SERP SHG urban app for Android/iOS: How to Use app?

What is SERP SHG app?

SERP (Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty) is launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh (GOAP) and aims to eliminate poverty by mobilizing and raising the standards of daily living of the poor people.

How to SERP SHG urban app download?


The SERP SHG app can be downloaded from the Google Play store directly. All a user has to do is click the install button and the app will be on your Android device in no time.


How to use SERP SHG mobile application?

Using the SERP SHG app is not difficult at all. Simply perform the below steps to be able to use the app.

  1. Add the mobile number to the SERP app and as soon as you enter the mobile number, you will have to click on the tab called Get OTP.
  2. Enter the PIN and then click on the Register tab.
  3. On the next page, there will be five options to choose from- surveys, marketing, reports, biometric and biometric by Aadhar.
  4. Select biometric authentication and allow the SERP SHG app to access your photos and videos.
  5. Select your VQ, SHG, and member and then check the phone number.      
  6. Check if the Aadhar number is correct and then if the member is available. If the member is not available, you will have to select the reason for the member’s unavailability.
  7. As soon as the fingerprinting mark is pressed, you will be asked to choose the device for fingerprinting authentication.
  8. Once device choice is made, you will have to place your finger at the place pointed out.
  9. Fingerprint checking when complete and then click on the Submit tab.
  10. Now when you enter the Aadhar number, you can find yourself. Further, you can do a lot with the app like applying for a ration card and so on.


  1. For a CC role, the YSR Aasara member biometric authentication can be given shape.
  2. If in a VOA role, then a single panel loan request module can be used.
  3. The loan details will be approved by the YSR Aasara member details.
  4. For rising item demands also one can use the SERP SHG application.

SERP SHG app Reviews

Google has given a review of 3.8 to the app. Overall the app is supporting a lot of important tasks for people. The Andhra Pradesh government is engaged in the dissemination of the SERP benefits through the app.


Here’s a bit about the SERP SHG app and a lot can be done through the app, if you are a citizen of Andhra Pradesh. Learn more about the functioning of the app through this article.

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