Pocket Read-it-Later App Shutting Down Mac Version on August 15th

If you are in the US or any other country where Pocket allows you to not just save articles to read later but also allows you to advertise with them, Pocket is an invaluable tool.

But in countries like India, your access to Pocket is limited only to saving articles into it.

Recently a lot of changes are happening everywhere and one of them is with Pocket too. It has decided to shut down its Mac app by August 15th this year. It means no one going forward can use the Pocket app on their MacBook except Apple Silicon Macs. The Apple Silicone Macs were manufactured in the late months of 2020 and these people can use the Pocket iOS app for themselves going forth. It will also mean if you have an older Mac model, you will no longer be capable of using the native desktop app for Pocket.

But that does not mean old MacBook users will run out of options. You can still use the Pocket website and iOS devices to carry out the process. 

If you want to know how you can install the Pocket iOS app refer to Apple’s help article with them.

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Why did Pocket initiate this move?

This move is considered after sudden changes to the app took place whereby there were essential updates that were made to it.

  • The Home tab has got several updates.
  • The My List tab’s name is changed to the Saves tab.

The changes are targeted as it is trying to make the app more user-friendly and is trying to transform it from one that merely does not catch up with space but also a place where people can find out new articles. Discovering new articles through it was not possible until now. People could only save articles that they were reading somewhere else.

This decision came at a point when it is already having competitors who are competing with it. Apps like Instapaper, Matter, and Artifact are some of the brands competing with Pockets. Artifact is one of them that made significant changes. With Artifact, you find AI technology incorporated and with Speechify they combine AI text-to-speech capabilities.

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Apart from closing the Mac app, Pocket is also transitioning its users to Firefox accounts. The transition process has begun on 11th July 2023. It is mandatory and as of August 15, the transition will become mandatory.

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