How to download proof of payment from Capitec app [2024]?

Capitec bank is invested in making lives better for people. With Capitec Bank, transparency is the key. Every time you make a transaction, you can retrieve payment proofs through its online portal or app.

Proof of payments is generally requested by people to whom payments are made. Through this article, you can get more insight into how you can obtain, send and download payment proofs.

How to get proof of payment on Capitec app?

proof of payment from Capitec app

Try the below steps for obtaining payment proof.

  • From your Capitec Bank account, choose the payment for which you need to show the evidence.
  • Choose the Send Payment Notification option by moving through the options.
  • It will ask you to fill up your email address.
  • After entering the email address you can click on the Send notification option.
  • In no time you will receive a mail detailing your transaction details. This mail can serve as evidence of the payment made by you.

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How to send proof of payment from Capitec app?

When you want to send the payment proof to someone, you must then follow the below process;

  • Browse through your Payment history from the Payments Menu.
  • Choose the date range for viewing the payments made during that time.
  • When asked to fill in an email address, add the email address of the person who requested the payment proof.
  • Now click on the Send tab to ensure the mail is delivered to the concerned person.

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How to download proof of payment from Capitec app?

Downloading payment proofs is also a way in which you can prove your payments.

  • Go for the Capitec Bank internet banking option.
  • Go through the payments made from the payment tab.
  • You can also select a month or a timeline for specifying your payments during that period.
  • Click on view or download the proof of payment by clicking on the download tab.
  • Search your download folder to view the payments file.


This is how you can prove your payments. Capitec Bank ensures your payments are open for cross-referencing anytime you need to have them.

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