How to Activate Disney Plus with Hulu (Complete Guide)?

Hulu is one of the premium providers of entertainment through its online-streaming services. It has a library of 2300+movies and several TV shows. It offers various new and classical original shows from Hulu just like its competitor Netflix and Amazon. It hosts TV shows from major networks and live streams. You can also subscribe to its Hulu+ Live TV subscription and get access to various live shows, premium documentaries, sports, and lifestyle shows. 

How to activate Disney plus with Hulu?


You will be delighted to know that you can now get on-demand streaming shows of Disney+ and ESPN+ exclusively on Hulu. You can subscribe to the bundle of Disney+ and ESPN+ on Hulu at a cheaper rate compared to what you would have paid for each one individually. You will get premium content like TV shows, Originals, and Movies from Disney+ and Sports from ESPN+. Let us know how you can activate Disney Plus with Hulu. Both new as well as existing users can subscribe to this plan. However, the process to do so for both of them differs. 

Here is how you can activate your Disney+ bundle on Hulu:

For new users:

  • Get to the Hulu signup page
  • On the middle of Hulu’s homepage, select Get Bundle
  • Next, you have to sign up for the bundle by providing your email address along with the password, name, DOB, gender, and other basic entries
  • Click on the Continue button
  • Submit your payment details and then proceed
  •  Select Activate Disney+ and ESPN+ to finish up the process. This will let you have access to all three services using the same username and password
  • After you are done, you can start streaming the Disney+ and watch your favorite shows

For existing subscribers:

  • Launch the Hulu application and open it on the web browser
  • Login into your Hulu account with your credentials
  • Open the Account page
  • Under the Subscription section, click on Manage Plan
  • Once the package section opens up, click on the Disney Bundle from the packages available
  • Review the subscription plan and then Activate Disney+ and ESPN+. This will enable you to access all three services at a minimal cost.

The Disney+ bundle costs $12.99/mo. This includes access to Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. Signing up for all three services separately would cost you approximately $17.97/mo.

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How to switch to Hulu no ads with Disney plus?

You can subscribe to the Disney Bundle at a minimal rate and get access to all the three services of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ but you need to face ads with it. However, you can get rid of such disturbing ads but you need to pay a little extra for that. Want to know how you can get access to an ad-free Disney plus bundle on Hulu? Keep reading and you can find out how you can sign up for the Diney+ bundle with the ad-free Hulu.

  • Click on this website 
  • Select the Get the Disney Bundle button
  • Enter your mail ID and create a password 
  • Select the Disney Bundle with Hulu (No Ads)
  • Next, you have to submit and save your payment info
  • Lastly, select the Hulu option just below the message that displays ‘Start streaming Hulu or ESPN Plus or UFC PPV’. This will activate your Hulu account

If you are a new subscriber on the Hulu platform, you need to follow a different set of steps to subscribe to the Add-free Disney bundle. For new subscribers:

  • Go to
  • Click on View Options
  • Click on the Sign-Up button for Hulu (No Ads), Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus
  • Enter your email address, create a strong password and enter other important details like Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, etc.
  • Submit your payment details
  • On your next step, Activate your Ad-free bundle 

If you are already a Hulu subscriber and wish to avail of Ad-free Disney Bundle, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Hulu account with your login credentials
  • Go to your Subscriptions
  • Under the Subscription section, click on ‘Manage Plan
  • Under Packages, select the Disney Bundle with Hulu (No Ads)
  • Review the plan and make any changes if you need
  • Activate your Disney Plus bundle after paying for the selected plan

Now you can watch your favorite shows from Disney+ without any ads.

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Can’t activate Disney plus through Hulu? Here is the Solution

Can't activate Disney plus through Hulu? Here is the Solution

With both the services of Hulu and Disney Plus integrated into one place, the streaming of entertainment has now become more seamless and elevated. One who is subscribed to the Disney plus bundle can now get access to various movies, TV shows, sports, and live TV shows from the perks of the services of  Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. But in recent times, there have been questions regarding the activation of Disney plus through Hulu. Users have registered their complaints that they are unable to activate Disney Plus through Hulu. If you are facing the same issue, you must read this section to know the fix.

