OnePlus Open foldable could arrive in August-Checkout Now

One Plus is still developing its first ever foldable phone and even when there is no official name of it there is so much anticipation in the market as to how it would look from the inside as well as outside. Sources often say the foldable phone from OnePlus could arrive in August to compete with the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Speculations aside, OnePlus might want to have an oversized camera that is circular in nature and will fit in three small sensors besides the Hasselblad branding.

Its back panel might come with a faux leather texture and that would be similar to a design Samsung has already used.

What can people expect from One Plus foldable model?

A sleek shape is what many aspire for it to have though nothing has yet been out about the phone. Flat edges, slim bezel, and a thin profile is what you might get from the phone. The hinge beautifully joins the two ends with absolutely no gap between the two parts.

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The display is also being thought to be a wider one more than what OnePlus Open has in offer for its end users. How convenient it would be to run apps on such a wide screen is yet to be determined. They will also feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, and comes with 16GB RAM with 256GB of storage.

A minimum 6.3 inch OLED screen seems to be a promise from the OnePlus foldable. They might also bring a 7.8 inch 2K foldable OLED. A 4800 mAh battery alongwith 67W charging functionalities is what the phone promises to provide.

Cameras could be as good as the 48 MP primary unit, 48 MP wide sensors, and a 64 MP telephoto camera alongwith a 32 MP selfie shooter. All of these would embed on the cover screen with a 20 MP Selfie unit that is to be located in the upper left corner of the panel that can be folded.

Best to come from it could be the prices. They might price it at $1500 according to certain rumors. If this becomes the truth some foldable phone would be in the market that could set a steep competition for Samsung in ages.

But all this cannot be verified unless people have reached August. Mostly, even if the phone comes out in August, it is odd there is no noise about it. Would that mean the phone wouldn’t make a noise until its release or does it simply want to surprise their users with something more unique than what is being anticipated.

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