How to block Person on Venmo (Complete Guide 2024)?

If you want to know whether you can block someone on Venmo stop unnecessary payments or remove a bank account, reading the article is a must.

How to block someone on Venmo?

By 2018, Paypal officials claimed that there were more than 40 million active users. Hence, a lot of people get to learn about your transactions. Indeed, you desire to block some of them. If you get unneeded payment or comments from users you are unaware of, for you don’t prefer to see someone’s activity in the feed, Venmo allows you to block that person in the app. Let’s see how you can block someone on Venmo.

  •  Head onto the profile of the person.
  •  You can look for the username using the search bar. You can locate the search line at the top of the right junction of the display.
  •  As you visit the person’s profile, you will find three circles in the top right section of the page. 
  •  Find an option to block the person.

It will confirm that the blocked user does not appear in the Venmo network. It will stop them from searching for you in the application. What’s more important, this person will not be able to request or dispatch any payment from you. It will take a moment to show the effect on a blocked person. But you need to sign out from the app and come back after getting the user blocked.

As you get a person blocked on Venmo, you will not be able to find him on the app. It is because the blocked person will no longer be in your network. It happens when someone deletes their Venmo account. It does not send a notification to the user saying that you have blocked them. 

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How to unblock a person on Venmo? 

Do you want to unblock a person on Venmo? If you want to reverse the action, we will produce a step-by-step guide to help you get a person unblocked. If you have blocked one impulsively, followed by an argument, you can unblock the person on Venmo. If the person still has a valid account, you can use the unlock feature to get both of your profiles visible to one another and allow financial transactions between the two accounts on Venmo. Let’s see how to unblock a person using a tablet or Android cell phone.

  • Go and find the Venmo app on your tablet or desktop. 
  •  Locate and relate to the three-line image on the app.
  • Take time to scroll down and click on the settings option.
  •  Tap on the privacy settings in the menu.
  • Choose the blocked users option in the menu.
  • Choose one user.
  • Find and tap on the three-dot icon present in the top right corner of the screen to bring down a menu.
  • A window will pop up on the screen saying that you are unlocking a person on the Venmo app.
  •  Click on the unlock option two times to confirm your choice.

It will help you successfully unblock a person.

Now that you have unblocked another person on Venmo, there is a couple of things that you can do:

  1. You can find them on the network on the app.
  2. First, it needs you to look for their account info. 
  3. The same rule applies to the account you block on Venmo.
  4. You can request and send some payment to the unblocked person on Venmo. 

How to block Venmo requests?

Venmo is a universal application that also works as a social media site. It was based to some extent, but it has some security drawbacks. Since there are so many people on Venmo, you’d rather not allow someone to have access to your transactions. Fortunately, the cash transfer app allows you to block an individual, which is a bit easy. You can easily get someone blocked on the website or within the application.

Blocking someone on Venmo will prevent you from interacting and seeing several things.

We want to make things easy for you and have brought a step-by-step guide on blocking a person on Venmo.

  • Find the app on your tablet or desktop. 
  •  Login to your account on Venmo.
  •  Get and find the profile on the Venmo app and find the user you want to block.
  •  As you come across the profile, click on the block option. 
  • As you see the person’s profile you desire to block, you will locate three dots on the top right part of the app. Get the menu unlocked.
  •  As you click on the block option, a screen confirmation window will pop up. It will inquire you if you desire to get the person blocked or not.
  •  If you want to block the person, click on the block option.

 The person will now get blocked, and you will not be able to see him active on your feed anymore. 

How to block Venmo payments?

If you don’t have an Android phone to use the app, you can do it from a laptop. You can also block someone on Venmo using the official website. 

  •   Go and find the Venmo website.
  •  Sign into your account on Venmo.
  •  Locate the profile of the individual you desire to get block.
  •  Click on it to get the person blocked.
  •  As you view the profile of the person you want to block, you can find three dots in the upper right of the screen and open the menu.
  •  Locate and click on the block button.
  •  A affirmation window will appear on the display to say whether you want to block the individual or not. It would help if you tapped on the block option 2 times to get the person blocked.

Now that you block someone on Venmo, it will prevent you from seeing and interacting with the person. For instance, the individual you got blocked will not be permitted to send you a payment request. In addition, you will no longer be friends with the person you blocked on Venmo.

How to block Venmo from your bank account?

block venmo through bank

 It tells you how to remove linked bank accounts from Venmo when using a computer. You can employ a  phone or tablet for the same. If you want to get one Venmo account deleted from the bank account, it needs you to sign in to the cancellation page on the active site and choose the delete my account option.

  •  Open the Venmo account you want to delete from your tablet or phone.
  • You will locate it in the blue-colored icon with a V shape. It is in the app drawer section for Android phone users and the home screen for iPhone users.
  •  If you want to unlink the bank account, you will not be able to transfer the cash to the account free of cost. Nevertheless, you can initiate one instant transfer if you keep the debit card.
  •  You must relate to the hamburger switch in the upper left junction of your screen.
  •   It will help if you tap on the settings button.
  •  You require to click on the pay mode option.
  •  It needs you to tap on the bank account that you desire to get removed.
  •  Click on remove to confirm and delete the account name.
  •   Click on the remove bank option to unlink your bank account from your account on Venmo.

