How to pay with Venmo on Doordash (Complete Guide)?

Do you know about the doordash and Venmo platforms? Does the doordash accept Venmo? Doordash does not take Venmo directly, but you can take help from your Venmo debit card for order payment. Connecting your Doordash to your Venmo account is impossible because there are no interlink features between these platforms.

No doubt, today, contactless payments are in high demand. Many companies need to follow the way to make cash payments and reduce the chances of spreading infections. Doordash is also one of the companies in between them. It is a food delivery services company that follows contactless deliveries and ensures that your food is safely delivered to your doorstep.

It means doordash does not provide the COD option, so you have to make the payment for your booked order in another way, online. Venmo is an online payment platform mostly used today. This article will tell whether Venmo is accepted as a payment method by Doordash or not. Go through the complete article and get the answers to all your facts about Doordash and Venmo.

What is Doordash?

Doordash is one of the popular technology companies that connects local restaurants and customers with a delivery that is possibly made through independent contractors.

Doordash has a simple start. You can easily use this online food delivery platform as if you are your boss and earn money by making deliveries you want, how you want, and where you want.

How to pay with Venmo on Doordash?

venmo on Doordash

If you want to pay on Doordash through Venmo, you must first link your Venmo online account with the doordash account. Follow the step-by-step process to make the payments with Venmo on doordash

1. Open the online Doordash app and move to the payment section.

2. Click on ” Add payment method” and choose the ” Venmo” option from the given options in the list.

3. You are then moved to log in to your Venmo account and then authorize Doordash to access the account.

4. Once you complete these steps, you will be able to pay with Venmo for your doordash orders

After linking the Venmo account with your Doordash account, here are the steps to pay for your Doordash orders online with Venmo.

1. You must first log in to your Venmo account and tap on the option ” make my payment” from the menu section.

2. You must select the business or person you want to pay. It could be a restaurant from where you place a food order, a doordash driver, or anyone else who will receive the payments by Venmo.

3. After selecting the business or person to pay with Venmo, then you have to enter the payment amount to pay

4. After entering the specific amount, choose the Venmo option in the methods of payments.

5. Finally, Venmo proceeded with your payment and sent it to the recipient.

How to use Venmo with doordash?

Indeed, doordash does not accept Venmo as a payment method. But still, there is an indirect way to use Venmo features and convenience with doordash. You can use your Venmo debit card to pay for your doordash orders online.

If you do not have your Venmo card, you can easily apply for your new Venmo card within the app. So without looking further, let us glance at the process of delivering the new Venmo card to your address.

1. Open the Venmo app on your device, and ensure that the latest version of Venmo is running on your device

2. Click on the menu icon” hamburger” on the left top hand, and tap on the option “Venmo card.”

3. Then, you have to fill in your basic personal details like name, email id, four last digits of your security number, and birth date.

4. In last, you have to manage some specific options, like how you want to reload your Venmo card when your Venmo account balance is low.

5. Once you make all your choices, tap on submit.

6. This process takes 5-7 business days for application review, identity verification, and Venmo card delivery.

Once you get your Venmo card, you can easily add it as a payment method on doordash. After that, it works the same as regular credit or debit cards, so there are no compatibility issues.

How to connect doordash with Venmo?

It is an easy process to connect your doordash account to Venmo. Read the following steps to learn how to connect the doordash with Venmo online.

1. Open your Doordash app and log in to your Doordash account

2. Then, go to the ” account settings” section and then choose payments

3. In the payment list, tap on Venmo

4. Then, click on connect your doordash and Venmo account online.

If you are using both applications on your computer, the above process to connect Doordash with Venmo is the same. If any other payment methods are already registered on your Doordash account, and you just linked your Venmo account, then you have to set the Venmo method as the default payment method.

It is important to do if you want to make all your doordash purchases by Venmo. Tap on three dots near Venmo and then select “set the default payment method”.

Doordash venmo 50% off

Doordash Venmo 50% off is the coupon provided by doordash for black Friday. This coupon gives you 50% off on your food order on doordash. This coupon code expires on 27 November 2022.

 If you want to taste the delicious food from doordash, then you can use this coupon code and unlock the benefits of a 50% discount on your three Doordash orders.

Doordash Venmo is not working “Solution.”

If you are facing problems while placing an order on doordash through Venmo, then there are solutions for you to come out with the problems.

1. If your doordash app is not working and you cannot place your food order through Venmo, then you must place the order through a web browser and pay through Venmo.

2. Check that the personal payment method must be added to your ordering account on Doordash so that you can place orders more than the company budget.

If you still find any problem using Venmo on your doordash orders, you can contact their email support team, [email protected], and get assistance to solve the specific problem.

How to buy a doordash gift card with Venmo?

You can easily buy the doordash gift card through Venmo. It is another method to pay for your Doordash orders. You have to open your account at doordash and link your doordash account with your Venmo account online.

Once you log in to your Doordash account and link with your Venmo account, you can use the features of a gift card for your family members or friends. You can select them to send the doordash gift card to a specific restaurant or amount.

After buying the Doordash gift card, you can use it with the payment you made for the Doordash order through Venmo.

How to get a Doordash Venmo discount?

You can easily get cashback on your online Venmo account. This offer is only available to selected users indicated in the doordash account. The Venmo discount offers are only valid for your first three orders on Doordash if Venmo is the only single mode of payment selected by you.

  • Remember that you cannot get the rewards once the limit is reached. Also, you should remember that there are no Venmo discounts if you make alcohol purchases on doordash.
  • They have the proper authority to suspend, or cancel this type of offer, without any notification.
  • If you want to use the Venmo discount currently on doordash, ensure that you have a valid Venmo or doordash account.
  • Always know that there are full terms and conditions, non-transferable, and no cash values.

How to get Doordash Venmo Promo Code?

Doordash provides Venmo promo codes to their users, which range from $5 to $10. Sometimes the doordash Venmo promo codes have also come with free delivery benefits.

 If you also want to avail of the doordash Venmo promo codes, you have to sign in to your doordash account and constantly pay attention to the email sent by Doordash to your email address.

How does Venmo work with DoorDash?

 As we tell you, Venmo is not directly working with Doordash because Venmo payment methods are not accepted by doordash. But, still, Venmo is working with doordash. How is it possible?

You can easily use your Venmo account to make payments for Doordash gift cards and later use it to add balance to your doordash app balance account. There is one more way in which Venmo works indirectly in Doordash.

You are allowed to use your Venmo card to pay for your doordash orders. Once you get your Venmo card, it works like another regular card, debit or credit card. In this, it is working on getting your Venmo in work with doordash.


It is concluded that buying the Doordash gift card through Venmo balance is great. And later, use the same gift card to pay for your Doordash order. This is the best indirect way to use Venmo on Doordash.


Can I use my Venmo to order food?

If your food delivery service is doordash, you can easily use Venmo as a payment method. For this, you have to link your Venmo credit or debit card to your Doordash account.

Can I use Venmo with doordash?

Yes, you can use Venmo as a payment method with doordash or pay for doordash food orders, but you have to follow some steps. You have to add your Venmo account to doordash to use. 

Can you order doordash with Venmo?

Yes, you can pay for your doordash order with Venmo, but not directly. Keep in mind that doordash does not accept Venmo as a payment method. So if you want to order doordash with Venmo, you must use your Venmo card.

Does doordash accept Venmo?

No, doordash does not accept Venmo as a payment method. This is because Venmo needs the proper infrastructure to make payments on a large scale. In simple words, Venmo cannot handle large payments, so doordash does not accept them.

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