How to pay Mcdonald’s using Venmo (Complete Steps)?

Undoubtedly, most people are now moving to online payment options like Venmo. The good fact is that fast food restaurants have also started accepting Venmo as the payment method.

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food brands worldwide. This fast food brand also creates many industry-leading products that meet the customer requirements of different cultures in many ways.

There are many new leading products introduced by McDonald’s, like McChicken, McFlurry, and the Big Mac. All these products by McDonald’s have been in great demand and have achieved new heights. This is the reason why McDonald’s has been considered one of the most famous restaurant chains in the whole world.

Most people wonder whether Venmo is accepted by McDonald’s or not. Keep reading the article to know whether McDonald’s has accepted Venmo payments and, if so, how Venmo pays McDonald’s.

How to pay Mcdonald’s using Venmo?

Mcdonald's using Venmo

As we tell you, McDonald’s does not accept payments directly through Venmo. You are unable to use Venmo directly through the McDonald’s app. For this, you need to use Venmo MasterCard to pay for McDonald’s meals. Also, there is another way to use Venmo on McDonald’s indirectly.

You should integrate Venmo with compatible food services like Uber eat to pay for McDonald’s meals.

1. Uber eats

If you are in the US, you are able to get access to the Venmo balance with the help of the Uber eats app and avail of the discount to use Venmo. Here are the steps to use

  • Choose your favorite food by tapping on the screen. Then, move your cursor toward the bottom screen, where you are able to see the payment options.
  • Click on the Venmo icon.
  • You also need the Friend email to which you want to send the order of food through McDonald’s.

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How to use Venmo Card at McDonald’s?

Currently, there are no fast food restaurants that accept Venmo payments directly. But it is possible to use Venmo cards to pay at restaurants like McDonald’s online. It is also possible to use the Venmo in-app balance in order to make online food delivery services.

The Venmo card works as the credit or debit card works. All you have to do is to proceed with the payments to fast food restaurants by using your Venmo card by swiping. Remember that McDonald’s does not accept Venmo payments through the QR Code. The only way to make payments to McDonald’s using Venmo is through the Venmo debit MasterCard.

Mcdonald’s accepts Venmo cards to pay, but only at certain stores. If you have your Venmo card, you do not need to use any other credit card that does not need to carry cash at McDonald’s.

  •  Mcdonald’s has accepted the Venmo card to make payments for some time. To pay through Venmo, you must first download the Venmo app on your device.
  •  Log in to your online Venmo account, then read all the instructions of McDonald’s available on the app.
  •  As McDonald’s is a well-known fast food brand, you must stay aware of customers’ actions. The McDonald’s App allows you to make payments on meals you take on the app by using the Venmo card system.
  • You can easily place the order on the app by clicking on the restaurant logo.
  •  The best thing here is that you can freely use the Venmo card to make payments to McDonald’s. There is no need to pay any fee to make payments through the Venmo system.

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If you are trying to make payments directly through Venmo on McDonald, then your Venmo payment is not accepted. On the other hand, if you make payments to McDonald’s through your Venmo debit card, then Mcdonald’s accepts it.


Does Mcdonald's take Venmo?

Yes, McDonald’s takes Venmo in order to make payments on your meals, but only at certain stores. But keep in mind that McDonald’s does not accept direct payments through Venmo. You have to use Venmo cards to make payments to McDonald’s.

Does Mcdonald's take Venmo QR codes?

No, McDonald’s does not take Venmo payments through the QR Code. The only way to make Venmo payments for meals at McDonald’s is by using the Venmo Mastercard online.

Does Mcdonald's take Venmo cards?

Yes, you can make payments to McDonald’s by using Venmo cards. Venmo cards work as your debit or credit cards. All you have to do is swipe your Venmo card to make the payments at McDonald’s.

Can I pay with Venmo at Mcdonald's?

No, you can pay directly with Venmo at McDonald’s. Your payments are declined if you try to pay directly through Venmo at McDonald’s. So it will be good to use the Venmo card to make payments online to McDonald’s.

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