How to Skip/Block Ads on Hulu For Free (Complete Guide)?

For starters, Hulu members have a choice between two alternative pricing tiers: a standard plan that costs $6.99 per month, and a premium plan which is $12.99 a month. Also, Hulu is available to students email addresses at a discounted price of just $1.99 per month. With that said, remember that this is not an ad-free version for the students.

Upgrade to the premium plan, often known as “Hulu (No Commercials),” for the simplest way to get rid of ads on Hulu. Hulu’s No Commercials package is probably worth the extra money for those who binge-watch frequently, even though it may cost you a few dollars more each month. The monthly price of the Hulu No Ads package is $12.99.

How to skip ads on Hulu?

How to skip ads on Hulu?

Follow the step-by-step guide to skip ads on Hulu once and for all and binge without any interruptions:

Step 1- Visit the Hulu website (open in a new tab)

Step 2- Hover your mouse over your name in the upper-right corner, then “choose Account.”

Step 3- To access the “Your Subscription” tab, you need to scroll down further.

Step 4 – Then, select “Manage, ” and then choose “Add-ons,” 

Step 5 – To access the “Switch Plans” option, scroll down again.

Step 6- Within the “No Commercials” section, toggle the switch.

Step 7- Near the bottom of the screen, you will find “Review Changes,” click on it!

Step 8- The following screen will outline the fees for you associated with changing plans.

Step 9 – Select an ad-free plan

Step 10 – Once done, click on “Confirm.” and that’s all!

There you go! Now you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies with no ads ever.

NOTE: A short word regarding those add-ons: regardless of whether you have the regular or No Ads subscription, your show or movie will play uninterruptedly if you’re watching a premium cable channel via Hulu.

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How to block ads on Hulu?

As we know, Hulu is one of the most widely used streaming services in the US. You have the option of trying the version with commercials or upgrading to Hulu without advertisements for a little bit more money. So you will get no ads on Hulu, interrupting your series. 

However, they could put a strain on your finances. The good thing is that ad breaks can be blocked or shortened in length. We are providing you with three ways by which you will be able to skip ads on Hulu. Choose the one according to your convenience- 

Note: The following advice will block commercials for Hulu (the video-on-demand service), but not for Live TV streaming if you have Hulu + Live TV. There are instances when you can skip through the commercials when you record a live TV program to the cloud DVR, but not every time. It depends on the program and the platform you’re using to watch it. Unfortunately, it’s not always the same.

Method 1 Switch to Hulu Without Ads

The following method provides a guide to switching to Hulu no ads plan. So you can enjoy it without ads-

Step 1- The quickest way to stop seeing advertising on Hulu is to pick an ad-free premium plan

  • It costs $12.99 each month if you purchase it separately.
  • It’s also available for $19.99/month as a component of the Disney Plus Bundle, which also includes Disney+, Hulu (No Ads), and ESPN Plus.

Step 2 – To achieve this, get into your account and upgrade your current plan to Hulu (No Ads).

Step 3 – The additional fee will be applied to your account during the upcoming billing period. 

If you decide otherwise later, feel free to turn it off.

Method 2 Install an extension that blocks ads, such as Hulu Ad Skipper

You can add an ad-blocking plugin, such as Hulu Ad Skipper, to your desktop browser like Chrome if you use Hulu for streaming.

This extension will detect ads and remove them while you’re streaming on Hulu. This is indeed a “set it and forget it” option offered by the extension. Install it, and it will take care of the rest. 

NOTE: Users who have used other ad-blocking programs like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin claim to have had success with them. We haven’t tried them yet, so we are a bit skeptical. But feel free to try and let us know!

Method 3 Refresh the Hulu Program Page.

For the record, this method can only shorten ads and does not remove them completely. The majority of Hulu’s advertisements are brief, spanning between 30 seconds to a minute and a half.

Step 1- On the Hulu platform, the length of an ad break at times can be up to a whopping three minutes long.

Step 2- A little “Ad” banner will appear in the top-right corner of the screen when a program breaks for a commercial. Additionally, it will show how many minutes the ad break will last.

Step 3- Stop streaming if you think the ad break is going to be pretty long. Come back to the homepage and resume streaming again. Now, the average length of an advertisement should be between 30 to 90 seconds.

Disclaimer: Try it again if the first time fails. It isn’t certain, but it’s a smart (and speedy) way to cut the length of the advertisement.

How to get rid of ads on Hulu for free?

How to get rid of ads on Hulu for free?

If you’re a frequent Hulu user, you know how aggravating it is when ads appear while you’re watching your favorite show. 

Do you consistently look for efficient ways to get rid of advertisements once and for all? Well, we have got you covered! You will be able to stream without being bothered by Hulu adverts after reading this. Here are four ways to skip commercials on Hulu for free:


The use of a browser plugin is the first way to fix your Hulu advertisements issue. The browser add-on Adblock Plus aids in doing so with ease. With that said, Adblock Plus only replaces the ad with a blank screen rather than truly removing it. It can be a decent option if you don’t mind your computer or smartphone having a blank screen for some time. If you don’t want to view a Hulu ad, Adblock Plus is something you might want to consider. 

On the flip side, using this plugin may prevent some movies or videos from playing. To avoid that, temporarily disable the plugin if you encounter the same. 


If you stream on Hulu on your mobile device, this can be a nice pick for you. In addition to being useful, this also gives you more options for ad blocking. Blokada is a third-party application that can be found in Google Playstore. It allows you to remove ads while you’re streaming on Hulu. 

Once you have installed it on your device, launch it! Then, tap on Blacklist and add the Hulu application to the list. Then, Hulu ads will immediately be banned after you tap on Goodbye commercials. 

With that said, Blokada works fine 80% of the time. There are some ads that it might not be able to block, but for the most part, it works fine. What more could you probably ask for?

Enounce MySpeed

This is another free option that you can consider. You may choose the software Enounce MySpeed to speed up Hulu advertising. Technically, the software speeds up the advertisement rather than blocking it. Yes, fast forward it if you can’t block it! You won’t have to wait long since Enounce MySpeed does a terrific job of speeding up ads on Hulu.

With that said, remember that it only comes for free for a limited time. Post that,  you must pay a one-time fee of $29.99 for this outstanding program. Get a free trial for seven days to see how effective it is before making your own decision. You’ll be astonished at how useful this software is at speeding the adverts. We think that 30 bucks are worth for what it does!

Skip while opening two tabs

You may find this to one to be a bit challenging. You can watch the same program in two tabs to avoid Hulu advertisements. To initiate the process, start by launching Hulu in two tabs. Forward the show to the first ad marker while muting the second tab (it usually comes in a different color on the stream bar). Watch your content in the first tab by opening it. Mute the first tab’s advertisement when it begins to play, then switch to the second tab. Start watching again from where you left off after being stopped. 

This method for avoiding advertisements on Hulu is fairly successful if you don’t mind the hassle of switching tabs. You might be watching from the moment where the advertisement ended because the next tab may have already shown the ads.


Is there a way to skip Hulu ads without paying?

You can add an ad-blocking plugin, such as Hulu Ad Skipper, to a browser window like Chrome if you use Hulu for streaming. On Hulu, it will recognize ads and skip them for you. A “set it and forget it” option is touted for the extension. Install it, and the extension will take care of the rest.

Why can’t I skip ads on Hulu?

The majority of the shows and videos in the Hulu streaming collection will be ad-free if you subscribe to Hulu (No Ads). However, you cannot fast-forward through commercial breaks. You can skip ads on Hulu though in Cloud DVR recordings if you have Live TV access.

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