How to Play Spotify Wrapped (Complete Guide 2024)?

Spotify Wrapped let all music lovers know about their Spotify stats for this year. Earlier people has to make the stats and post on social media platforms but now the work is made simpler and quicker by Spotify itself. A list has been made for the complete year.  What they have listened to throughout the year. How many minutes they have listened to their favorite artist, the count of genres that a person has listened to in the entire year,  and many more in a slideshow? So, isn’t it exciting!!! So, are you worried about how you can get Spotify wrapped up in 2024? Don’t worry, this is quite an uncomplicated procedure, so just follow the mentioned steps to get it done. Let’s have a look:

  • Visit the Spotify App. 
  • Further, there is a banner that is visible on the top or there will be a badge that is appearing in the center so this badge will lead to the Spotify Wrapped. 
  • Now, just relax to watch Spotify wrapped and see all the musical choices made by you throughout the year. 
  • Moreover, a person can also share the wrapped on various social media platforms. 

How to access Spotify wrapped?

Play Spotify Wrapped

An individual can download Spotify and can get access to the Spotify app. This is a free-of-cost app that gives unlimited access to songs as well as podcasts.  However, some ads took place in between the tracks. To get rid of that they proffer subscription at a reasonable price. For students, it is around $5 only. This year also Spotify has come up with Spotify wrapped for song lovers to know what they have heard in the year. To access the Spotify wrapped just scrutinize and follow these super easy points. So, let’s dive into:

  • First, open the app.
  • Further, look for the #SpotifyWrapped tag that is visible on the front page of Spotify. Keep on scrolling down to view Spotify wrapped. 
  • Next tap on the carousel. 
  • Now, get ready to see the songs that you have listened to most in the year.

Not this, a person can watch Spotify wrapped again as it will not disappear and will be visible on the screen after watching. So enjoy and a person can also post in their story with just a click of their favorite social media platform that is chosen by them. 

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How to use Spotify wrapped?

All users who are using the Spotify app got a year-end round-up where all the users can see the yearly songs that they have watched the most and the artist to whom they have listened throughout the year. To open the Spotify wrapped just do the mentioned footsteps:

  • Visit the Spotify app on your phone.
  • Further, keep on scrolling down till you see Spotify wrapped or “your top songs of 2024”. 
  • Now, tap on that and watch the complete Spotify Wrapped and enjoy.
  • It does not disappear so a person can even replay the Spotify Wrapped.

In case an individual wants to share the Spotify Wrapped story then this is also possible. So read till the end. 

  • To begin with, visit the Spotify app.
  • Now, locate for “your library” menu that is visible at the bottom of the page.
  • Further, there will be a playlist option, choose that. 
  • Moving ahead, Your top songs of 2024 will be a visible tap on that.
  • Look after, and there will be a share option. 
  • Simply tap on that and choose the platform where the story is to be shared. 

After that, you have accomplished sharing the story on the platform by following the complete procedure. Enjoy it!

How to get Spotify wrapped story?

There are some steps that a person should consider to get the Spotify wrapped story. In case a person wants to open the Spotify wrapped story on an Android phone then follow these:

  • Firstly, locate the Spotify app and open that.
  • Then, visit the Your Library option on the Spotify app that is visible at the bottom of the page.
  • Now, choose the playlist option that is located on top of the mobile screen.
  • Moving ahead, keep on locating till you find the top songs of 2024 on your playlist. 

So, this is how an individual can get the Spotify-wrapped story on their device on. 

To get Spotify wrapped on iOS, these points are to be followed:

  • First, view the Spotify app. 
  • Further, look for the library menu that is given at the bottom of the page. 
  • Look for the option of a playlist that is visible at the top of the page. 
  • Keep on scrolling down till you find “your top songs of 2024”. 

So, enjoy the music collection and you can also replay Spotify wrapped to view it again. In case you like it then you can also share the Spotify wrapped story on other platforms.

How to get Spotify wrapped stats?

The best part that Spotify has come up with this year also is Spotify Wrapped. With this, the listeners get a quick view that who is their best artist, or how many minutes they have spent this year on the app. The top 5 playlists are also created in this Spotify wrap. This is quite a captivating thing that individuals are posting in their stories nowadays. There are 7 to 8 slides that Spotify has created for their users to have a view of the entire year. To view the Spotify Wrapped Stats on your device just read all the steps that are given below and follow them cautiously:

  • Login to any of the devices that you are having.
  • Visit the app now and look at the page at both center and bottom.
  • Click on Spotify Wrapped, and a story of the entire year will be begun there.
  • In the story, Spotify has created a library for users and they can download and listen to their favorite songs. 
  • Moreover, in the story, some stats are created by Spotify that let the listener know what they have listened to in the entire year, and also their top artists and 5 top songs are shared by the team. So, go and watch the Spotify wrapped now to see the collection of songs that you have heard throughout. 

