nations and pose a challenge. If you want to find out about your country’s child rights, it would be good to visit certain essential sites that provide information on the same. Those who live with their children are often in fear of losing them. Most importantly, people want to know more about child rights.

In India, children are at constant risk of sexual abuse, abduction, and intense workplace scenarios. For families and parents, it is thus very essential to know what the child rights in our nation are. But the right to education, healthy living, and a proper future is every child’s right. Understanding it and making the right provisions while taking the right steps can make the lives of children happier and fuller.

If you want to understand better what can be done from your end as a protector, you will need to know about the Mission Vatsalya scheme. Under this scheme, the government plans to protect the poor and underprivileged children in ways that can help improve their lives.

Read more about the Mission Vatsalya scheme from this article, which covers all the details around it.

mission vatsalya scheme

What is Mission Vatsalya scheme?

The Mission Vatsalya scheme is a government initiative and is in motion as a centrally sponsored scheme. The funds that come for the mission will be shared between the centre and the states at a ratio of 60:40 for the states and the centre. Fund sharing with union territories (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura, Jammu, Kashmir, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh); and the centre is 100%. With North Eastern states holding the centre shares at a ratio of 90:10.

During difficult times, every kind of organization can bring support to the children. The public or private sector can sponsor a child’s maintenance during difficult times. Such acts come under the Juvenile Justice Act of 2015. Various offices, including nongovernmental ones, can also participate. Along with it, even individuals who believe in the scheme can contribute immensely towards it.

The mission encompasses three different laws.

  • The Juvenile Justice System for Children
  • Street children program that can run in an integrated manner
  • Finding homes and assistance for children

All three laws were put together into one scheme known as the integrated child protection scheme (ICPS). This scheme was renamed to Mission Vatsalya in the last two years.

It was announced by Smt. Smriti Irani. It is a family-based, non-institutional care process for children who are in a difficult state.

Mission Vatsalya scheme guidelines

The Mission Vatsalya Scheme 202 guidelines are to be found here.

Here is a PDF document that provides the objective, aim, roles, and responsibilities; state level monitoring review details; framework at the central level; and district child welfare and protection committees.

It also highlights the institutional services, non-institutional care services, sponsorship, foster care rules, and other such processes.

Mission Vatsalya Scheme Eligibility 2024

Those who are eligible for the Mission Vatsalya Scheme 2024 include:

  • Those children, who are born to divorced, widowed mothers or are abandoned children.
  • Orphans who live with non related or related family members.
  • Those who are under PM care are on the sanctioned children list.
  • Children of parents suffering from different life threatening conditions.
  • If children of parents are lost to COVID-19,
  • Helpless parents who can’t raise their children on their own.
  • Children are mostly orphaned or destitute.
  • They must be under eighteen years old.
  • Those children without immediate family support are the only ones eligible.
  • They must not have any other means of aid or protection facilities.

What documents are required?

You’d require the following documents for applying to the Mission Vatsalya Scheme 2024.

  • You must provide the birth certificate of a boy or a girl.
  • Cause and death certificate of family.
  • Ration, or rice card, issued by the government.
  • Passport size photo of the child
  • Document that verifies the child’s income sources.
  • A study certificate is a must to provide.
  • Bank account details for the child.
  • Mother’s or father’s Aadhar card copy.
  • Aadhar card of the child.

Features of Mission Vatsalya Scheme

Under the Mission Vatsalya scheme, a child will be eligible for four thousand rupees support per month. Here are the common features of the scheme.

  • Monetary help is the most important kind of help children can receive.
  • Provision for foster care will also be given to children
  • Children will be provided with educational and healthcare aid.
  • Alongside, they would be protected and their safety and wellbeing will be taken care of.

How to Apply for Mission Vatsalya Scheme?

To apply for the Mission Vatsalya scheme, visit their official site https://wcd.nic.in/.

The online form is a downloadable one and you have to download it from their online shelves.

You can also visit the local office, take a form from them or even download the application form.

Fill out the form and attach relevant documents for each part that you fill out wherever required.

Submit the form to the concerned document.

Benefits of Vatsalya Scheme

Child benefits are provided through the Mission Vatsalya Scheme.

  • Financial help is the main objective
  • It is followed by the provision of a contented life for a child.
  • Healthcare and educational benefits are also to be provided through the scheme.
  • Under it, children can get protection and security benefits as well.

Objectives of the Vatsalya Scheme

These are the following objectives of the Mission Vatsalya Scheme 2024 started by the Central government in association with the state governments.

They primarily aim at saving the lives of those unfortunate children who did not have a proper way of growing up or did not have the right conditions after birth.

Here are a few points worth considering when thinking about the Mission Vatsalya scheme.

  • Ensuring the safety and security of children is a must.
  • Children can have a comprehensive care with support from families who can afford it.
  • Adoption of children is promoted through this scheme.
  • Child protection would have to be strengthened under this scheme.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the income limit of Mission Vatsyalya Sponsorship?

The scheme is for people below the poverty level, and their income limits, though not specified, will depend on the poverty level metre as per the government.

How is the allocation of ‘Mission Vatsalya’ funds?

Almost 6% of the funds are aimed for the Mission Vatsalya Scheme 2024, which means an allocation of almost Rs. 258 crore.

What is the last date of Mission Vatsyalya sponsorship?

The last date for the Mission Vatsalya sponsorship is scheduled for April 15th. People need to file the sponsorship by this particular date.


The Mission Vatsalya Scheme program was put in place to protect the less fortunate children. Each of these children has equal rights to live, and if you prefer to know more about the program, it would be best to go through their official site for it.

There are thousands of dangers that lurk around a child while they are in the growing up stage.

Most of the hapless ones face situations like abduction, molestation, rape, child labour, and even other such heinous trades where children are regularly used time and again. If you wish to understand more about the program, ensure you read the entire article to get a better grasp of how hapless children are to be rehabilitated and reinstated among families or foster care homes. If you want to donate or contribute in any other way, this could give you a beautiful start, and even if you want to adopt a child, this is the right platform to begin your search.

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