Xbox Revolutionizes Call of Duty Lobbies: Clip and Report Audio for Cleaner Gaming Experience

Xbox, the game played by all is also adding features these days. What are they up to these days, let’s find out.

The reactive voice chat moderation feature is what they are trying to roll out recently. With this feature loaded, players can capture a 60-second video. They can also submit the 60-second audio clip if they want to report some inappropriate voice chat messages. The same submitted clip will be reviewed by the Xbox safety team on their end. The step is being taken to ensure the safety of the players and the same was conveyed by the Xbox GM of Trust and the Safety Kim Kunes to Verge.

Community building is important for Xbox players. But Xbox does not want anyone to feel uncomfortable about it. Those players who experience any offending circumstances within the community that they don’t like can report them about it. There are also numerous different ways to report to them something that users consider unpleasant and don’t want to experience in their gaming vicinity.

Moderation for clipped and reported audio

It is done proactively by them through text, images, videos, and also the audio moderation of the voice is done using the reactive voice moderation option.

This feature is a minimally invasive procedure so that players can report and catch offending clips and that too without disrupting the game play in any way. It is also possible to submit the report later even though you capture it right when you face it.

The Xbox team also confirmed that Xbox does not listen to players’ communications actively nor store the player’s voice chat details. Only, if the reporting functionality is used by someone to clip and report audio like a voice message, will then someone from the Xbox team keep up with their voice dialogues. It is just for the moderation purpose and players cannot share or save it for future use.

As per Xbox, the review will be done by human moderators and not by AI or any machines. Deletion of these messages is initiated after 24 hours. Your report will get submitted before the deletion of the video. Players can also submit extra text with their audio clips and reports to justify their grounds and statements. If any player is impacted as per the moderation decision, they will have the ability to submit an appeal.

As of now, the program is available only in English-speaking countries for clipping and recording audio- Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

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