  • Proper Internet Connection

Users need to have a proper internet connection in order to go through the process of activation and finish it seamlessly. Also, you need to have access to the minimum internet speed required to stream Disney plus. In order to check your internet speeds, Go to Speedtest and check your internet speed and not it down. 

Hulu recommends its users have a minimum of 8.0Mbps to access the Live TV content and up to 16Mbps for the 4k content. On the other hand, you should have access to 25Mbps of speed to access the 4k content on Disney plus. 

  • Separate login credentials

If you have already registered your email address on your Disney+ subscribed plan and you are using the same email for Hulu, you might face trouble, Hence, it is recommended to make a new email account. Users can have only a Disney+ account linked to their email. And as you try to subscribe to the bundle plan you need to have a separate email account else you will get the message of your Existing email ID and you would not be allowed to complete your activation process due to security reasons. 

  • Separately installed applications

In order to use both services simultaneously, users need to install both the applications- Hulu and Disney+. Although you use Hulu to stream your content, the installation of Disney+ would still be required. To install Disney+ on your device, follow the steps:

On Android Devices:

  1. Open Play Store on your android device
  2. On the search bar, type Disney+
  3. Locate the application
  4. Click on the Install button

On iOS:

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple mobile
  2. On the search tab, type Disney+
  3. Click on search
  4. Next, click on the Install button to begin the download

On Smart TV:

  1. On your Smart tv, click on the Smart TV’s store for apps
  2. Click on the search and search for Disney+
  3. Locate the app and install the application on your TV
  • Use Incognito Mode

You can try activating your Disney+ subscription through incognito mode. The usual browser display cookies and stores cache. These could be the reason to disrupt the activation process. Hence you can make use of the incognito mode as it does not store any cache data and cookies. To activate your subscription through the incognito browser, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Web Browser
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+N to open the incognito mode
  • Once you have entered into the incognito mode, head to your Hulu account
  • Log in with your credentials 
  • Find the Activation section
  • Activate and follow the prompts to finish the activation process


What channels are on Hulu with Disney plus?

You can stream over 75+ live channels on Hulu with separate subscription plans. Hulu has mainly two types of subscription plans, one is Hulu+Live and the other is Hulu(No Ads)+ Live TV.  Along with Disney plus and ESPN Plus, you can also have access to Animal Planet, comedy Centrals, FOX TV, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, ESPN, and various others.

Does Disney plus with Hulu have ads?

Yes, the Disney+ bundle on Hulu has got Ads. However, you can get rid of these Ads by changing your bundle plan. Instead of subscribing to Disney Bundle with Hulu, subscribe to Disney Bundle with Hulu(No Ads) and you will not get to face any ads on your screen while streaming on Disney plus. For the No Ads subscription, you will charge $19.99/month, which is of course a little costlier than the normal plan. 

How much does Disney plus Hulu cost?

Disney Plus individually costs $6.99/month and the Hulu service price begins at $5.99/month with the commercials included or an Ad-free service at $11.99/month. Both Disney+ and Hulu subscription provides a 30-day free trial to their new subscribers.

However, you can avail a better deal by taking the Disney+ bundle at $12.99/month which includes the services of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. 

Can I access Hulu through Disney plus?

Yes, you can have access to Hulu through Disney plus. Disney Bundle gives you access to Hulu where you can watch thousands of TV shows and movies. You can have access to either Hulu(ad-supported) or to Hulu(No Ads) The subscription charges are different accordingly.

What does Hulu offer with Disney plus?

Along with the Disney plus, you can also access ESPN+ by subscribing to it individually or taking the Disney bundle which will include all three. With the bundle plans, you can also watch various TV shows and movies on the most demanding TV channels and Live TV. 

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