How to Change Boarding Station in IRCTC Mobile App?

In the earlier version, you were not allowed to change the train station once your ticket was booked. But recently, the IRCTC can help you even with this process. Canceling and rebooking the ticket used to be tough for many as one needed to pay for cancellation.

Even calling station masters and informing them about your change of plans was cumbersome, since getting their telephone numbers is too difficult. But now with this new moderation, people can conveniently change their boarding station.

How to change the boarding station in IRCTC app?

To change the boarding stations for your IRCTC app, you will have to perform the below steps.

How to change boarding station in irctc app?
  • Go to the IRCTC website or app.
  • Using your username and password, log in to the IRCTC website.
  • Visit my Account section. From there go to my transactions. Go to your booked ticket history.
  • Choose the ticket whose boarding station you wish to alter.
  • Right-click on the ticket and ‘change the boarding point.’
  • From the pop-up window list, choose the station from where you wish to board the train. These stations would fall on your route which is either before or after your station.
  • Once the app asks for confirmation of the station, you will need to click OK.
  • Wait until the boarding station is altered successfully. Once done you will get a message on your registered phone number.

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How can I change my boarding station in IRCTC Paytm?

To change the boarding station, using the Pay Tm app, here’s what you need to do.

  • While booking a ticket, check for the alternate stations from where you can avail yourself the seat.
  • Book the ticket from the alternative station and specify the desired boarding station to obtain confirmed tickets.

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Can I change boarding point in Irctc app after booking?

Yes, if you’re using the IRCTC app to book tickets, you can always go ahead and change the boarding point after booking your ticket.

Can I board train from another station?

Yes, if you wish to board a train from another station other than the one you have booked for, you can do so.

Is it possible to change boarding station in Irctc?

Yes, IRCTC allows you to change the boarding station easily from your already booked ticket.

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