How to Add Money to Venmo from American Express (2024)?

Amex, enabled by American Express, has come up with Paypal and Venmo to improve how you share and send money with friends and families. Keep reading to know more.

How to add money to Venmo from American Express?

 Amex has paired up with Venmo to improve how you split and send money to make purchases.  Currently, you can dispatch funds to your friends and family. You should keep Amex cards to transmit cash to Venmo and other money transfer apps using American express flexibility. So, suppose you desire to disburse a companion for a fine gift or divide the invoice for dinner. In that case, American Express Card associates can merge their fund on Venmo, ship money, make an investment and follow it.

 If you are a competent card member, you can employ the American Express application to ship money to any individual using Venmo and other Funds Transfer apps.

You need to enlist in a split and send, a feature seen in the account option of the Amex app. Any credit counted to send an account Appears as a fee on credit ca, and it gets subjected to the other costs or purchases. However, it does not get treated as a cash balance, and you don’t have to pay additional advance fees.

You don’t need to incur the standard credit charge by Venmo or another transfer app. The fee is about 3%. Besides, there is a limit to the amount you can send using American Express. Most members can pay up to $2,000 at a time, while people using the platinum card can pay up to 4000 dollars.

How to use Venmo with American Express?

If you have an account on Amex and use split and send, you can tap on the sending account to pay a person using Venmo and other Money Transfer apps. If you want to link your Amex account to the profile on Venmo, you can use the sending account to pay a person having an account on Venmo. It is one way to link your American Express account with the one on Venmo.

It does not cost you any standard credit fee charged on Venmo, another transfer app. It is about 3% that can add to the notable saving. If you have an Amex card, you can also share your purchases with another user on Venmo.

As the individual gets you paid back, you can decide to get feedback instantly to the report as a statement. You can also get paid on your linked account on Venmo.

For instance, you go with your nine coworkers for a treat. You disburse the $200 payment on the credit card. Likewise, employ the app to share the payment amount and send a proposal using a new account on Venmo. You can wind up spending $20 after every individual pays you back.

There’s something that you ought to recall is that you get held credible for the total investment amount. If it accepts the Purchase request or declines, American Express will not pay you back.

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How to add American Express to Venmo?

You may think of putting a shared expense on the credit card, which will save your group’s time and help you get points in the process. the moment arrives when you are likely to get paid back. Unfortunately, it will take countless hours to go through the restaurant received and divide how each of your friends owes you. But, thanks to the new feature of American Express, you can get over the hassle. Recently, the Amex app has refreshed the split and send quality that comes with two suites, Amex split and Amex send.

The Amex send feature will allow you to pay others using Venmo and PayPal using the American Express Card. Besides, you will not be subjected to transaction fees typically charged when sending a payment with a credit card. You can enroll in the feature using the American Express app on mobile. Get started by signing in to the account and selecting one of your cards. Then, select the recent financial transaction and choose the split it button. It will take you to the link of the split and send cash.  It will give you a brief of the benefits on screen. Then, you must go through the on-screen text and click the following button. After going through the conditions and terms, you ought to click on agree and enlist button to keep up the progress.

How to add an American Express gift card to Venmo?

The good thing is that Venmo assumes prepaid cards as long as you pay using Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. After you’ve done linking the prepaid Card to the money transfer app, you can ship money to your contacts using it.

 The cash transfer application can link multiple cards, and it also includes some prepaid cards. But, if there is a drawback, the card issuers can decline payment due to the unavailability of cash and fraud prevention. Also, some cars will need you to have a zip code link to the Venmo account. So, let’s learn about how to add an American Express gift card to your account.

  • Go and unlock the Venmo app.
  •  Then, you ought to click on the menu and locate the three horizontal lines. Find it in the upper left part of the app.
  •  You ought to go to settings page and click once on it. Choose the second option that comes in the list from the bottom.
  • Head to the preferences page, and beneath the settings option, you ought to click on the payment mode.
  •  Select 1 item.
  •  As you go to the bottom of the payment option, you will find add card or Bank. Click on the options to add the prepaid Card.
  •   A button will pop up, and it allows you to select the second option on the menu, Card.
  •  Enter information about the prepaid Card into the following field.
  •  There is a blank card number field, and you will find a camera next to it.
  •  Click a picture of the Card, and the application will auto-populate with the info.
  •  It would help if you tapped the “add” option to use it on the account.

How to pay American Express with Venmo?

pay american express

If you sign up for the split and send option on the Amex card, you use the sending account to pay other users on Venmo. If you want to connect your Amex card to the profile on Venmo, send an account on Amex as a payment method to pay someone using Venmo. It is not like a credit card. The sending account on Amex Will not get subjected to a 3% credit fee for p2p transactions on Venmo. If you use the application, you need to follow the steps shown below:

  •  It would help if you went to the Me option by clicking on your initials or picture.
  •   You need to  choose the settings option on the upper right part of the Venmo app.
  • Next, it needs you  to tap on the prefered payment option/method.
  •   It needs you  to tap on the prefered card or Bank.
  •   it needs you  to tap on the  Amex sent amount from a number of options available.
  •  It permits you to log in to the Amex account.
  •  Now that you get two accounts linked with one another, you can return to your account on Venmo. You can also add money to the sending account on Venmo.

One needs to know that they can use the send account option on Venmo to make payments to other people using Venmo. However, it will not allow the user to use the sending account on Amex as a payment method to purchase with Venmo.

