How to change default card on Apple Pay (Complete Guide)?

Apple Pay is a quick, reliable, secure, and convenient payment method that makes your payment effortless. Therefore, almost every American today is using Apple Pay for payments. Additionally, setting up Apple Pay is a cakewalk. It sets up within a few minutes and ensures encryption and re-encryption of your card’s details.

Apple Pay allows you to add more than one card (debit or credit) to its account. So, even if you have a money balance in separate cards, you can use Apple Pay for all of them. Although Apple Pay is straightforward to set up, you must know some things, and we’ll discuss them in the blog. 

Read further to learn how to change the default card in Apple Pay on Mac.

How to change the default card in Apple Pay on Mac?

change the default card on Apple Pay

Apple Pay provides a seamless option for payment to not only iPhone users but also Mac users. So, you can pay directly from your Mac whenever you surf through the shopping platforms. Thus, Mac allows you to set up a default card in your Apple Pay wallet. Additionally, you can change your default card from the list of cards you have added to your Mac. 

So, let’s look at the steps which will allow you to change the default card in Apple Pay on Mac:

  • Go to your Mac’s dock, available in the Applications Folder or Menu Bar. Now, click on “System Preferences”.
  • Tap on Wallet and then launch Apple Pay.
  • Now, all the cards you have added will appear on the screen. Click on your preferred card located in the Default Card menu. You can find it in the preference panes’ bottom. 

As you can see, this is how convenient it is to change your default card. The same card will be set as default on Apple Pay, available on your iPhone or Apple watch.

Note: The default card you are using will be automatically set up on the App Store, Apple Music, and other Apple Services.  

Now, we’ll look at the way to change the default Apple Pay card on Apple Watch. 

How to change default Apple Pay card on Apple Watch?

Transactions on Apple Pay through iPhone are good but on Apple Watch are better. It is effortless to use your Apple Watch to pay through Apple Pay as you wear it on your wrist, unlike carrying an iPhone. Hold your watch in front of the card reader and pay for your purchases. Your amount will deduct from the default card. However, you can change your default card anytime from the Apple watch. 

Here is how to change the default Apple Pay card on the Apple Watch:

  • Open the Watch app on the iPhone.
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab.
  • Select “Waller” and click on “Apple Pay”.
  • Navigate “Transaction Defaults” and click on the “Default Card”. Now, select your preferred card you like to appear on the Apple watch while making payments. 

So, your newly set default card will be used whenever you make any transactions.

Now we have seen the process of changing the default card on the Apple watch. So let’s move further and see how you can update expired credit cards on Apple Pay.

How to update expired Credit cards on Apple Pay?

Your current credit card will contain the same number as the expired one. The only difference is that the new card will have an updated security code and expiration date. So, you must update your credit card after its renewal on Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay creates a unique Account Number that is solid and encrypted. Also, it is associated with the card’s expiration data. As a result, updating a credit card after its expiration is mandatory. 

There are two occurrences of the same:

  1. The card number and expiry date of your credit card will automatically update to Apple Pay’s device account number. In this case, you don’t have to do anything because Apple Pay automates the card updation. 
  2. If your credit card issuer isn’t supportable with automatic updation, you must delete the card and add the new one again.

Here’s how you can remove and add your card:

  • Launch the wallet app on your iPhone and select the card you want to remove.
  • Hit on the More button.
  • Scroll further and click on “Remove This Card”.
  • Now, click on “Add Card”. 
  • Enter all the relevant information on your card. 
  • Voila! You are good to go.

Here we learned how conveniently you could update your expired card in Apple Pay. The method is hassle-free. Now, we’ll look at removing cards from Apple Pay. 

How to remove cards from Apple Pay?

Removing cards from Apple Pay is as convenient as adding. Also, when you remove your card from the Wallet, you don’t have to worry about your card’s information getting leaked. Apple’s policy is strict regarding the transaction information an individual uses for Apple Pay. They re-encrypt your data and generate a new account number to provide additional security. 

Let’s look at the process of card removal from Apple Pay using iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Removing the card from Apple Pay using iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to the Wallet App on your iPhone or iPad. 
  • Select the card you wish to withdraw from Apple Pay. 
  • Click on the “More” button.
  • Scroll and click on “Remove This Card”.

The process is identical for iPhone and iPad. 

Removing the card from Apple Pay using Apple Watch:

  • Unlock your Apple Watch and click on the Wallet app.
  • Click on the card from the card list that you want to remove.
  • Scroll below and enter the option “Remove”.

Removing the card from Apple Pay using Mac:

  • Click on “System Preferences”. Go to the Wallet app and select “Apple Pay”.
  • Tap on the card you want to remove from Apple Pay.
  • Select on Remove icon.

Now, let’s understand how you can set a card as the default payment method in Apple Pay.

How to set a card as the default payment method?

You can set your preferred card as the default payment method in your single Apple Pay account for all Apple devices, i.e. iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac. Additionally, Apple allows you to add multiple cards to your Apple Pay account and set one as the default card. You can change and update the card anytime. 

Let’s look at how you can set your credit or debit card as the default payment method in Apple Pay on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Setting card as the default payment method for iPhone and iPad:

  • Click on settings.
  • Go to Wallet and select Apple Pay.
  • Scroll down and click on “Transaction Defaults.”
  • Click on Default Card. 
  • Finally, choose your preferred new card.

Setting card as the default payment method in Apple Watch:

  • Through your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.
  • Now, click on “My Watch Tab”.
  • Select Wallet and Apple Pay.
  • Click on your default card and choose the one you wish to set up.

Setting card as the default payment method in Mac:

  • Launch the System Preferences.
  • Click on Wallet and then on Apple Pay.
  • From the Default Card Menu, conveniently select your new card. 

Yes, it is this easy to set up your card in Apple Pay from iPhone, iPad, Mac with Touch ID, and Apple Watch. So, Apple allows you to set up the card from iPhone and different devices. When you complete the process, your card will be updated on all Apple devices and accounts. 


So, you can get the idea from this blog of how effortless and accessible it is to use Apple Pay. IOS releases amazing daily features to make Apple Pay more seamless for users. In addition, Apple Pay is reliable and safest. You can tap to pay, track your order, get merchant tokens, initiate Apple Pay Later, and do more fantastic stuff on Apple Pay. Another benefit is that iOS makes removing, setting up, and changing cards easier. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not be using Apple Pay. 


Which card is the default in Apple Pay?

Your default card becomes the one you add when you set up Apple Pay. That card is available as default on other devices with the same account unless you change it. 

Why can't I remove a card from Apple Pay?

iOS allows you to draw a card from Apple Pay. First, open the Wallet on your iPhone and select your credit or debit card. Then, scroll down and select “Remove Card”.

Why can't I add my new debit card to Apple Pay?

Suppose you cannot add a new debit card to Apple Pay because of the presence of many cards. So, try deleting some of them. Else, troubleshoot your issue or contact Apple Pay support.

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