How to Remove/Delete Friends on Venmo App?

It’s a no-brainer that Venmo is the most popular and safe online payment app in the US. On this platform, you may choose to add your friends and also do just the opposite by removing them. Without a doubt, with Venmo, you won’t need to be friends with someone to give them money. But you may add your buddies for the sake of convenience and faster payouts.

How to delete friends on Venmo?

Now due to some personal issues, you have previously added any friends and want to remove them. In that case, you are at the right place. Consider the steps below to delete friends on Venmo in no time-

Method 1 Using your smartphone

Step 1- Open or install the Venmo app on your iOS or Android Smartphone.

Step 2- If you have saved your friend’s contact, head on to the user’s profile.

Step 3- Besides the user account, you will see three dots on the upper left side of your screen.

Step 4- In the menu list, you will find an option to delete the friend.

Step 5- Click on the delete button, and confirm the changes.

Kudos,  you have successfully deleted your friend from your Venmo account!

Method 2 Blocking users (if necessary)

Additionally, Venmo gives you the option to block and unblock those undesirable users which you no longer need. Do note that after this setting, they won’t be able to communicate with you via Venmo in any way, unless you unblock your friend. Follow the step-by-step instructions below if you’re up for it. 

Step 1- On your smartphone, launch or install the Venmo app.

Step 2- You may also visit the official Venmo site from your browser and log in.

Step 3- Head on to Venmo’s main homepage.

Step 4- On the home page, look for the three-line icon.

Step 5- Once found, click on it. You will now be able to access the options menu.

Step 6- From there, navigate to the privacy option that you can find in the settings menu.

Step 7- Go ahead and select the user you want to block from the menu’s more section.

Step 8- The (+) option will be shown when you first access the option. Click on it to block that particular user.

Step 9- Confirm the settings. Save it, and you’re done!

How to remove top friends on Venmo?

You might have had someone who used to be your best friend. Also, you might have had transactional exchanges via Venmo on a daily basis. But due to some personal differences, you might not feel the bond with them anymore. 

In this case, it is better advisable to remove them from Venmo’s top friend list. Just like the way Venmo can introduce top friends, they also allow users to remove the top friend from the list. Just follow the simple steps to remove your top friend from the Venmo friend list- 

Method 1

Step 1-  On your iOS or smartphone, launch or install the Venmo app.

Step 2-Open the user’s profile if you have saved the number.

Step 3-In the upper left corner of the screen, next to the user account, are three dots.

Step 4-There is a friend checkmark option for the buddy in the menu list.

Step 5-Then click the remove button and review your selections.

Step 6-Your buddy has been successfully removed from Venmo.

Method 2

Those undesirable individuals can also be blocked and eliminated from your Venmo friend list. Following this option, they won’t be able to contact you in any way using Venmo. Observe the detailed instructions to complete this task.-

Step 1- Open or download the Venmo app to your computer or smartphone.

Step 2- Alternatively, you may use the official Venmo site to log in as well.

Step 3- Once you log in, you will be on the homepage of your Venmo account.

Step 4- Now, look for the three-line icon on the homepage.

Step 5- To access the settings menu, click the three lines and select it from the list.

Step 6- Opt for privacy from the options menu.

Step 7- Go to the corresponding number you wish to remove/block in the “more” menu.

Step 8- When you first view the choice, a (+) option will appear. Click on it to choose and add the profile you want to block.

Step 9- Verify and save the settings.

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How do you mass delete friends on Venmo?

According to the new updates in the Venmo app, there is no such option to mass delete the friends or connections you have made in the Venmo list. But there are a large number of users who want to know the method to delete friends or top friends’ from their Venmo account list. We have found a solution for you for the same. It might be a tad bit of a lengthy process, but this will surely serve the purpose if followed correctly.

Do note that you will have to unfriend them one by one to complete this process. Follow the simple steps as we guide you to delete friends on Venmo-

Method 1

Step 1- On your iOS device or mobile device, launch or install the Venmo app.

Step 2- If you have saved the number of those connections, you will have access to their user’s profile.

Step 3- The upper left corner of the screen has three dots next to the user account, tap on it!

Step 4- An option to remove your connection may be found in the menu list.

Step 5- Once found, click on the remove or delete friend option.

Step 6- Confirm your settings.

Step 7- Following the same process, remove every friend you wish from your Venmo account.

By following this process, all the buddies will be deleted one by one from your Venmo connection list.

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How to see Venmo friends list?

venmo app

You might want to add or delete some friends on Venmo. Also, you might have added some friends by mistake. Now, you wish to see your Venmo friends list in order to remove them or just view your list of newly added friends. 

