Does Venmo Work Internationally in Canada, Mexico, UK, Nigeria?

Does Venmo Work internationally?

Venmo does not work internationally and works only within the confines of the United States.

Does Venmo Work Internationally

Does venmo work in India?

No, Venmo does not work in India.


One can use Google Pay or World Remit in India very comfortably.

Does venmo work in Canada?

No, Venmo does not work in Canada.


Interac e-transfers, Wealthsimple are alternatives for Venmo in Canada.

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Does venmo work in Mexico?

No, Venmo does not work in Mexico and operates only within US borders.


Payit should be used in Mexico if you wish to transfer money to friends. This is a legitimate way and is the only option that can suitably be called a Venmo alternative.

Does venmo work with chime?

Yes, Chime works with Venmo and if you want to link the cards, you could either use the Venmo app or the site.

Below we have shown you, how Venmo can be linked with Chime using the Venmo app.

  • Post singing into your Venmo account, click on the Menu tab.
  • Choose your Settings and then the Payment methods option.
  • Now press on the option which allows adding a bank or card.
  • Choose Chime from the list of banks and then sign in to your Chime account from it.

To link Chime with Venmo from the website, you need to follow the below process.

  • Visit the website, and log into your account.
  • Go to the settings > the Payment Methods option > edit Payment Method tab.
  • You will find two options- Link to a bank account or link via a debit card.
  • Both ways you can add Chime as a debit card or as a bank account.


Revolut, Go Dutch and PayPay are some of the options which compete with Chime for Venmo.

Does venmo work in UK?

No, Venmo does not work in the United Kingdom.


Cash app is an able alternative to Venmo in the United Kingdom.

Does venmo work in Nigeria?

No, Venmo does not operate in Nigeria.


Xoom seems to be the best alternative for money transfers in Nigeria.


The above-given alternatives can be used in different countries in place of Venmo. If you have a greater user experience with any other app in any of these countries, do not hesitate to discuss it in the comment section.

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