How to Cast Hulu from Android Phone to Tv (Guide 2024)?

You’ve asked all of your pals over for a movie night, but all you have is a phone with a Hulu subscription, and you know it won’t be enough to share it with your buddies. Now, you want to move the streaming to a bigger screen, aka to your TV. To put it simply, you want to cast Hulu from your android phone to TV, but don’t know how. If that’s the case, you’ve bumped into the right place! 

How to Cast Hulu from Android phone to Tv?

Allow us to break it down for you. Keep scrolling to know how….

Method 1

Let us learn how to cast Hulu movies from phones to TV. But before that, here are some prerequisites:

  • Your android device must be at least on 4.4 KitKat or higher.
  • Make sure your TV is connected to the required Google installations
  • Ensure that Chrome or any other browser is compatible with your smart TV.
  • Both your Android device & TV must be connected to the same internet connection.
  • Make sure you have a strong wifi connection for this to run smooth

Now that we have those boxes checked, let’s dive into the process-

Step 1- To Cast Hulu to your TV, launch the Hulu app on your android phone.

Step 2- Tap on the cast icon on the top right hand of your screen.   

Step 3- Choose the [TV name] from the menu that you want to cast the stream on.

Step 4- Pick your favorite content that you want to watch with your pals and start playing it.

Step 5- Your favorite series will now play on the TV, and you’re all set!

Method 2 Using the Chromecast application

Use any compatible android phone, and you will be able to cast Hulu on your smart TV with ease. Consider the steps mentioned below-

Step 1- First things first, sync your device with the Chromecast’s Wi-Fi network.

Step 2- Now, launch the Hulu app on your Android.

Step 3- Then, select the web series or movie you wish to watch and start playing.

Step 4- Next, while the content is playing, tap on the Cast button in the player window in the upper right side of your screen.

Step 5- Select Chromecast from the list, and there you have it. Your movie is now playing on your TV, enjoy!

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Steps to Cast Hulu from iPhone to Tv

Steps to Cast Hulu from iPhone to Tv

Though iOS has all its settings configured in a very odd way, it is only built to work with ease in the Apple ecosystem. However, we will tell you how to still make it work. Keep scrolling to know how…

NOTE: If your iOS is updated to its’ latest version, you can cast from iPads and iPhones to your TV system. You may use AirPlay to broadcast Hulu to your Apple Television (3rd gen or higher).

Method 1

Through AirPlay, cast from iPhone to your Apple TV-

Step 1- Make sure your iPhone and your Apple TV are connected to the same Wifi. 

Step  2- First things first, download and install the Hulu app if you haven’t already. If so, skip to the next step.

Step 3– Pick your favorite show from the wide array of choices that you would like to watch now. Once done, start playing it!

Step  4- You will be able to see an AirPlay button on your iPhone screen, somewhere on the notification center. 

Step  5- Just click on it, and select your Apple TV from the list, and you’re good to go.

Now enjoy the cast from iPhone to TV, and don’t forget the popcorn!

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Method 2 

If you don’t have an Apple TV, there’s nothing to worry about. There is still a solution for you.

From your iOS device, connect to Hulu to start streaming.

Step 1- Connect your iPhone using the Lightning USB port to an AV Adapter.

Step 2- Then, connect the adapter to your smart TV using the HDMI port.

Step 3- Next, from the list of video source options on your TV, choose the appropriate HDMI source.

Step 4- Lastly, on your iPhone, use the Hulu app to select the web series or movie you want to view and start playing it. The same will be casted on your smart TV in real-time.

Can you cast Hulu from phone to tv without wifi?

Whether your home Wi-Fi isn’t the best, you might be wondering if there’s some other way around through which we can cast from phone to TV without WiFi. To be honest, given how today’s devices function, it can be challenging to stream content without the help of a stable wi-fi connection. It’s difficult to do so, but fortunately, it isn’t impossible. 

But bear in mind that they will take some setup. So, if you have friends coming over, make sure you free up some time and do this in advance!

Method 1

Use the Chromecast method, and enable the guest mode. –

This method will allow all the users to access and cast your device hassle-free, without needing an active internet connection. Do remember that this method prevents any unknown from connecting since a valid PIN is necessary. With that in mind, let’s dive in-

Step 1- Run the Home application on your Google-enabled phone.

Step 2- Identify and choose your Chromecast by name.

Step 3- Now click on the settings button.

Step 4- Find the device settings menu.

Step 5- Under the device menu, you will find an option to turn the guest mode on.

This is where you need to enter the PIN. Once done, you’re done!

