How to Record Hulu on TV/iphone (Complete Guide)?

Hulu is a prime service of Internet flow. For the record, Hulu offers its users live and on-demand content of television shows, OG web series, and movies with or without advertisements (as per the package you choose). 

To elaborate further, Hulu has everything for everyone. For instance, your whole family can enjoy the classic old and even the latest blockbuster hits, documentaries, and family shows. Furthermore, it has a wide array of content for the kids too. It also covers foreign movies with proper subtitles and even English dubs. What more could you probably ask for?

Hulu has a valid form of payment for the installation. No other fees, void, or rental payments are included in the Hulu app, yes, they are that transparent in billing! The Hulu app needs a subscription to make your shows ad-free and live TV plans. You can also change or cut the subscription anytime when you have signed up for it. After the payment of the Hulu installation, you can enjoy unlimited streaming on any of your devices as per your convenience.

How to Record Hulu on tv?

 Record Hulu on tv

In case you want to record Hulu on TV, well you’re in the right place! Right off the bat there are so many kinds of smart TV out there and there are different processes to record Hulu. However, our step-by-step guide below will work for all TV models:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to download and install the Cloud DVR application on your Android TV. Once done, create your account on Cloud DVR for a free trial to record Hulu.

Step 2: Select your favorite content from the Hulu platform that you wish to record.

Step 3: On the detail page list of the TV shows, movies, documentaries, and web series navigate to the record Icon. Once found, click on it! Record whatever you wish.

NOTE: The free trial of Cloud DVR gives you a limited record time of 50 hours only.

Step 4: Once you’re done recording, navigate to the Record option on the details page. Then, go ahead and select the new & reruns button to view your recorded content.

Step 5: For the live channels or live shows, select the live guide for more details to record shows with the help of the record icon. Do note that this live guide will record a particular episode not the whole show or series.

Step 6: Lastly, do not forget to switch on the records in real-time. It will help you to watch the show at anytime, anywhere when the recordings are done and saved on the Recordings tab.

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How to Screen Record Hulu on iPhone?

record hulu on iphone

There are quite a few different ways to screen record Hulu on iPhone. Among all, the easiest method is to download an app form the Appstore that allows Hulu recording on iPhone. In case you’re confused, consider the options below for a detailed guide, and choose one according to your convenience:

Step 1: Apps like Airshou, AirPlay Recorder, QuickTime, and Reflector will allow iPhone to screen record hulu without any complications or to do jailbreak!

Step 2: The other way is to download your favorite content is by simply using the download button, or just allow permissions for the screen recording feature. Yes, the in-built screen recording feature on all iOS 11 and later versions will do the job too!

Step 3: For screen recording, first, visit the Settings on your iPhone. Else, swipe down on your screen to access the control center. There, tap on the screen record icon and exit the control panel.

Step 4. After allowing the Screen Recording feature to the Control center list, you can start to record all your favorite shows from Hulu with ease.

Step 5. Also, once any of the above-mentioned apps you wish to install on your iPhone, open the app and select the screen recording tab from the menu list. Then, the app will initiate screen recording for your Hulu shows.

Step 6. Lastly, all of your recorded Hulu content will be automatically saved to your camera roll. You can watch it anytime and anywhere now according to your convenience!

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How does Record on Hulu work?

Method 1

Recording on Hulu through Cloud DVR

One of the finest ways to store Hulu videos for later viewing is with the use of the Cloud DVR tool. For the record, this is a pro level benefit that Hulu provides. The Cloud DVR just saves the video on their own cloud servers rather than recording or downloading any video to your computer.

Step 1: Look for the content or video rhat you wish to save to the cloud DVR.

Step 2: Open the video to navigate on their details section.

Step 3. Click the three dots symbol located on the video’s thumbnail.

Step 4. Tap on the Plus icon to add the chosen video to your My Stuff collection.

Step 5: Next, press the record button beside (red colour icon) to begin the recording.

Method 2

Recording on Hulu through Quicktime player

The multipurpose video player aka QuickTime Player, is pre-installed on Mac desktops and laptops. You may convert file types, playback music or video, and record your display with this program. This software is must if you wish to record Hulu from your Apple computing devices.

Step 1: Install and run the player on your MacBook device.

Step 2: Choose the New Display Recording under the File menu.

Step 3 : A new window with several setup options will emerge for you to select.

Step 4: Open the Hulu video you wish to save and hit the  record (red colour) icon to get started.

Step 5 : Simply stop the recording when you are finished, and it will be stored on your MacBook.

Method 3

Recording on Hulu through OBS

For starters, OBS aka Open Broadcast Software, is a free streaming application. It can assist you in saving live streaming of Hulu shows. OBS also allows you to record from many sources.

Step 1- Search for your favorite show that you wish to record on Hulu via your browser.

Step 2. Open OBS and select the Add button next to the Sources section.

Step 3 . Give the pop-up window a name, and it will then instantly choose the open Hulu window. 

Step 4- Then you can add changes to the recording panel.

Step 5. After launching the Hulu video, hit the Start Recording option to initiate recording.

Step 6: Following completion, the Hulu video recording will be stored on the Mac computer.


Can you record shows on Hulu?

The short answer is Yes

You can record shows on Hulu through CloudDVR on your Android TV and many other apps on different devices. The users who are subscribed to Live TV may want to record the event or show and watch it later. For this, CloudDVR comes into play! 

Sign up for the basic Cloud DVR for a free trial of 50 hours of recording. You can record 50 hours’ worth of content from the Hulu platform at no additional expense with non-skippable ads. In case you don’t know how to record Hulu, feel free to consider the step-by-step guide discussed above.

How many shows can you record at once on Hulu?

You can record an unlimited number of shows at once on Hulu, provided you’re subscribed to the add on Enhanced Cloud DVR. There is no limit on the number of shows or the hours you can record. 

On the flip side, basic DVR functionality allows you to record only 50 hours’ worth of live content or any Hulu content in general with unskippable ads. If you feel that’s not enough, upgrade to the Enhanced DVR with $10 extra a month along with your Hulu+Live TV plan to record 200 hours of live TV with no ads.

When you record on Hulu, where does it go?

On smartphone and tv room devices, recordings are compiled into a single list, but on, the Manage DVR page organises your TV episodes, sports, and movies into distinct tabs. If you have an active subscription to Hulu TV and your storage limit is not exceeded, the recorded shows will be available on CloudDVR.

Is there a way to record on Hulu live?

The short answer is Yes

Hulu allows you to record your favourite movies. Now to answer your question: Hulu Live allows you to record live TV shows, but your subscription includes 50 hours of free DVR storage. This enables you to watch television on many systems in your home or on the road, live or recorded.

Does it cost extra to record on Hulu?

Hulu movies can be recorded on Cloud DVR. They provide 50 hours of content storage, which you can delete later and refill the storage. But sometimes, if you feel you need more storage, you can also get yourself an Enhanced Cloud DVR , which has a monthly subscription of $40. The Enhanced Cloud DVR provides 200 hours of storage.

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