2024 Cup Loan Program Application, Reviews & How to Apply

There are many organizations offering banking solutions and loans to normal people. In this article, we talk of one such old organization which is capable of serving a lot of people. They have a huge banking kit offering savings, checking accounts and also provide loans to people in need. The Federal Credit Union program known as C.U.P is what is serving many, read more about it here like what is the CUP Loan Program, How to apply?, What are the application requirements, website, Legit or not & much more.

What is a Cup Loan program?

C.U.P Program is under the Federal Credit Union and is quite old a program in the list of financial organizations serving people. The organization was founded in 1960, and in the beginning, served the Bureau of Reclamation members who were actively a part of the Central Utah project..

They serve the following organizations currently:

  • Water Conservancy District of Central Utah
  • Uintah Water Conservancy District
  • Electrical Service District of the South Utah Valley
  • Association of the Strawberry Water Users
  • The Reclamation Bureau
  • Several different agencies housed in the Reclamation Bureau.
Cup loan program

How to Apply for Cup loan Program Application in US?

To apply for the Cup loan program application with FCU, Utah you will need to fill a membership form with them.

Here is what you will need to fill in the application form.

  1. Account Type details
  2. Member related information like member’s name, number, address, SSN/TIN, email and eligibility criteria details for membership.
  3. Authorization signatures.
  4. Account services details (payroll deduction, audio services, overdraft protection or debit card)
  5. Account ownership details like whether one would like an individual, or joint account with or without survivorship.
  6. Account designation details.

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What are Cup Loan Requirements?

The Cup loan requirements will include nothing but proof that you work in the said organizations and also an identification document. You will also need to mail them the membership form and open an initial account with $25 as your opening deposit amount.

Who is Eligible?

If you are an employee or family member of the following organizations, you will get easy access to the C.U.P loan offered by them.

  • Water Conservancy District of Central Utah
  • Uintah Water Conservancy District
  • Electrical Service District of the South Utah Valley
  • Association of the Strawberry Water Users
  • The Reclamation Bureau
  • Several different agencies housed in the Reclamation Bureau.

Once you are a member of the credit union, irrespective of where you work, you will always be a member.

  • You must also be a US citizen or a permanent resident to apply for the Cup program.
  • Applicants must have a regular income source if they want to join the Cup program.
  • An already existing valid checking account is also a priority.

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Interest Rates

They also offer home equity loans and all these loans will have a varying rate depending on your credit score.

Interest rates for the C.U.P loan program are given here.

New & Used Auto Loans4.99% and above
New & Used RV LoansBeginning at 7.89%
18-month CD special6% only for new money
New Super Saver Money Market AccountLoans of upto 1.78% APY

For Vehicle Loans

2-year vehicle loans1.99%
3-5 year vehicle loans5.99%
6-year vehicle loans6.99%
7-year vehicle loans7.99%
8-year vehicle loans9.79%

RV Loan rates are as given here

5 year7.39%

CE Signature Loans

2- year10.50%
3- year11%
4- year11.50%

For others like those with a LOC period;

Ready Cash10%
Share SecureFor own terms at 1.20%
First Mortgage Loan8%
PP1 (Lot Loans)8%
PP2 (Non Owner Occ for the first time)10%

Shares and Certificate Rates go this way for the company.

Types of AssetsAPR%Minimum Balance
Traditional IRA0.10%$25
Share CD for 6 months2.90%$500
Share CD for 12 months3.15%$500
Share CD for 18 months5.00%$500
Share CD for 24 months4%$500
Share CD for 36 months4%$500
Share CD for 60 months4%$500

Cup loan program website

The Cup loan program website is http://www.cupcu.com/lending.html and if you want to check it out, you must look into the loan programs they offer.

Is Cup loan program legit?

Their loan programs are absolutely legit and if you are with them, you surely know they as completely legitimate. For more details about legitimacy follow this link.

Cup loan program Reviews

The reviews for the program are offered only by the employees who work in the given agencies and have an account with them-

  • Reclamation Bureau
  • Uintah Water Conservancy District
  • Central Utah Water Conservancy District
  • South Utah Valley Electric Service District
  • Reclamation Building offices

Thus, you would not find many people reviewing it, despite the fact that it is a C.U.P program. The program works in accordance to the C.U.P program schemes sanctioned by FCU.

Contact details

There are several ways to contact them and you can choose any as long as it seems feasible for you.

cup Loan Contact
  • Walk into their office at 302 E Lakeview Parkway, Provo, UT 84606.
  • You can pick up your phone and give them a ring at 801-374-1170 number if you want to talk to them anytime between 10 AM – 5 PM from Monday to Friday.
  • Get a reply within 24 hours by writing them a mail using the [email protected] email address.
  • You can mail the president at [email protected], the loan specialist at [email protected] or their MSR at [email protected] ID.

FAQs related to CUP Loan Program

Are Cup loan program real?

Yes, C.U.P loans are for real and the loan is deducted from you on your payday.

What is the interest rate on a Cup loan program?

For unsecured loans, the rate of interest is 6.45%. Signature loans have a fixed term of upto four years, offer competitive rates and there is no need for collateral with these loans.

I have a bad credit score, can I apply?

For an FCU loan, you can get a loan for a credit score of as low as 300 to 850. If it is higher, it is better to get a loan but even otherwise, you can get it if your credit score rests around 300-850.

How much they can provide the loan?

The loan amount depends on the loan type. You must refer to their rate chart and types of loans to understand what you can do with loans.


Cup loan program application details are here and if you work in any of the organizations, you might want to check this article before applying for the C.U.P loan program. The rate card is also elucidated for you to understand better about the program.

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