Nothing Phone (2) Review: Shocking for Android users

Nothing Phone 1 skipped the US market to avoid the huge investment required to make something work in this market and also to test the phone market in other different nations. But with the coming of the Nothing Phone 2, even US people can get a hold of it.

Nothing Phone (2)

What or why should people turn their attention to the Nothing Phone (2) model? If you want to know more, reading this article might help you understand better.

  1. A fresh set of designs is already in
  2. A new software altogether to try
  3. A generous hype could make it huge

As an Android phone, how much promising can it be for people?

We will first talk more about the design part

  • Nothing phone 2 is completely transparent on the back and a light magic is obviously what keeps it in your hands.
  • Secondly, it’s all flat, with no curved edges and so on.
  • The model has a slight bulge on the back and the curvy back glass with its transparent feature makes it a get-to-go for many.
  • The phone has a smooth finish, something which most Android phones struggle with and the material they use is certainly capable of making the phone with a premium look.

Battery, oh! so important part of an Android

They offer a 47000 mAH battery with 45W charging through a wired format and a 15W Qi wireless charging option. Loading the phone with appropriate charging is just a matter of minutes.

What is new with the Display?

The Nothing (2) display is a LPTO imbibed 6.7″ OLED. A resolution of 2412 x 1080 can be achieved using the OLED display. Every 120 Hz, it refreshes the phone and that way, you get to experience a smooth performance. Optimizing their software and hardware with your finger inputs can make things better and the brightness leaps back and forth with HDR content viewing and even outdoor options.

Camera, is there anything new with it?

They have a 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor adjacent to the 50MP Samsung JN1 wide-angle sensor. Coupled with the Qualcomm chip, you can only expect a great camera experience if you have one of these with you.

But that’s not all, you can talk for hours if you start noticing more about the kind of software they are using and also want to note a few points about its performance.

Read more about the details before you move on to purchase it. Purchasing Nothing Phone (2) could be a worthy experience for you if you are in search of an Android phone that looks and feels different.

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