How to Apply for Coign Visa credit card Application?

All of the credit cards grow big by donating millions to the Leftist groups, but Coign is going to aim conservatives. They plan to propagate conservative values by embracing the American spirit. The credit card is made by the high-end conservatives for other conservatives.

The Coign credit card is founded by Rob Collins who stated that this will be the first card for the people who wish to know where their money from the purchases get invested in the world. The red credit card will basically be given out as a rewards card with cashback benefits for cardholders.

With its launch, the fees and rates have also come up for the credit card.

Annual Fees$0
Credit LimitDepends on creditworthiness
Purchase APR15.99 to 25.99%
Cash Advance APR25.99% to 30.99%
Cash advance fee3% or $10 whichever is greater
Late payment fee$35
Grace Period25 days
Minimum Required Credit ScoreStill not publicly available online
Security DepositNil

How to Apply for Coign credit card application?

The straightforward application form is still not around but they do have a waiting list. To join the waiting list, you must fill in relevant information in the spaces provided.

After clicking the Join Now tab, add your name, email address and mobile number for text alerts.

coign visa credit card

Once you have filled in all the information, click on the Join Now tab.

What are application requirements?

Application requirements will at some point include the following;

  • An SSN is also essential for taking the application forward.
  • You will also need a valid email address and phone number for going forward with the application.
  • Your mortgage amount needs to also be declared.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility criteria will include the following conditions;

  • You must be a US citizen who is at least 18 years old.
  • Your earning has to be declared to the credit card owners.
  • The credit card owner must have a proper US address

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The benefits of the Conservative credit card involve the following points.

  • There will be nil annual fees on the use of the credit card.
  • Using the credit card can be done anywhere a VISA is accepted.
  • Credit protection measures are present within the card.
  • Conservatives will get a percentage from the merchant fees as donations.
  • The Visa credit card brings your way unlimited cashback offers. For every other purchase, you can earn 1% cashback.
  • Without using your money you can still go ahead and help conservatives grow.
  • The VISA credit card allows one to use its benefits.
  • It also allows one to build the credit scores as the credit card would report to all the three central bureaus.

Coign Credit card website

The Coign credit card website is available here in this link. You can find more details about the credit card from this particular site. Join the waiting list from the website by clicking on the Join Now tab.

How does Coign credit card work?

Every time you make a purchase with their credit card, you will get a 1% cashback.

It will come off as a statement credit and Coign contributes a portion of the amount to different conservative issues. Additionally, the cardholders get to vote on the causes supported by the conservatives. The voting will be done within 60 days as per the company’s website.

Is Coign a Credit Card?

Yes, Coign credit card that is sponsored by VISA.


The Coign credit card comes with a lot of advantages that are loved by the conservatives. If you want to know more about credit cards, read the article for information.


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