Can someone hack Venmo account with username or phone?

Venmo is one of the leading transaction-making apps. There are more than 50 million users in the U.S. With the help of Venmo, anyone can make payments of rent and bills or transfer money to friends or relatives in just a click. But as we know, it’s a game of money; therefore, the involvement of hackers is widespread.

So this article will discuss ways you can be scammed and some solutions or precautions you can take to protect your Venmo account from Venmo. Your money is important, and you know it very well, so it is important to follow these precautions carefully.

Venmo account

Can someone hack your Venmo account?

If you think your account is safe at Venmo, think twice for a while. Your account can be hacked in just a few seconds. The hacker applies some approaches to different people to hack their accounts, and they do it repetitively, and people who come into their trap lose access to their accounts.

Once there was a teen from the U.S. named Jordan Wooley. She received a call from a stranger, and he was claiming that he was an Employee of Venmo and said to Wooley that someone was trying to hack her account and she had to change her password to protect her account. After this call, that stranger sent him a link to update her password, and she got into their trap. When she changed the password, her account got hacked. 

After this incident, the hackers stole $6500, of which $2000 was her savings from college and $4500 was the money of some other people she didn’t even know, but hackers used her account to hack that $4500 from other people. Not only this, she gets threats from those people she never met. So you have to understand that your account is private, and you should never share your password with anyone does matter how close your friends or relatives are.

Can someone hack your Venmo with your username?

Venmo is a highly secure app that provides users with two-step verification which is a great step for security purposes. Nobody can only hack a Venmo account with a username; even if they have your password, they still can not hack your account because they need to verify the phone number. 

Without a phone number, your account can not be accessed by anybody, even if it’s you. But you have to know that it can be done only if you are aware and take precautions to protect your account. 

You have to go to settings to enable two-factor authentication. It protects your account if your password is leaked or gets scammed by someone else. 

When you log in to a Venmo account, you first need to enter your username and password, and after that, you have to enter your phone number, and after that, you get an OTP to enter. When you enter the OTP, you only have access to the interface of Venmo.

Is it possible to hack Venmo with your phone number?

IDs and passwords are necessary for all apps to log into your account. But you have to be clear that with the help of your phone number, you can change the password of your account attached to that number.

Your phone number shows the ownership of your account. In most apps, there is an option of “forgot password?” Or change your password. 

You don’t need to worry much about it because if someone is trying to change or login into your account with another device, Venmo will ask for his/her identity, as your Venmo account should be attached to your phone. Providing this feature to its user is a great thing from a security point of view.  

Nobody can change your password and hack your account with your phone number. If your account still gets hacked by a hacker, then you need to consult your support team for your help.

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Can people hack Venmo with your tag?

Hacking your Venmo account takes effort and detail about the user. Without a phone number and username or password, it is hard to hack your Venmo account. Normally tags can not be a reason to hack your account. But you have to be alert about it. Hackers can use your tags to prove your identity. So it becomes important that you remember your tag while writing them unless you lose access to your account, and all your funds and savings can be hacked. 

How can someone hack Venmo?

Nowadays, hackers use a lot of ways to hack your account. We will discuss some of them so that you save money from hackers when you are targeted. These ways are:

  1. The messaging scam of Venmo:

Hackers send messages to their targeted people so that normal people think it’s a message from Venmo and get stuck into their trap and lose their money. 

For example, hackers sending messages like your account will be charged from today after some time. 

If you want to revert these charges, log into your account by clicking the link below. 

And when the person clicks on the link, his username and password get shared with the hacker, and they use it to withdraw your money and misuse your account.

So these are the precautions you can take before going through any of the links. Don’t tap on the link if:

  1. If the domain is suspicious.
  2. If there are any typos in the URL.
  3. In most cases, you receive random emails and messages.
  4. If the URL is shortened.

2. The scam of Money Transfer:

Money transfer is one of the most popular ways of scamming these days. The scammers used to transfer the money to some of the people whose credit cards had been stolen by evildoers. After the transfer of the money, they request the receiver to return their money with ethics and honesty. 

But when you transfer their money to their account, they replace the stolen card. In this way, they scam you.

And the person whose credit card details were stolen contacted the bank. But the bank reversed the person’s charges and blocked his credit card. They withdraw money from your account directly.

3. The scam of in-person:

There are many ways to scam a person, but most are online. But in that case, it is offline and simple. For example, you are sitting in a park, and a stranger comes to you and asks you to call his relative or friend as he/she has left his phone at home. He will say it is urgent and act like a nice citizen. 

When you give them your smartphone, they call a person who is not responding, and after that, they would say to send a text message to their friend, and instead of sending a message to their known, they make a transaction through your Venmo app. 

You don’t even know as they clear all the cache of your phone, and when you get your phone back, you don’t even check your Venmo. You will realize your balance is 0 when you pay rent, bill, or purchase a product.

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What to do if your Venmo account is hacked?

Nobody can always be aware when it comes to hacking an account. However, most hackers depend on some decent trick and manipulation, and it is difficult to tell if you are dealing with someone who intends to scam you. So these are some steps you can take to protect your account. These are:

  1. Simply report such scams and employee impersonations to [email protected]
  2. Consult [email protected] if you doubt that your account has been hacked or you are logged out of your account.
  3. Consult your bank account to reverse your credit card charges.
  4. Consult your local authorities if you get scammed.

You need to be aware of your activity when dealing with a stranger you don’t know on Venmo. Check whether the software authorizes the user’s account before buying or selling anything. All you need to do is try to make a hard password that is challenging to guess. It will help your account stay safe all the time.

Someone changed my Venmo password to “Solution.”

If a hacker hacks your password, you can change the password as you have your phone number and email ID. There is a very simple process to change the password. The instructions are given below: 

Step 1: Open the app

Step 2: Click on forgot password

Step 3: Step 2: Enter your email address or phone number attached to your Venmo account. 

Step 4: Click on the forgot password.

Step 5: After that, you get an email from Venmo to check and verify your account by clicking on the link of that email.

Step 6: After the verification, a new screen pops up on your account. There you get an option to create a new password.

Step 7: Create a complex and unguessable password for your Venmo account. Use signs, symbols, and Capital letters to create your password.


The number of hackers is increasing rapidly on Venmo. They use different methods and strategies to hack your account. You need to be aware of the activities and people you deal with. You should also know that your account can only be with a password or a phone number if you have enabled two-factor authentication, but you still need to be totally safe on this app. You must know they can misuse your account and even withdraw your funds. If your account got hacked by a hacker, consult the support team of Venmo as soon as possible by following the procedure given above. 


Can you hack into someone's Venmo?

Yes, your account can be hacked using the abovementioned techniques. Texting you a link, transferring your funds, and using your phone to call.

Can my bank account be hacked through Venmo?

Yes, your account can be hacked through Venmo. Hackers use many methods these days to hack your Venmo account. One of the most popular is to transfer money through stolen credit card details to targeted people and request them to bring their money back.

Can someone steal your info from Venmo?

Generally, it is hard to steal all the details from Venmo, but if you click on a link and enter an ID and password, you give all the Venmo details to the hacker.

Will Venmo refund money if hacked?

It depends on how your money is hacked. In most cases, money does not refund by Venmo as hackers move on.

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