How to play Spotify wrapped again?

As the Spotify app does not vanish Spotify is wrapped so a person can watch it multiple times without any worry. Like every year, this time also at the last month of the year, Spotify has made a moment for the users in the form of Spotify wrapped where users can see what they watched in 2024 and how many times they used Spotify to listen to the music. Isn’t it interesting? So do not waste time and just listen to what Spotify has created for this year and also share it on several platforms as a story. 

The procedure that is to follow is the same. At first, visit the app, and then if using an iOS keep on scrolling down the option will be visible in the center/bottom of the page. Then, tap on that and enjoy Spotify Wrapped innumerable times as there is no limit to replay the Spotify wrapped. In case a person is using Andriod, then look for the app on the home page and locate the library from there. Further, select the playlist option that can be seen on the screen. Now, look for your playlist 20224 till the time it can be seen. Simply tap on that and enjoy watching it multiple times.

How to play Spotify wrapped slideshow?

Have you any idea how many minutes have you spent on the Spotify wrap? If the answer is no then you should definitely try up the Spotify wrapped and look after the top artists that you have been listening to and also a playlist. In addition to this, also the top 5 songs that were your favorite throughout the year and also that change your mood from soothing to hip hop whatever was your favorite, Spotify has come out with everything. So, go ahead and look now that Spotify wrapped. Let’s have a quick look:

  • Do you have a Spotify app then look after it and open it?
  • Now, scroll till you look at the colorful Spotify Wrapped.
  • Tap on that and the story of 2024 begins.
  • Keep on tapping to another slide as there are around seven to eight slides that are made for you.
  • There is also an option of adding to the story on each slide so choose the platform of your choice and share it. 
  • Do not worry you can watch it infinite times as it will be available in the app. 

How to play Spotify wrapped video?

Every year Spotify comes with a wrapped video at the end of the year. In this video, a complete list of the most watched songs, top artists, the count of new articles that you discover, and the amount of time that person has spent on Spotify to listen to the song. In addition to this, the number of countries where the song is played, the top genres, and also the genres that you have listened to (amount). It lets to know the taste of the music that you had. To play the Spotify wrapped this is an uncomplicated procedure. Let’s have a look:

  • Just open the Spotify app on iOS or Android.
  • Now, locate the library in Andriod. 
  • Moving ahead, tap on the playlist if using an Andriod.
  • Next, there will be your top songs of 2024, tap on that.

Your list for the entire year or Spotify Wrapped will be there look at that and enjoy. 

  • To initiate a visit the app.
  •  On iOS keep on scrolling down at the bottom or center there is your 2024 in a review written.
  • Next, tap on that, and the story will be begun.
  • Keep on watching the story by giving a tap on the right side of the page.
  • The story will have several watch details for the entire year of 2024.

So, enjoy that and watch it any number of times as it will not disappear. An individual can also post it on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and several others as their story. 

Spotify wrapped not working “Solution”

In case you are one who is tired and the Spotify wrapped is not working then don’t panic and try these steps: 

  • The first thing that can be tried is to close the app and then try it again to view it. 
  • Further, a person should check if the app is up to date or not. 
  • In case you are among those who are trying to open on the desktop version then Spotify wrapped is not available on that. 
  • If nothing works, then delete the app and download it again. 

To resolve any of the mentioned points just follow the solution for that if it is not updated then update it by going to the play store or app store. In addition to this, if you are watching it on a desktop then login to mobile to watch Spotify unwrapped. If any of the solutions does not work then simply delete the Spotify app and then download it once again and log in to the same account that is being used for the entire year. Now, follow the steps that are mentioned above on android or iOS and view Spotify wrapped to see what all songs are played throughout the year and also the top artists of your choice. It’s quite fun so enjoy it and watch it again and again.


When does Spotify wrapped come out?

Generally, the Spotify wrapped comes out in the first week of December month ranging from 1 December to 6 December. 

Why can't I see my Spotify wrapped?

There are several reasons such as the person might have not logged in to the app or the app is not updated. So, ensure this to view Spotify wrapped.

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