How to File TDR in IRCTC Mobile App? [Guide 2024]

TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) is a common term for those traveling by trains these days. With the TDR process of Indian Railways in place, you can easily apply for refunds for already-booked-not-traveled tickets. Tickets get refunded within 60 days from the date of request.

TDR Rules irctc 2021

How to file TDR for Counter ticket?

Paper tickets should be canceled through the PRS reservation system counter, current booking counter, or booking office counter.

  1. Passengers can file a TDS for their counter tickets by visiting the railway station from where they booked the ticket.
  2. They will have to submit an application, a TDR filing form, and their original travel ticket with the PNR intact.
  3. The claims need to be made to the Chief Claim Officer/CCM Refund Officer.
  4. You can also use the postal services for filing TDR for counter tickets.
  5. However, during the COVID pandemic, you can try for the e-ticket cancellation process and check with the department if they would accept an TDR from the people.

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How to file TDR in IRCTC rail connect app?

Have you downloaded the IRCTC app recently and wish to know how to file TDR in the IRCTC app?

Check how you can file TDR through the IRCTC app here. 

  1. Open the Google Play app.
  2. From the Business section, click on the Trains chart head. 
  3. Click on the view or cancel ticket option for the ticket you wish to file a TDR for.
  4. Click to file a TDR and follow the instructions.
  5. Choose a reason for filing the TDR from the available list of options specified on the dropdown.
  6. Now click to submit your TDR request.

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The TDR filing rules are given below;

  1. Ticket cancellation can be targeted through a PRS counter for counter tickets. 
  2. If you have an e-ticket then you can collect your refund from the boarding station. You can also collect the refund from the neighboring satellite locations.
  3. TDR filing is to be done within four hours from the train departure.
  4. If there were waiting list passengers on your ticket who did not take the train with you, you can file a TDR. For this, you’d need a certificate from the IRCTC ticket checkers.

Best reason to file TDR

The best reason for filing a TDR is if the train has not touched your station or has detoured for its usual route.


When can we file TDR in Irctc?

Through the IRCTC app, or the physical counters you can easily file a TDR. You can also use the web browser for filing the TDRs.

What is EFT detail in filing IRCTC TDR?

Excess Fare Ticket is a reason when you can file for a full refund. If the TT has asked for excess payment, you can file a TDR to get back the money.

When Should TDR be filed?

In situations where the rights of the traveler are compromised in some way or the other, can a TDR be filed 

Can I file TDR after chart prepared?

Yes, after the chart is prepared TDR can be filed when faced with a few circumstances mentioned in the TDR guidelines.

Can I file TDR if I missed my train?

One can file a TDR within one hour from the departure of the train. TDR can be filed under extant rules with reasons cited for not traveling.

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