How to Use Venmo Rent Pay (Pay mobile bill, Home Rent, etc)?

Do you want to use Venmo to pay rent? Collecting rent through online platforms is becoming famous daily as digital payment platforms are versatile and used for multiple purposes, like splitting bills or online purchases. 

Is there any platform to collect rent online? Yes, it is possible. It is easy, convenient, and free to collect rent through an online platform like Venmo.

Venmo is an online peer-to-peer payment services platform, but how is it used to collect rent? If you are a landlord, you can only collect rent through Venmo once you do not create your business account. If any landlord is trying to collect rent through Venmo by using a personal account, then it is going under direct violation cases.

Here are some basic details. Keep reading the article to learn about paying or collecting rent using Venmo.

Venmo Rent Pay

How to pay rent on Venmo rent pay?

Venmo is a payment app owned by PayPal and works as a digital wallet. Venmo makes it easy for us to split the bills with friends. People already use Venmo to reimburse friends, split brunch bills, and join their expenses in this simple way. For this, you must link your credit card, debit card, or bank account to your account at Venmo to transfer the funds successfully.

To transfer the funds, you must add your friend’s email address and phone number to your payees’ list. There are no fees to make payments through Venmo if money has come from your linked debit card or bank account. But if it comes to your Venmo account from a credit card, it incurs the 3% cost.

If we talked about paying rent on Venmo, no doubt it is allowed. But it is not recommended to pay rent on Venmo because security is not offered. You should only use Venmo to pay rent to your known ones only. According to the user agreement, Venmo imposes some restrictions on the number of payments you can send or receive. Using Venmo to pay rent every month raises a red flag for the app and may restrict your account from getting good standing.

But still, if you want to pay rent to your landlords through Venmo, you only need to download the Venmo app and wait for requests from landlords. When you get the landlord’s request, then only you can pay the rent with Venmo.

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How much is the Venmo rent payment fee?

Some people think that Venmo is free to use for landlords. But it is not valid. Venmo charges some fees from landlords and tenants when they use the app to pay or collect rent.

Some landlords and tenants have used the send money to friends option, which is free of cost, but it goes under direct violation of user agreements of Venmo. If it detects Venmo that any landlords or tenants used this app to pay rent with this option, then their accounts are suspended. This is because the Venmo rent payments are referred to as business transaction fees, outlined as business transactions when rent is paid through Venmo.

If you are using Venmo to pay rent online, you need to know that the rent payment is considered a business transaction on Venmo with a 1.9% processing fee and an additional $0.10.

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How to pay a phone bill on Venmo?

No doubt that Venmo is the best payment processing app online. It streamlines your payments. Now, there is no need to add the credit number manually or no need to trouble with the routing numbers or bank account.

It is easy to pay phone bills online through the Venmo app. Here are the steps to pay phone bills on Venmo.

  • You have to go to the Venmo app, tap on pay phone bills, and choose the Venmo app as your preferred payment option.
  • Place the amount you want to pay, and select pay with Venmo.
  • Then you must authenticate on Venmo with your email and password set earlier.
  • Pay with your Venmo account balance or existing debit card or bank account
  • After paying phone bills, get the instant SMS confirmation and instant receipt.

Venmo to pay rent taxes

If we talk about the tax on rent payments on Venmo, here is the good news about it. You do not need to owe taxes if your roommates reimburse you for rent with the help of digital funds transfers.

In many cases, if you do not run a business that accepts online payments, it will impact your business badly. You will not owe the taxes or IRS when your known ones transfer your money for food or drinks, or your roommates reimburse you for rent or utilities.

Remember that you have to owe the taxes, even if they accept Venmo payments for services and goods only on the event. It means the longer the total earnings are, the more you exceed the threshold amount.

For example, you can get the 1099 K form for passing a threshold amount of $600 if you accept the payments related to any goods and services. Similarly, if you accept more than the threshold amount of $600 for services and goods through a settlement organization on Venmo, it will send you to form 1099 K for the rent payments you make or receive.

How to pay Venmo credit card rent?

It is easy to pay the Venmo credit card rent by using the money stored in your Venmo account online. But you have to keep one thing in mind: Venmo, and credit card payments, are only funded by the single payment option.

1. Pay Venmo credit card rent through the Venmo app.

The easy and best way to pay the Venmo credit card bill is to proceed with the payments through your Venmo account. Here is the step-by-step process to pay Venmo credit card rent through the Venmo app

  • First, you must navigate to your Venmo credit card section on the app and tap on the option ” View and Pay.”
  • From here, you must pay your credit card rent using the funds or money stored in your Venmo account.
  • If your Venmo account needs more money, you can use the linked bank account or debit card to pay for your Venmo credit card rent.
  • You can also automate your Venmo credit card repayments easily by enabling the autopay option on the Venmo app.

2. Pay Venmo credit card rent by phone.

As we tell you above, the ways to pay the Venmo credit card rent are through the Venmo app; there is another method. If you want to avoid using the Venmo app to pay Venmo credit card rent, you can easily call 855-878-6462 synchrony bank.

If you want to pay the credit card rent via check, then you can easily mail the check with your account number at

Venmo Credit Card 

P.O. Box 960080 

Orlando, FL 32896-0080 


Venmo is a good payment option if you already use it earlier to make payments to your friend and family. It allows the tenants to pay rent and landlords to collect the rent. It is determined that the tenants need to use their debit or credit card to collect payments on Venmo.


Can I collect rent via Venmo?

Yes, you can collect the rent through Venmo. Usually, the Venmo application is best known for peer-to-peer payments, but it also allows one to collect rent. Keep in mind that the Venmo charges are more recent for business transactions.

Is it legal to pay rent through Venmo?

Yes, it is legal to pay rent via Venmo, but ensure to have a business account. Sometimes the landlords use a personal account to save themselves from these additional fees. This is known as a direct violation of the user agreement. So, you have to use a business account to pay rent via Venmo.

Can you pay rent with Venmo?

Yes, Venmo allows you to pay rent with just one button click. This is why many landlords use Venmo to pay rent anywhere with their phones.

Can tenants pay rent through Venmo?

Many sites and online platforms allow landlords and tenants to pay rent. One of the best payment processing apps, Venmo, allows tenants to pay rent online.

Is Venmo a safe way to pay rent?

There are some risks for tenants who pay rent through Venmo. There may be chances made when the tenant’s rent is sent to the wrong person. In this situation, you can not get back your money.

Should you use Venmo to pay rent?

Venmo indeed allows landlords and tenants to pay rent. But unfortunately, Venmo is not the recommended option for collecting or paying rent on Venmo. There needs to be more security, and Venmo is not a suggested option for paying rent due to a lack of important features.

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