How to open Venmo nonprofit Account (Complete Setup)?

People use the Venmo payment platform daily to send or receive money from their friends or family. Nonprofits money received in donation form is known at Venmo all the time. People receive several benefits from nonprofits through Venmo.

Indeed, there is no particular version of Venmo for nonprofits; firms can still use Venmo accounts to collect donations effectively on the application. Venmo is the best app that simplifies the fundraising process and permits nonprofits to reach a broad audience of supporters, like young donors.

If you are already using the Venmo app for a long time, it is also important to understand how to use Venmo effectively for nonprofits in 2022. This guide is completely written on Venmo for nonprofits. So you should read this article’s facts before using Venmo for nonprofits.

Venmo nonprofit Account

What is Venmo for nonprofits in 2022?

Before diving into Venmo for nonprofits, let us first look at Venmo basics. Venmo is a peer-to-peer payment platform that allows people to transact online by sending or receiving money.

The best thing is that it is easy to make transactions online through Venmo, and your information is kept safe here. Another good thing is that Venmo does not charge fees or taxes to keep your money in your Venmo account for some time.

This is why the Venmo app is considered much more secure and effective for fundraisers to keep their donations in their Venmo accounts. Fundraisers use the Venmo account to change the game by keeping their donations. With the help of Venmo, people can easily send funds to fundraisers online. Now, there is no need to manually fill in the donor details or enter the information in the donation form.

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How to open Venmo nonprofit account?

Venmo does not give support to accounts that are only made for nonprofit firms. So, if you want to open a different account only to track donations, you should create your Venmo account. Here is the step-by-step procedure to open your Venmo nonprofit account.

1. Open your Venmo application or either visit the official Venmo website

2. Select the signup method and set a password

3. You should verify your number and email details online 

4. Add your bank account details and then verify it

5. Change the name of users on the Venmo app and add your profile picture that shows the nonprofits.

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How to set up Venmo for nonprofits?

Once you properly understand the basics of your Venmo account, you should set up a separate Venmo account for nonprofits.

  •  Indeed, Venmo does not support nonprofit firms in the way the Paypal payment platform provides.
  • It means you cannot create your account for any particular nonprofit organization. 
  • However, a beta test for a private Venmo app that closely works with nonprofit firms is available, so you can easily set up a Venmo account for nonprofits.
  • You have to normally create your Venmo account the same as the personal account for nonprofit organizations.
  •  Ensure to create different accounts for specific nonprofit firms to avoid putting your account in danger in the future.
  •  Using the name and image of your organization is suggested so your account supporters claim that you have the right account.

How to use Venmo for nonprofits?

If you want to connect with a large number of donors and carry a flexible fundraising campaign, Venmo is an appropriate platform for this. Once you set up your Venmo account for free, you can easily use it for nonprofits. Here is how using Venmo for nonprofits is considered beneficial for users.

1. Ease of use

Younger donors always like to use the payment platform Venmo due to its features of fast and ease of use. The users can easily transact with nonprofit firms by scanning the QR codes and making donations.

2. Free publicity

Younger people find the features of Venmo accounts more appealing while making transactions with their family or friends. The best thing is that Venmo manages money sharing on online feeds. Due to this, the nonprofit organization can benefit from free publicity every time and make a donation online.

3. Nonprofits affordability

Nonprofit firms pay lower transaction fees of $0.10 at 1.9%. Feel free to use Venmo, as there are no additional charges, like set-up or monthly fees. If a nonprofit organization connects Venmo through Paypal checkout, then the structure of processing fees will follow the same PayPal process. Remember that they charge $0.49 at 1.99% for nonprofits registered only.

4. Greater ability for Venmo users

The best thing about Venmo is that it allows users to keep their extra funds in their Venmo account. Users can handle the fund’s availability in their Venmo account.

5. Easily make relationships

The best feature of Venmo is that it allows users to send messages with donations. It also lets the nonprofit organizations reply, begin the talk with the doctor, and lead the way in a relationship.

6. Reliable and secure Venmo

PayPal owns the Venmo payment app. It means the owned company will ensure the safety and protection of Venmo also. However, if you use Paypal checkout to make donations through Venmo, you do not need to worry because PayPal provides complete security.

Venmo fees for nonprofits

nonprofits always like to use reliable methods to keep the cost or fees of services down. Venmo is the best app that makes it easy for nonprofits because it does not charge fees.

Venmo does not possess any charges if you make the transactions online with a bank account or linked debit card. But while accepting donations from nonprofits, Venmo charged a fee of $0.10 at 1.9%.

What is Venmo business for nonprofits?