Method 2

This is solely for users who have an iPhone as well as an Apple TV-

Step 1: You must unlink your Apple iPhone from the Wi-Fi network it is currently connected to.

Step 2: Make sure to also disconnect the WiFi connection on your Apple TV.

Step 3: Now, Turn off Bluetooth on both your iPhone and the Apple TV.

Step 4: Switch on your iPhone and Apple TV and tap the AirPlay option.

Step 5: At this point, you can see how your devices are using the AirPlay capability 

Note:  they are  WiFi-disconnected.

How to cast Hulu to tv without Chromecast?

We will provide a detailed guide to casting Hulu on your smart TV without Chromecast. For the record, you can do it in 3 possible ways. Choose any one preferred method according to your convenience.

Method 1 Using AirPlay

This peer-to-peer approach to casting Hulu on your TV includes a function called Airplay. To use this feature, some hard navigating is required. Thankfully, we have discovered the easiest procedure that we’re about to share.

Apply this method in the following steps:

Step 1- First things first, you’ll need to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network that your Apple iPhone is currently linked to.

Step 2- Also, you must disconnect your Apple TV from the WIfi network.

Step 3- Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the Apple TV as well as on your phone.

Step 4- Start Apple TV and your iPhone and tap on the AirPlay option.

Step 5- Now you will be able to see this AirPlay feature in action. Your Apple TV is now streaming Hulu while being disconnected from wifi.

Method 2

Mirroring your smartphone’s screen via a physical/direct connection

There is a rather simple way if you wish to mirror the phone’s screen. It will use an HDMI cable that is capable of connecting to your phone to assist. If you do not have any connectivity to Wi-Fi, you may still use this approach, which connects directly to the TV. Here are a few choices for various phone types:

  • USB Type C to HDMI port  – For iPad and a few android models
  • Micro -USB connected to HDMI dongle- if using older models of Android, 

Do note that this procedure only helps in mirroring. If you want to cast the content, you might need to turn on or activate the series as well.

After the said process, you can easily see that your TV will mirror your phone’s screen

Method 3

  • A few high-end streaming devices support Ethernet connections.
  • As a result, you won’t even need to bother with Wi-Fi during setup.
  • Connectivity to certain other smart devices, also smart instructions with connected platforms like Voice Commands are just a few of these advantages.
  • There are ethernet connectors on smart TV systems such as the Roku Extreme.
  • Without Wi-Fi, they can handle streaming video.

How to connect phone to TV without screen mirroring?

How to connect phone to TV without screen mirroring?

Despite having high resolutions like 1080p & 4K displays, your mobile device still falls short in terms of capabilities like more screen real estate and louder speakers when compared to a smart TV. So, when there’s a movie night and more people watching, a TV seem to be the best fit for the occasion. With that in mind, let’s learn how to connect phone to TV & cast hulu without screen mirroring.

Step 1- Firstly, press the HOME button through the provided remote of your TV.

Step 2-Then, choose Settings by scrolling down and pressing the select button on your remote..

Step 3- Further, navigate to the Network & Accessories by scrolling down.

Step 4- Hit the Select button once again after choosing Bluetooth settings.

Step 5- Now, toggle it on.

Step 6- Double-check to ensure that Bluetooth is turned on in the Bluetooth options menu 

You’re good to go! Start streaming and enjoy….


Can you cast Hulu to firestick?

Of course you can cast content with  Amazon Fire TV Stick. You may use it to see material from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop on the TV that is linked to the Amazon Fire Tv Stick.

Step 1- Long press the Home button on your Amazon Fire TV joystick for around three to four seconds.

Step 2- then, Choose Mirroring.

Step 3- Now, the  Mirroring screen panel will appear on the screen.

Step 4- Then, tap on the Settings option on the Home Screen of your Android device.

Step 5- Look for and select “Stream” and “Screen Mirroring” (depending on which device you have).

Step 6- Scroll down to the top of your screen.

Step 7- Navigate to the SmartView tab by swiping the page over.

Step 8- A list of all possible devices will be displayed to you.

Step 9- Select Fire TV or the name you’ve given to the Fire TV Stick.

Step 10- Select Start Immediately, and done!

Can you cast Hulu to Roku tv?

Please consider the steps below to do the same-

Step 1- On your smartphone, launch the Hulu application.

Step 2- Select your favorite content from the list and start watching it!

Step 3- Now, tap on the cast icon in the right-hand corner. It looks like a box, with three semicircular lines slicing through the left corner.

Step 4- You’ll be asked which device you want to cast to. Choose your Roku device.

Step 5- Your phone’s content will show up on your TV, and that’s all!

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