Well, you are in the right place then. Here we will show you a full guide to visiting your friend list and also removing or deleting a few friends or connections you no longer need.

Follow the steps to see your Venmo friends list-   

Step 1- Open or install the Venmo app.

Step  2- Enter your proper credentials if you are logging in on a new device.

Step  3- Once logged in, you will find yourself on the homepage of your Venmo account.

Step 4- Select your profile and head on to Settings.

Step 5- After opening the settings of Venmo, you may see an option for friends.

Step 6- Click the option and you will see the total list of friends you have added.

Step 7- You can also view all the newly added members.

Step 8- You can further remove or block them if you no longer require them.

How to do Venmo friends list private?

As soon as you create an account in Venmo, all the friends or connections you add to your account are visible to all other users by default. But, according to their latest update, you can easily hide or make your friend list private. Additionally, Venmo has the option to hide your own account from being seen on others’ friend lists. 

Now, there are 2 distinct ways to make your Venmo list private. Choose one according to your convenience-

Method 1 Customizing your friends list private- 

Step 1- Open or install the Venmo app on your device or smartphone.

Step 2- you can also log in through the official Venmo website.

Step 3- Navigate to the homepage of the Venmo application.

Step 4- Locate the three-line option situated on the home page.

Step 5- Click the three lines and choose the settings menu from the list.

Step 6- in the settings menu, choose the privacy option.

Step 7- In the privacy option, head on to the last option from the list as “ Friend list”

Step 8 – After choosing the friend list, there will be an option to “visible to only me.”

Step 9 – then, after selecting the option, your friend list will only be visible to you.

Method 2 Hide from being seen on others’ friend lists-

Step 1- On your computer, tablet, or smartphone, launch or install the Venmo app.

Step 2- You may also log in through the official Venmo website.

Step 3- Open the Venmo app and go to the main page.

Step 4- Search the home page for the three-line option.

Step 5- Select the settings menu from the list by clicking the three lines.

Step 6- Select the privacy option from the options menu.

Step 7- Go to the last option on the list under “Friend list” in the privacy section.

Step 8- locate the last option as said-“appear in others’ friend list”.

Step 9- if the switch is green in color, you are shown in your friend’s connection list. Now if the switch is grey, you will be hidden from appearing on their list.

Step 10- choose according to your preference, and you will be good to go!

How to accept friend request on Venmo?


There are two distinct ways to accept friend requests on this app, feel free to pick one according to your convenience-

Method 1

Step 1- open or launch the Venmo app.

Step 2- head on to the home page of your profile.

Step 3- Navigate to the three-line option.

Step 4- Choose the notification option.

Step 5- if there is any pending friend request, it will appear in the desired column.

Step 6- you can accept or reject the pending request as per your preference.

Method 2

Step 1- open or launch the Venmo app.

Step 2- ask your friend to send any transaction towards your Venmo account.

Step 3- as soon as you receive the money, the user’s profile will be visible to you.

Step 4- add the user by saving their contact, and accepting their friend request.

How to send friend request on Venmo?

Method 1

Step 1- open or launch the Venmo app.

Step 2- you can also sign in through the Venmo website.

Step 3- Click on the three-line option at the right-hand corner of your home page display.

Step 4- head on to the “search for people” option.

Step 5- enter their name to find them.

Step 6- Accordingly, you can send them friend requests.

Method 2

Step 1- login and open your Venmo app.

Step 2- Open your profile home page.

Step 3- Navigate to the QR code scanner option.

Step 4- scan your friend’s QR code and you will get their profile.

Step 5- additionally, you can add them by sending them friend requests.


Does Venmo add friends automatically?

The straight answer is No!

 you will have to add friends manually, by accepting their invitation.

When I remove a friend on Venmo, do they know?

Yes, they will eventually get to know it. Since your name will not be shown in their friend list.

How do I stop seeing someone's Venmo?

You can either unfriend or block them is you wish to stop seeing someone’s Venmo.

Where is my friends list on Venmo?

You can find your friends list in the settings option. The detailed guide is discussed above, feel free to scroll up!

How are friends on Venmo determined?

It’s simple to discover the Venmo friends’ list. To access the same, navigate to your account on the website or mobile app. Look for your friend count once you’ve accessed your profile.

What does "friends only" mean on Venmo?

“Friends Only” means that only your friends and the other entity with whom you are transacting are able to see transactions or payments.


The Venmo app is a very secure app for paying and requesting money from any friend or client, to say the least. And, now you know how to add, view, and remove friends this app, stay tuned for more similar updates in the future!

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