How to block Venmo transactions?

Canceling a payment to a current Venmo account is not possible. However, when you disseminate the amount, the funds seem readily open to the beneficiary.

If you require a payment to be returned, please request that the recipient send you a payment in the same amount. Then, transfer the funds from your Venmo account to your financial institution when you return. If you compensated your companion twice or produced a redundant payment, have the beneficiary reimburse you for one of the payments. 

Venmo support team is credible to switch a payment if the following conditions get satisfied:

  • The recipient expressly grants permission.
  • Their credit is presently in acceptable status.
  • The recipient still has the funds in their Venmo statement.
  • Support team at Venmo cannot get a payment reversed at the proposal of the sender.

Don’t hesitate to contact The team at Venmo as soon as possible if you believe you have been the victim of a scam or have paid the wrong person. If you’ve compensated to an email address or phone number that has not yet been enrolled with a Venmo account, you can counteract the payment in the Venmo app’s “Pending” section.

How to know if you are blocked on Venmo?

Did you block one of your contacts on Venmo? Do you realize that one of your contacts on Venmo has blocked you? It is not challenging to uncover if an individual got you blocked on Venmo. While this is a method to know whether someone has blocked you on Venmo, it also means that the suspected user should have deleted their Venmo account.

If you believe the person has got his account deactivated, don’t bother approaching him personally. Allow us to walk you through the step-by-step manual on ways to learn if a person got you blocked on the app.

  •  It needs you to sign into the Venmo account. Keep the app open and ensure that you have logged into the account.
  •  Choose the request or payment option. It needs you to click the Blue button to visit the page where you type in the user’s details.
  • If you assume a person got you blocked on Venmo, you should fill in the title in the search bar. If they were on your contact list, their titles could not show up if they blocked you. Nevertheless, it may also mean that the person has blocked his account on Venmo. 
  • It needs you to tap on the look for more contact option if the person blocked you was not on your contact list. It allows you to see users who are not on the contact list. If you cannot find them here, it would mean that they have blocked you or they got their Venmo account deleted.

How to block incoming payments via Venmo?

block incoming payments

If you start to receive unneeded installments or comments from users you aren’t aware of, or if you do not wish to see someone’s action in the feed, Venmo enables you to block that viewer in the app. Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to get somebody blocked on Venmo.

  • Navigate to the individual’s profile.
  • You can find the username by using the search bar. You can find the search line at the top of the right junction of the display.
  • When you take a look at the individual’s profile, you’ll get to see three circular icons in the upper right section of the page.
  • Look for a way to get the person blocked.

It will confirm that the user has been blocked and does not appear in the Venmo network. As a result, it will prevent them from looking for you in the application. What’s more, this person will be unable to request or send any payment from you. It will take a moment for the effect to appear to a the person blocked on Venmo. However, after the user is blocked, you must exit and re-enter the app.

When you block someone on Venmo, you will no longer be able to find him on the app because the blocked person will no longer be present in your network. It happens when a person gets their Venmo account deleted.


 Hope you get to know what happens if you block or unblock someone on Venmo. It will also help you restrict unwanted payments on the cash transfer app. For more information,  you can reach


Can you block someone on Venmo?

If you are receiving unnecessary payments From users that you don’t know and you don’t want to see anyone’s activity on the feed, you have the option to block them on Venmo.  It needs you to sign out of the application and come back after getting the user blocked.

Can I block Venmo payments?

  • It needs you to visit the profile of the person you wish to block on Venmo.
  • Once you land on the profile page,  click on the three circles on the upper right segment of the page.
  •  Find the option to block the user.

Does Venmo block transactions?

If you get a credit card or bank statement blocked from Venmo, it will not process the payment. You need to call your card provider to find out why it got blocked.

Do I get Venmo block notifications?

  If you block someone, Venmo will not send that person a notification saying that you have blocked him. The exact rule works when an individual gets you blocked on Venmo.  Hence, You will not get alerted if you get blocked by someone on the payment app.

If you unblock someone on Venmo, will they know?

Your contact will not get a notification when you unblock them on Venmo. The unblocked user will neither be notified of the transformation nor will they be introduced to your friend list. 

What happens when you unblock someone on Venmo?

  • You may not locate them on the cash transfer app.
  • To find their account information. The account you block has the same capabilities.
  • You can use Venmo to request and send money to the unblocked person.

What does blocking on Venmo do?

It will verify that the user is no longer visible in the Venmo network. As such, the blocked person will no longer be to locate you in the cash transfer app. Furthermore, this individual will be unable to request or send payment from you.

Can you see who you blocked on Venmo?

The best and fastest way to find out is to search for the user from a different phone/account. It could be a mutual friend, friend or relative, etc. Undoubtedly, if they appear, it means you have been specifically blocked.

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