How to Use NYC Am I Eligible Covid Vaccine App Ney York [2024]

As the COVID-19 vaccines have started to roll off the shelves and into the New Yorker’s arms, many are still wondering when that can roll up their sleeves to get the vaccine. However, in order to get vaccinated, you need to be eligible. And that gets decided by filling up the special ‘Am I eligible’ form.

What is Am I eligible vaccine app?

The Am I Eligible app vaccine is the newly launched application by the New York government. It will help residents of New York to determine if they are eligible for getting the vaccine. You can only get the vaccine shot if you can successfully build a connection with the vaccine providers via the am I eligible app for COVID vaccine. Also, you can only build a connection if the app shows that you are eligible for the vaccine.

what is am i eligible vaccine app

The federal government provided approximately 2500000 vaccines per week to the New York state. Due to its limited number, vaccines are mainly available for the frontline workers at hospitals, health departments, and pharmacies. Therefore, it is prudent to schedule an appointment with the state vaccine providers via the Am I Eligible app. 

This New York am I eligible vaccine app tool will determine your eligibility in an advanced way and will schedule an appointment automatically. Once scheduled, you can check through the list of New York state vaccine sites. This vaccination program will begin 15th of February and will continue. Normal people of New York with underlying conditions and certain commodities can become eligible for the vaccination.

Features of the Am I Eligible app nyc.

  • You can visit the app and answer a set of questions without any hesitation
  • A simple set of questions will determine your eligibility
  • Once you pass the eligibility criteria, you will automatically get the list of vaccination sites
  • The application is up-to-date
  • You can check your eligibility any time and from the comfort of your home

To download the Am I Eligible app, follow the given instructions:

  • Click on the given link to get the app-
  • You will be redirected to a page where you will see a blue-colored button that reads ‘Get Started
  • Click on the blue button and start using the app

How to use am I eligible COVID app?

To know if you are eligible to get the vaccine, you need to fill up the eligibility form with the correct information. To use the app, follow the instructions:

  • Open the app through the link-  
  • Provide up-to-date and correct information
  • Read through the acknowledgment form and give your consent
  • Click on submit
  • You will instantly get a notification about your eligibility confirmation
  • Once you become eligible, browse through the available vaccine sites


The Am I eligible app to help New Yorkers is an easy-to-use application. With smart features and a convenient user interface, users can use this app with ease. Like the application for NY, there is also an Am I eligible app Washington state that helps people living in Washington to check the eligibility criteria to get a vaccine. 

Download the app today, get your information right, and schedule the necessary appointment at your nearest vaccination site.

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