Venmo American Express fee

Users of American Express Credit cards in the United States get an option to send money to others through Venmo and other Money Transfer apps. In addition, it does not charge a fin to allow you to divide the bill using the same services. The split and send feature available in the American Express application is already open for some AmEx cards and will continue getting rolled out till December 2020.

It is available to use on branded cards issued by American Express. But enterprise and business cards are not eligible to use  cards issued by American Express.

 As the name of the feature Amex split and send suggests, There are two possibilities of breaking the payment and sending it. First, the send option allows you to send money to users on Venmo without paying the transaction fees that would apply to other payments made using credit cards.

 When you sign up for split and send on Amex, send account gets created automatically. The cash money that you add will pop up as a fee on the Card invoice.

 It limits how much you can send and add to the sending account of Amex. The amount gets identified in the application as available to ship. Amex notes that the amount gets determined for a 30-day p2p transaction limit found in the member agreement.

For most eligible customers, one can send up to 2000 Dollars. But, there is an exception on the American Express platinum card, as it allows you to send up to 4000 dollars. The Centurion card will allow one to send up to 5000 Dollars, with terms and conditions applied.

Venmo American Express minimum spend

Most eligible customers can send up to USD 2,000. The American Express Platinum card is an exception, as it allows you to send up to $4000. The Centurion card will enable you to send up to 5000 dollars, subject to terms and conditions.

It also has a restriction on the total amount you can ship one individual employing your Amex send credit. One can send upto 10000 dollars on a transaction. But, the money shipped will also be subjected to an existing 30-day transaction constraint. In addition to the restrictions from American Express, one has to know that Venmo can limit the amount one can send at a time.

Why can’t I use my American Express on Venmo? “Solution”

If you face a problem while adding your debit or credit cards to Venmo, consult your card provider to ensure no concern. Cards are frequently declined due to a recent postal code or identity change. You may get to have more info from the card company.

Please keep in mind that you cannot transfer cash using your Venmo fund to a payment gateway., You should first add a qualified credit or debit card to transfer your money to your financial institution. There is at least a 1.75% fee with a minimum fee of 0.25. At most, a maximum cost of $25 will get deducted from the transfer amount each time your money gets transferred. You may not be able to use the American Express card on Venmo if the Card gets expires.

 There is no way to update or edit information for a card on the Venmo account. So at first, you need to delete your old Card and then have time to add a new one.

How to get Venmo American Express points?

  It allows users on American Express to get membership points For eligible charges linked to Account for Membership Rewards.

The total count of points you can make gets chosen by the Card you use. You can generally earn one point for every dollar spent, though some Cards award more points for spending at specific locations or the number of purchases made on that Card during a billing period.

If you have a Membership Rewards-eligible Card, you can find personalized information in your online account at

Money transfer apps that accept American Express

money transfer apps

Paypal is one of the cash transfer applications that comply with standards of American Express. One of the financial firm that PayPal works with is American Express. You can accept or send payment from Paypal to American Express using the website. You only need a credit or debit card, phone number, and email address to pay through PayPal. Since Venmo is a subsidiary of PayPal, it is not astonishing that when Venmo will also accept money sent or paid through American Express.

But there is one condition, and you can employ Venmo only if you’re a citizen of the United States. It is because the cash transfer application does not accept international payments.

  Venmo also makes a debit card available that allows you to use or make payments using the credit available on the app. Skrill Is a money transfer app that works like Venmo and Paypal, allowing you to connect a debit card or bank account to fund your payment. If you want to use skrill, you need to register on the app and download it.

  One of the money transfer applications that work with American Express is Payoneer. If you have your email address, contact number, and identity documents, you can create an account on Payoneer.

The cash app allows you to pay and receive money using MasterCard and American Express. Unfortunately, this facility is only available to people living in US and UK.


The split facility on Amex allows you to add up to 20 contacts and get a payment request from each. In addition, it will enable you to adjust the amount as far as possible.

Paypal and Venmo account holders will then mail out payment requests. You can use the money on your statement as a credit or place it into your PayPal or Venmo credit. Amex, enabled by American Express, does the calculations. It likewise keeps an account of who hasn’t and has compensated you back, but you are still subject to liability for the entire purchase.

 The split and send facility available on Amex changes how you can receive and send money using American Express. It allows you to pay and receive money from people having PayPal, Venmo, and Payoneer accounts. In addition, this facility makes it easy to settle up with relatives and friends as you go on a trip or dinner party.


Does Venmo accept American Express?

 The fact is that qualified card members can accept or pay someone with American Express. One has to use the send and split feature to do so. Likewise, the send option allows you to add Your American Express Card to the Venmo credit. You can send a definite amount to a Paypal or Venmo user of your preference. The best thing is that it will not charge any transaction fee that would get charged otherwise. There are limits to the amount you can send using the Amex send attribute. You can send up to 2000 dollars if you have a platinum card.

Can you link Venmo with American Express?

f you link your Amex account to your Venmo credit, it allows you to use the Amex card as a Payment gateway for Venmo. Using the American Express Card to receive payment from Venmo will not charge you a 3% transaction fee for a person-to-person transaction on Venmo.

  • You need to go to me option by clicking on your initials or name.
  • On the top right section of settings, you can see payment methods.
  • It needs you to click either on Bank or Card.
  • Choose an Amex card from the list of options available.

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