How to Scan Head or Face with MyNBA2k22 app?

MyNBA2K22 app is a sports game companion app, power-packed with wonderful features to scan heads or faces. MyNBA2K22 cannot be played without having the base game collection on your console.

The base game is primarily available on PlayStation 5 and 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. You’d need the NBA2K21 login details to access the MyNBA2K22 app’s features. Earning virtual currency through the app allows you to boost your gaming process.

scan head or face mynba2k22 app

How to scan face with mynba2k22 app?

The app allows you to scan and replace your favorite player’s face with your face. People have found it to be quite an addictive feature. If you too are looking for the MyNBA2k22 face scan option, get your face on the screen this way.

  • Arrange the MyPlayer account and link it to NBA2K22 and MyNBA2K22 methodically.
  • Select to scan your face from the MyNBA2K22 app.
  • Go through the on-screen prompts and keep up with the process.
  • Once the face scan is completed, save the steps you have performed.

How to do a head scan with mynba2k22 app?

To do the Head scan with the MyNBA2K22 app you need to first sign in to the app. Now click the Face Scan button to start the scanning process but before that counter-check all these.

  • Check the lighting of the room to ensure it’s well-lit. 
  • Remove as many shadows as you can from your face by focusing the light on your face correctly.
  • Place the mobile at a shelf height so that it captures your face well.
  • Do not have any accessories on your face that can hinder the photo like caps and glasses.
  • Fit your face on the oval space provided to you by the app screen.
  • The app must capture 13 different angles of your face and once all the angles are covered by the app, it will produce a sound in the end.
  • You can scan more than once if you do not like the scan images or you could also upload images from your camera.

APP Features

  • Scanning your face or Face with the app in place is a developed feature in this version.
  • Earning currencies through the app is easy and you can also use credits to improve your game scores.
  • You can find the latest news with this app from the News segment.
  • The syncing process between your console games over the internet is easy and free.

How to mynba2k22 app download for android & iOS?

To download the MyNBA2K22 app Android users need to visit the Google Playstore. 

The MyNBA2k22 app for iPhone can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore.

  • Download the MyNBA2K22 app by clicking on the Android freeware mirrors.
  • The injection of apps is possible through a thorough validation process.
  • Verify you’re a human by downloading apps from the third-party AppStore.
  • Finally, run and install the MyNBA2K22 app on your device.
  • For iOS devices, you need to trust the app from the general settings to install it. 
  • Whereas for Android devices, visit the Security Settings from the menu and then check on the checkbox which helps you access apps from third-party app stores.


The MyNBA2K22 app is a companion app that can enhance your game’s performance in many ways. The app’s usefulness can be highlighted by the app’s ability to help earn virtual money to move forward in the game.

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