How to remove shows from my stuff on Hulu [2024]?

How to clear items from my stuff on Hulu?

Devices with the most recent Hulu app support can access My Stuff with ease. You might find “My Stuff” to have a close resemblance to the “Watchlist” feature in the classic Hulu application. Both helps you to manage and arrange the TV shows and movies that you watch frequently.

With that said, the only difference between the two is in “My stuff” you need to manually add your favorite content. Also, My Stuff is exactly where live TV subscribers can view their cloud DVR recordings.

A few other added advantage of my stuff are as follows:

  • Adding content to your will
  • Deleting data
  • Watchlist synchronization

Now, to remove shows from my stuff on Hulu, consider the steps below-

Step 1- Launch a web browser according to your preference.

Step 2- Sign in to your Hulu account and navigate to the Account page.

Step 3- Find California Privacy Liberties under the Privacy & Settings section.

Step 4- Click on My Stuff as well as Cloud DVR Settings (with Live TV subscribers).

Step 5- Then, click Erase.

Step 6- This will delete and reset anything that has been added or uploaded to your My Stuff previously.

Step 7-  Now your My Stuff is all clear and ready to save all your newest preferences.

Step 8- Recheck the settings, and done!

NOTE: You will retain access to programming that has already been documented to the Cloud DVR if you have a Hulu plus Live TV subscription.

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On Android Phone

Remove shows from my stuff on Hulu via your Android mobile device-

Method 1

Step 1- sign in to your Hulu account and tap on my stuff tab.

Step 2- Then, select the action menu button.

Step 3- From the pull-down menu, choose and delete items by tapping My Stuff.

Step 4- proceed as long as you delete all the streamable episodes.

Step 5- Ensure that all of the streams are eliminated.

Step 6- Verify your settings.

Method 2 

Step 1- Go to the Show Details page of your Hulu.

Step 2-  Choose My Episodes.

Step 3- Select the context menu by tapping the symbol next to the episode’s thumbnail.

Step 4- Hit the button to de-check “My Episodes”.

Step 5- check if all the episodes are removed and deleted from that page.

Step 6- Make sure all the streams are gone.

Step 7- Validate the settings.

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On iPhone

Step 1- Logging into the Hulu App

Step 2- Sign in to the iPhone’s Hulu app.

Step 3- Then check each episode on the show’s website simply by clicking the three dots in the episode’s upper right corner.

Step 4-  then check and ensure the content been deleted from “My Episodes.”

Step 5- when all the shows get deleted, recheck the settings.

You are all done!

On Smart TV

To remove shows from my stuff on your smart TV, follow the steps below-

Step 1- Navigate to the home page of Hulu using your TV remote controller.

Step 2- Head on to your  profile.

Step 3- Choose the account section.

Step 4- Navigate to the section that shows all the episodes.

Step 5- Remove all the episodes by clicking the three-dot beside the videos.

Step 6- then, select the “remove” option.

Step 7- double check to see if you’ve succesfully removed all the streams.

Step 8- Confirm the settings.

On Laptop

Step 1- Open the Hulu app (if the app is available).

Step 2- Otherwise, use a web browser for this.

Step 3- Login to the application.

Step 4- Open the main page of the browser.

Step 5- Head on over to the accounts section.

Step 6- Navigate to the profile.

Step 7- Select My Stuff and a list of all your watchable streams will appear.

Step 8- Choose to remove them by clicking the three dots.

Step 9- Remove all the contents.

Step 10- Confirm your settings and save the changes.

How to remove shows from continue watching on Hulu?

How to remove shows from continue watching on Hulu?

When you no longer want something to show up under the Keep Watching section, use the Delete function from Watch History tool. Just be aware that doing so will reset the progress on your watch.

To utilize the function “Remove from Watch History”, consider the steps below:

Step 1- Go to Keep Watching to continue.

Step 2- Tap on the show, or any video’s thumbnail to access the more info and the menu list.

Step 3- slect the X symbol, to delete the content from your watch list,

Step 4- Press Done to successfully complete the process. You may also click Undo to reverse it, if needed

For all related profiles with your account, erase and reset the Watch History as follows:

Step 1- Go to the Account page in your web browser.

Step 2- Choose Privacy & Settings

Step 3- Then hit the “California Privacy Rights.” tab

Step 4- Select Watched History and Wipe Selected under Manage Activity,an done!

Why can’t I remove shows from my stuff on Hulu?

Why can't I remove shows from my stuff on Hulu?

If you are unable to delete a certain show from your My Stuff, it’s possible that you have already saved individual episodes. To ensure-

Step 1- Go to the show’s information page.

Step 2- Choose the section “My Episodes” tab.

Step 3- Remove any stored programs from My Stuff when they exist.

Step 4- Select the three-dot icon next to the video.

Step 5- Tap on the delete button.

Step 6- Remove every stream until none are left.

Step 7- then attempt to remove the shows.

Step 8- Hit to confirm the settings.


Can you hide shows on Hulu?

Yes, you can hide all the shows in no time. 

Follow the guide below to delete an episode or movie from Hulu:

Step 1- Log into your account. 

Step 2- Select the name of the profile, and enter the viewing arena. 

Step 3- Hit the history of the viewing list in the top corner of the screen. 

Step 4- Choose the video you want to delete. 

Step 5- To remove a video, click the garbage bin symbol next to it. 

Step 6- or else, click the Erase all movies option located above the Last Viewed column. 

Step 7- It will erase your complete viewing history.

What time does Hulu remove shows?

They are only permitted to save episodes for a limited amount of time. But occasionally they’ll have an entire season and all or most of them will appear to expire in 14 days. Approximately at 2 am (EST) in the morning, they take the programs down.

Why do shows disappear from Hulu?

On occasion, Hulu removes programs at the request of the show’s production team. And at other times, because of laws governing licensing and privacy.

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