How to Add Money to Venmo Card at a store (2024)?

Venmo, offered by Paypal, is a mobile payment service. Venmo is an application used on smartphones that permits you to ship and receive cash. Venmo also enables merchants to accept payments from users of the service. If you have questions on how to add cash to your Venmo card or how to deposit some money at ATM for a Venmo card, we have brought you a step-by-step guide. 

Can I add cash to my Venmo card at a store?

Yes, you can add money to a store’s Venmo debit/credit card. It is the perfect solution to split bills and send funds between relatives and friends. However, if you desire to add some money to Venmo, you must do it indirectly. The methods that you can use to add some cash to the Venmo card are flexible.

 You can also pay directly from other accounts. The easiest way to transfer cash to a Venmo card is through the bank. But, there is one drawback you need to get approved for its MasterCard debit card first.

 Using a Venmo app, you can add money to the Venmo account balance using a verified bank.

  •  It would help if you tapped on the manage credit option from the application.
  • Enter the sum that you like to keep in your Venmo credit.
  •    You get to know the estimated arrival date of your money as it crashes on the application screen. 
  •   The transaction details will also get reflected on the app.
  •   You need to reconfirm the transaction before tapping on the add money option.

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Can I add cash to my Venmo card at a store?

Multiple modes make reserves available to use in your Venmo user account. You can add cash to the Venmo card in the following ways. 

  •  Direct deposit
  •  Credit card 
  •  Check deposit
  •  Debit card

The post will explain details of different ways to fund a Venmo card below. 

 The holders of issued Venmo debit cards can directly add funds using the bank account to the Venmo card balance. Therefore, it suggests that you must get involved and acquire a debit card to use on Venmo.

  •  You need to unclose the app.
  •  It will be best if you go to the cards tab.
  •  Beneath the Venmo debit card alternative, a candidate needs to pick the chance to get initiated.

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How do I add cash to my Venmo card at a “Step by Step” store?

 Dispatching cash to individuals employing the Venmo app is feasible even if your balance appears zero. Nevertheless, you can do so using a linked payment method. 

 When you dispatch money to a buddy or broker, the funds will come from a connected payment plan rather than the credit if the transfer charge is more considerable than yours.

  •   Unclose the Venmo app.
  •  Choose the “you” option.
  •  Go to the settings tab, and select the payment mode.
  •  Select the debit/credit card you desire to employ.
  •  Add your card information. 

 You can use the camera of the cell phone to count some credit/debit card info faster and simply. Then, type the credit card and other points manually that you desire to employ.

Can you add cash to Venmo at a store?

add cash to venmo

At present, the only route to support your Venmo account is using the Venmo application. Unfortunately, we do not now keep adding physical cash to your Venmo account.

 A bank transfer is one of the fastest ways to add cash to a Venmo account. In addition to a bank, the other option you can use to add money to your account is to arrange for your paycheck. If you want an instant deposit, adhere to the steps below. 

  •    Go and open the Venmo application.
  •   Choose the “You” tab.
  •  Choose the option “show account number.”
  •  Take note of the account info and routing number presented.
  •  Use the details to fill out the direct deposit information form.

 If it requests you to display the title and location of your bank when loading the form, you can tag the points of the associate bank. It will assume a couple of pay cycles for differences in deposit facts to get mirrored in the account.

Where can I add money to my Venmo card?

As mentioned earlier, there are different ways to make money available in your Venmo account. It may include the following.

  •  Direct deposit
  •  Bank transfer
  •  Cheque deposit 
  •  Debit card 
  •  Credit card 

Can you add cash to your Venmo debit card?

 You can use the camera of the cell phone to count some credit/debit card info faster and simply. You can even type in the facts, like your chosen debit card details and more. Then, as your Card gets linked, you can choose it as a payment method when you want to send money to a PayTM merchant using the Venmo app.

Can you deposit cash at ATM for a Venmo card?

deposit cash to venmo

Yes! You can employ your Debit Card on Venmo to draw money from ATMs or cash back when purchasing anywhere in the United States. Look for the MoneyPass®, PULSE®, Mastercard®, Cirrus®, or acceptance marks at ATMs and the Maestro®, Mastercard®, or PULSE® acceptance marks at POS. You will require the code set to your Venmo Debit Card to get cash. It is more so if you have overlooked the PIN you set when activating your Card. You can set it again in the Venmo application under Settings > Debit at Venmo.

There could be fees associated with getting cash. When it requires a signature to receive some money back from drift or a financial institution, a $2.50 ATM regional Withdrawal Cost and a $3.00 across-board withdrawal cost may apply. Owner fees for ATMs may also apply. You can withdraw funds for free when using a MoneyPass ATM in the United States or certain U.S. territories.

Can I add cash to my Venmo card at Walgreens?

It will not allow you to add cash to the Venmo card at Walgreens because it does not permit outlet refilling on the Venmo card. 

Where can I load my Venmo card for free?

You can pack your entitled debit cards at Venmo for free, as it will not charge you a single coin to trigger a reload. Likewise, even if refills happen from your entitled bank account or Debit or Credit Card, it will not charge you any money for the refill.

Can you add money to your Venmo Card at the atm?

Adding money to a Venmo account is not possible using ATM. Perhaps the finest way to count cash to the Venmo card is via Paytm. Unfortunately, there is no physical way to add money to the account. Nevertheless, you can connect the bank statement to the Card (debit) to Venmo and transfer funds. You can add funds to the bank invoice bonded to your Venmo credit. Likewise, deposit the amount at the ATM merged with the financial institution.

 You can make a payment using Venmo and the linked bank account. It allows you to add up to four cards at a time. Besides, you can count your Venmo Card to the app and move funds from a connected account to ATM.

Can you add cash to your Venmo Card at Walmart?

 There are indirect ways to pay using your Venmo Card at Walmart. Go to a Walmart store that is on the official list!

Appeal that the cashier at the store deposit money into your entitled Venmo account.

The cashier at the store will request the amount of money you desire to move to your entitled Venmo account after confirming that you bought from the Walmart store.

As the cashier uses a card, the reading machine will immediately refill your Venmo.

Can I overdraft my Venmo card at the atm?


Retreats with your entitled debit card on Venmo get done from your Venmo user account. However, if the balance on your Venmo user account is short, you will be incapable of making money withdrawals from ATM. It holds even if you have enabled the reload attribute.

A Venmo debit card’s daily retreat limit is $400 as far as you have funds in your account on Venmo.

A $2.50 surcharge will get added to each ATM withdrawal. Keep in mind that each bank or ATM may charge an additional fee. To completely avoid ATM fees, look for a MoneyPass ATM, which charges no withdrawal fees.


This article concludes that you cannot refill Venmo cards in stores like any other cash card. The best way to fill money onto a Venmo card is using Venmo credit. You can also reload your Venmo account using debit cards, credit cards, or bank accounts that get linked to your Venmo account.

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