Venmo does not allow nonprofits to make transactions at existing accounts. But if you make a separate account, you will not face any problems. Nonprofits can easily avail of the option to open their business account on Venmo.

It has many premium features that help the nonprofit organization become more authentic and recognizable. Here are the features of Venmo business accounts used by nonprofits. 

  • You can easily define the nonprofits by sharing them on social media websites and handles
  • It provides an extra security layer to your Venmo account and ensures to keep your data and money are safe in it.
  • You can easily access formal documentation, so you will not face any legal warrant problems on the money you hold. 

How to use Venmo business for nonprofits?

You can easily create a business profile for nonprofits on Venmo by following the easy steps below. These simple steps help you to quickly create a Venmo business account for nonprofits and allow them to use it without any hassles 

1. Install the Venmo application on your device

2. Tap on sign up button

3. Fill in the email address for nonprofits of your separate business Venmo account 

4. Fill in your name

5. Set a strong password for your Venmo account

6. Ensure to check the privacy policy and user agreement for creating a Venmo business profile.

7. Fill in the accurate phone number for nonprofits.

8. In the checkbox, fill the OTP you receive on your given phone number, verify it, and tap on the submit button.

If you follow all the above steps properly, you will create your separate Venmo business profile for nonprofits. Now, you have to add the business details to your account that tell your supporters that your organization is right. Here are essential  details you should add to your nonprofits business profile on Venmo

  • Give the professional name of your organization
  • Tell the location where the origin of your nonprofits firm is known 
  • Image and identity of the profile
  • Category and nonprofit description
  • Social security number ( SSN) & Employer identification number ( EIN)

How to get an account on Venmo for charities?

You have to set up different Venmo accounts to specifically use for charities. Create your new Venmo account to accept funds or donations for charities, and link it with your Venmo website, social media pages, and handles.

This way, more supporters are attracted to your Venmo business profile and find it easy to make donations online instead of using paper money or documentation.

How to set up Venmo for donations?

You can easily set up Venmo to make donations. It means donors can access your Venmo account and make online donations easily. It can also be easy for nonprofit firms to receive Venmo donations through PayPal checkout.

Many nonprofit organizations already have the Paypal option as a payment processor, which means the first step is done already. Then, you only need to connect the PayPal business account with the Venmo option that is added to your donation form.

Venmo donation link

If you want to make Venmo donations quickly and smoothly, you need to make the donation links. It will help the donor to pay directly to your Venmo account rather than input the details manually.

You can use the Venmo QR Code as a donation link and set it up on your official profile and social media pages. Donors then only need to scan the QR code, fill in the donation amount, fill in their PIN, and pay. It will also save the donor from entering the wrong bank details.

Follow the given steps to easily set the QR code on your Venmo profile

  • Go to your Venmo account
  • Click on the given tab, “Me tab”
  • Add the QR code to your Venmo profile

How to set up Venmo for nonprofit fundraising?

You can receive donations or engagement into your Venmo account once your supporters believe that your account is right.

 If you want to set up your Venmo account for nonprofit fundraising, you should promote your account effectively. Here you should create a Venmo account for fundraising nonprofits use.

  • You can look at an online video tutorial on fundraising that helps you to understand the right way to use Venmo. You should also upload some videos on social media handles to make your reach to a larger audience.
  • You should use the QR Codes on your Venmo account to promote quick and safe donations. In this way, donors will save time and avoid the risk of sending money from Venmo to the wrong account.
  • You can also give feedback to your social media pages about the easy and cool features of Venmo accounts for nonprofit fundraising.

How to set up Venmo for school clubs?

School clubs often deal with the type of funds like registration charges, admission fees, and participation fees, making the need to use Venmo. They should set up their business account on Venmo to represent their firm and easily manage many transactions.

You can easily set up a Venmo account for clubs. For this, student clubs need to stay aware of the charges on taxes and then move further with it. However, Venmo also works like a social media platform because it provides you with the features of commenting or liking payments or donations made by school club members.


Hope the information in this article is enough to understand fundraising and donation with your Venmo account for nonprofits.


Can you use Venmo for nonprofits?

Yes, you can easily use Venmo for nonprofits. It is a free-to-use payment platform through which you can easily track daily donations and produce CRM reports.

Is there a Venmo for nonprofits

Yes, Venmo makes its availability for nonprofits by making the interface of donations to nonprofit organizations through Venmo.

Is Venmo free for nonprofits?

Yes, the Venmo app is free for nonprofits to use. Donors can easily send the desired amount into their Venmo account without paying taxes or fees.

Can you set up Venmo for the nonprofit?

Yes, you can easily set up your Venmo account for nonprofits. You only need to create a separate Venmo account with nonprofit organization information and add the profile picture to the Venmo account.

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