How to Turn On/Off Subtitles on Hulu (Complete Guide)?

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that Hulu is a very popular streaming service, which grants users early access to all of the popular shows from several traditional networks. With that said, are you confused as to how to turn on subtitles while you’re streaming Hulu?

Along with movies and TV shows, the platforms include a plethora of content with genres for adults to infants. The best part is that you can access Hulu captions for almost all content. As per your convenience, they can be turned on or off when needed.

How to Turn On/off subtitles on Hulu?

Their process varies from device to device, and we have listed ‘em all keep scrolling to know more…

Method 1

How to Turn On/off subtitles on Hulu?

On mobile devices, this is how you may enable or disable the subtitles on Hulu-

Step 1- Launch the Hulu app on your mobile device or tablet and initiate streaming your favorite content..

Step 2- Now, tap on the gear wheel symbol while you’re streaming, and playback choices will be displayed.

Step 3- Next, select “Disable/Enable Subtitles” from the Subtitles & Audio menu. You also get to choose between different languages.

Step 4- Select your choices and once you’re satisfied, tap on the cross X symbol to close the tab and resume streaming, and that’s all!

Method 2

How to get closed captions on Hulu? In case you’re still wondering, we got you covered! On your home theatre system with the most recent version of Hulu, activate closed captions and subtitles by following these instructions:

Step 1- To raise the playback bar during playback, hit the up button and scroll down using your remote control.

Step 2- Press or slide the up key on your remote one more time to access the Settings window, 

Step 3- Choose On or Off under Captions & Subtitles, and done!

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On Roku

Although turning on and off subtitles on Roku might be complicated, we have the easiest method for you. Consider the steps below:

Step 1: Locate the video you wish to view and start streaming

Step 2: Press the Roku remote’s stars or asterisk button while the content is playing.

Step 3: Then, press the close or the start button once again to resume the stream after setting the captions mode to “On”.

The Roku device’s settings allow you to enable closed captions for a lot of channels.

Step 1- Put your Roku remote’s Home button into action once again.

Step 2- Navigate to the Settings tab.

Step 3- Choose the Accessibility option and you will find the Captions option. Captions should be chosen if accessibility is not found as an option.

Step 4- To control when captions show, select the captions mode and you’re all set!

Off: captions are never shown.

On: There are always captions (when provided by the channel). Closed captions are turned on on a channel when service providers apply their settings.

On replay: only after pushing the Replay button on your Roku control do captions show (with content that allows simultaneous replay).

On mute: Only when the sound is muted do captions emerge.

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On Smart TV

Use the closed captioning on Hulu on your smart TV.

Step 1- Use the remote to activate the control bar while viewing content (usually, you will need to press the “up” key on the remote).

Step 2- Choose Settings from the menu.

Step 3- Select “On” or “Off” in the Captions and Subtitles section.

Step 4- Choose the language of your choice.

Step 5- Go to the home screen of the Hulu app to edit your captions.

Step 6- Use the TV remote control to select the Account icon.

Step 7- Choose “Settings.”

Step 8- Select “Subtitles & Captions” next.

Step 9- To change the font style, size, and other text elements, use the Style page.

Step 10- If you want to save your settings, use the TV remote control to return to the previous screen, and you’re all set!

On Firestick

If you ever want to stream your favorite foreign content, subtitles are the savior. But what if you decide halfway through a stream that you don’t require subtitles or closed captioning?

You’re at the correct spot, so don’t worry. Here, we’ve included every technique to make it easy for you to get rid of annoying on-screen text.

You can always disable subtitles on Hulu by selecting a few menu options. Consider the step-by-step guide below

Step 1- Use the remote to navigate to the Info & Settings screen when your video is playing.

Step 2- Make sure you toggle the option off/on under the Subtitles & Captions menu.

Step 3- The playback can now be resumed after the subtitles have been hidden or shown from view, as per your preference.

A user preference is Hulu subtitles, please do keep in mind.

Step 4- You must disable the subtitles for every user profile if your Hulu account contains several accounts.

The amazing thing about these instructions is that they work with any streaming device that connects to a TV, not just the Amazon Firestick. On Roku, for example, you hit the Settings icon to enter the Info & Settings menu. But if you’re using Hulu on an Xbox, the other operations remain the same.

On iPhone

Do you find it convenient to have subtitles on while viewing your favorite content on Hulu? In that so, we’ll demonstrate how to enable subtitles on your iPhone or iPad when streaming on Hulu.

Step 1: Select the Hulu app and launch it. 

Step 2: Find the video you wish to view by navigating, and start watching!

Step 3: Tap on the gear wheel icon while the video is playing. 

Step 4: Under Subtitles & Captions option, click “On” or “Off” in order to enable or diable captions.

Step 5: Once selected, tap on your actual video to resume playing. Now the captions will appear while you’re streaming content on hulu on your iPhone/iPad.

On Browser

You may simply use your browser to enable or disable subtitles on Hulu. To enable subtitles and closed captions on

Step 1- Click the Settings button while the video is playing.

Step 2- Navigate to the Subtitles & Audio option by clicking on it.

Step 3- Select Off or one of the available languages.

On Android

Using the mobile application, disable or enable subtitles on Hulu. You will be prepared to depart if you follow this easy step.

Step 1- From the home screen of your phone, open the Hulu app.

Step 2- Choose a TV show or movie to watch.

Step 3- To access the video choices, tap just in the middle of your screen.

Step 4- Select the gear icon in the upper-hand corner of the screen to access settings. Now, you will have the video player options.

Step 5- Use the selector button to disable/enable the subtitles under the Subtitle menu. If the icon is no longer green, the subtitles are disabled. 

Step 6- Your video will now play without any subtext if you click on the disable button. Repeat the same procedure to turn it back on, and that’s it!

How to get subtitles on Hulu?

For starters, you can find subtitle controls under the tab titled Captions & Subtitles (or Subtitles on whatever device you use to view Hulu). But the method you use to reach that menu will vary depending on the device and application you use to stream on Hulu.

Consider performing the following actions on the Hulu website to fetch subtitles while streaming:

Step 1- Head on to Hulu and start streaming your favorite content.

Step 2- In the relatively lower corner of the screen, look for the Settings options and click on it.

Step 3- Now, on the menu’s right side, click on the arrow.

Step 4- Pick your desired language by clicking on it under the Subtitles menu.

To change the font, size, and color of the subtitles, select Settings from this very menu.

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