How to verify Venmo account without SSN? Confirm identity Venmo

How to confirm identity on Venmo?

Verifying your identity is essential for using Venmo to its full potential. Confirming identity with Venmo is possible by using these below steps. With old Venmo app versions, follow these two steps.

  1. Click on the ☰ tab from the upper right corner of the app.
  2. Click on the Settings option, move to the Security section, and click on the Identity Verification tab.

When on new Venmo app versions, follow these below steps.

  1. Click on the ☰ tab and then go to the You button.
  2. Choose Settings, then visit the Security section and then the Identity Verification option.
  3. Tap the Next tab from the one-time security page information.
  4. Add your legal name, birth date, last four digits of the social security number (SSN), and then add your complete address.
  5. Click on the Next tab and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the verification process.

How to verify Venmo account without SSN?

verify Venmo account

There is no way to verify Venmo account without SSN. When you don’t have an SSN and still want a verified account, call the Venmo help center. They can ask you for other identity document proofs that can take some time and won’t be as fast as it can be with your SSN. Some of the other documents that can be used for verification are;

  1. Adding your US passport number,
  2. Driver’s license number,
  3. Tax ID number,
  4. DHS card,
  5. SSN assignment letter
  6. A tribal ID card if asked.

Venmo confirm identity email

Venmo’s identity confirmation will be sent to you via email. If you have asked for identity verification, look out for their mail.

Is Venmo app identity verification safe?

Identity verification on the Venmo app is safe. The P2P platform is not a place where hackers can easily steal your personal information. Your details are treated perfectly when with Venmo. Thus, the app verification process is safe, relatively easy, and less time-consuming than web portal verification or any other method.

Why is Venmo App asking for my SSN?

Venmo might ask you for your SSN to affirm the identity verification when under these circumstances.

  • If you have done transactions above $300 in a week.
  • If you have spent $1000 a week on your bank
  • You have created a group account in Venmo

Why is Venmo asking me to confirm my identity?

Venmo will ask you to confirm your identity if you have used Venmo in any of the above-specified ways. Venmo also wants to help you expand your reach whenever possible, and when you have fulfilled any of the above criteria, Venmo asks you to verify your identity. If you fulfill any of the above criteria, Venmo can help you by confirming your verification further.

Further, Venmo is regulated by the United States Treasury Department, and they will want to understand better about the person whose money is being transacted. Thus, confirming identity with Venmo becomes essential beyond a point for users frequenting Venmo regularly.

Should I confirm my identity on Venmo app?

Yes, you should confirm your identity on your Venmo app.

How long does it take for Venmo to verify your identity?

It takes almost 2-3 days to complete your identity verification. However, it can take upto 7 days sometimes.


Here’s a little about Venmo’s identity verification process. If you have received an email from Venmo asking you to verify your identity, do not panic but find out more about it from this article.

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