What to do if phone number is already registered on Venmo App?

Are you facing problems creating your Venmo account with a phone number? If yes, you should follow this guide to get the best solution to your problem. In this guide, you will find great solutions to solve the problem related to your phone number registration on Venmo.

Here we first find the problem or error message from the phone number registered on your Venmo app and then provide you with the perfect solution to solve this problem.

If you face the same phone number registration problem, you should read the article and apply all the solutions to your Venmo app.

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Venmo phone number already registered “Solution”

Did you buy your new phone or need help registering your Venmo account with the phone number because Venmo claims that this phone number is registered already? There are two reasons why Venmo sends you this type of message when trying to register to your Venmo account.

Here are the reasons why Venmo claims that phone numbers are registered already.

  • Your active Venmo account has been run already.

If you already have your active Venmo account with a phone number, and now you are trying to register a new Venmo account with the same phone number, then the Venmo account is not activated. Because Venmo does not allow users to create two different Venmo accounts with one phone number

If your phone number is not existing with any Venmo account, then there is the possibility of a second reason why Venmo claims it.

  • You are trying to register to Venmo earlier but not complete the process

If you are an earlier attempt to create a Venmo account but stop the process in mid-between without providing the phone number. This type of attempt causes the Venmo app to reiterate that your account is already created. So you should not leave the registering Venmo account process in mid-between.

Still, if both situations are encountered, then what should you do?

The only easy way to look into an error or solve the problem is by contacting the Venmo support team. You can easily contact Venmo support by

  • By chat

The Venmo app also provides a separate chat section. Start a chat with the Venmo online team and discuss your problem.

  • By email

You can easily get the Venmo email address on the app. You can mail to the Venmo support team by explaining the errors or account inability that you face.

  • By call

You can also place the call with Venmo support. You can get the Venmo number on the app, and directly make the call from there and inform the Venmo team about the error or registering inability.

What to do if your phone number is already registered on Venmo?

If your Venmo shows that” Your number is registered on Venmo already,” you should access your new Venmo account. Refrain from thinking about when and how you create the Venmo account.

You should try the solutions below if your phone number is registered on Venmo.

1. Forget password

If your phone number is already registered on your Venmo account, tap on forget the password to reset your existing password and make access to your Venmo account. You can see the option to forget your password on the login page of Venmo.

After resetting the existing password, you must follow some processes to create a new password for your Venmo account. 

2. Sign up with an email address

If your phone number is registered on your Venmo account, you should sign up for your new Venmo account with your email. It is best to create a new Venmo account if your phone number is registered or if you need an extra number.

For this, forward to the signup process, choose the signup option with email, and create a new Venmo account.

3. Contact the Venmo support team.

If you want to come out of your Venmo account application troubles, you should contact the Venmo support team. The Venmo team will be ready to help you, look into your problem, and give you the right solutions to solve the problem.

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How do I reset my phone number on Venmo?

If your Venmo app is saying that your phone number is registered already on Venmo, when you are trying to sign up, you should try resetting the password of your existing Venmo account. Here are some steps to reset your registered phone number on Venmo.

  • Open the Venmo app
  • Move to log in page on the app, and then tap on forget password
  • Fill in the phone number
  • Here, you will get the password reset link on your phone number
  • Tap on the reset phone number link
  • Now set the easy-to-remember and strong password
  • Refresh the app page and log in to your Venmo account with a new password.

How to get a free phone number for Venmo verification?

To set up your Venmo account, you must have a phone number. You can create a fake phone number if you still need to get your working number. Many tools and websites can provide fake phone numbers and allow you to receive the SMS code on these phone numbers.

It is suggested you buy a new valid number, but if you cannot buy a new one, you can only try the fake phone number.

  • To get the extra phone number for Venmo account verification, you have to type the appropriate keywords, like fake or temporary phone numbers, and get confirmation on your internet browsers.
  • At the search result’s top section, open the Venmo app tools.
  •  Try to find the available premium phone numbers and purchase them
  • Now, use the fake phone number to receive the SMS code.
  •  After it, enter this number while signing up for the process, get the SMS code, and use it for confirmation.

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How to bypass Venmo phone verification?

It is important to go through the phone number verification process to create your new Venmo account. Users who want to create their additional Venmo account but need the extra phone number feel hopeless.

But do not feel hopeless; you can still create your Venmo account and go through the phone verification, even if you do not have your valid phone number. This process is called bypass phone verification.

Remember that this is not the legal step to verify your phone number for your Venmo account, according to the guidelines. But for users who need to create their Venmo account but need a valid phone number, it is a significant factor.

Here is the step-by-step process of bypassing your Venmo phone verification.

  • Open your browser and find the platform to get fake temporary phone numbers.
  • Move forward to the relevant site.
  • Find a valid phone number with the code of your belong country 
  • Copy and paste this phone number to the phone number field on the Venmo app
  • Tap on next
  • You will receive the four-digit verification code in the SMS box of the fake number website for your phone number.
  • Enter this code
  • In the end, tap on the submit button.

After this, Venmo verifies you and activates your Venmo account. If Venmo does not verify your phone number, you should try the new one.

Why won’t my phone number work for Venmo?

There are various reasons why your phone number needs to be fixed on the Venmo app.

  • If your existing phone number is registered to your Venmo account already, and still now you are trying to open a new Venmo account with the used phone number
  • If you are using the invalid or fake phone number
  • If you need to enter the right password set up for your phone number.

Can I use a Fake phone number for Venmo?

Even though it is possible to use a fake number on Venmo or go through the bypass verification, you should not use the fake number to register for your new Venmo account.

We are never suggested to use a fake phone number on Venmo because a fake number has come from a temporary website, will be disabled, and will make you inaccessible to your Venmo account. So, buying a new phone number and registering to your Venmo account is suggested.

How to change my phone number on Venmo?

Here you need to change the existing phone number on Venmo. 

  • Open the Venmo app & log in to the Venmo account.
  • Tap on horizontal lines that appear in the corner of the top screen
  • Go to the setting option that appears on the screen
  • Move to your edit profile section and tap on it
  • Look at your phone number shown on the Venmo app page
  • Click on your existing phone number and replace it with a new phone number
  • Click on done


Hope you understand why Venmo shows that your phone number is already registered on your Venmo account. If you also face such errors from Venmo, you can try the above-mentioned solutions in this article.


Is Venmo linked to a phone number?

Yes, your Venmo account must be linked with your phone number because it is the only way to verify your account.

Can you use the same phone number for 2 Venmo accounts?

Creating your two Venmo accounts with the same phone number is impossible. If you still try to create your new Venmo account with your existing phone number, Venmo will show you an error message.

Will Venmo ask for the last 4 digits of a phone number?

Yes, Venmo asks for the 4-digit code for the verification process. Once you place your phone number while registering for a Venmo account, you can get the 4 digit code, and you have to enter this four-digit code into the Venmo app and verify your phone number.

Why is my phone number already registered with Venmo?

Yes, Venmo asks for the 4-digit code for the verification process. Once you place your phone number while registering for a Venmo account, you can get the 4 digit code, and you have to enter this four-digit code into the Venmo app and verify your phone number.

Can you unregister a phone number on Venmo?

No, you are not able to unregister your phone number on Venmo. You can only update or replace your phone number on Venmo with a new one.

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