How to register for Lachit Borphukan App (Complete Guide)?

The government of Assam has taken significant steps to commence one of the most courageous and valiant commanders, Lachit Borphukan. To highlight the 400th anniversary of Lachit Borphukan, the government of Assam has launched the application as the Lachit Borphukan app.

This app is dedicated to honoring the most significant figure of Assam state. He is well known in this state for his patriotism, selfless service, and immense valor towards the Assam state. The government has launched the Lachit Borphukan app to dedicate his contribution and life journey towards Assam.

What is the Lachit Borphukan app?

The CM of Assam, Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma, launched the Lachit Borphukan app on 26th October 2022. In this way, the state pays tribute to one of Assam state’s most significant figures and freedom fighters.

He contributes his complete life for the good present and future of Assam. And this is the reason why the Assam government pays tribute to them by launching the Lachit Borphukan app.

The government has appealed to everyone to become part of this tribute celebration and upload the light on Lachit Borphukan to pay respect. The best essays on Lachit Borphukan will be selected by the government and featured in several magazines of the Assam government.

Latest news about the Lachit Borphukan app

On Wednesday, the dark marked the 400th anniversary of the late Lachit Borphukan. He is the legendary warrior from the ahom dynasty who helped to overthrow the Mughal empire from Assam state.

  •  A press conference was held by CM sarma at Janta Bhawan, and they introduced the Lachit Borphukan portal and app.
  • Users can upload their essays on fighter Lachit Borphukan through the portal or application.
  • The Assam government will also provide recognition certifications to users who upload their essays on the internet on the Lachit Borphukan app.
  • The Assam government has invited people from all over the world to become part of this celebration of launching the Lachit Borphukan app.

How to download the Lachit Borphukan app?

As we tell you, the Assam government has launched the Lachit Borphukan app to pay tribute to him. If you also want to download the Lachit Borphukan app and become part of the 400th birth anniversary celebration, here are some steps.

1. To download the Lachit Borphukan app, you must first Visit the official portal,, that the Assam government releases.

2. Move to the website and find the exact option for downloading the Lachit Borphukan app.

3. You can directly download the app from the given link or scan the QR code on the portal.

How to register for the Lachit Borphukan App?

Here are the steps you should follow to register on the Lachit Borphukan app to upload essays on Lachit Borphukan.

1. Ensure to download the Lachit Borphukan app on your device to move to the registration process on the app

2. Then, you have to tap on the option ” Upload writing,” which appears on the upper right section of the homepage.

3. Next, you have to select your country and fill in the captcha code

4. Then, you have to fill in your accurate email id and phone number

5. Last, you must enter the OTP, receive both email and phone numbers, and register successfully on the app.

How to use the Lachit Borphukan app?

After downloading the Lachit Borphukan app on your device, if you want to use it to upload your write-up and essays on the app, then here are the steps to help you.

1. First, only registered candidates can upload their essays on the portal or app. So you have to first register yourself on the Lachit Borphukan app.

2. Then, go to the app, and tap on the ” Upload” button to upload your write-ups and essays.

Keep in mind that only three essay formats, like a pre-formatted booklet, online, and plain paper, are approved by the Assam government to upload on the Lachit Borphukan app.

Is it safe?

Many users worry about their personal information privacy after downloading the Lachit Borphukan app on their devices. But there is nothing to worry about. The Lachit Borphukan app launched by the Assam government is safe from all types of insecurities.


From the launch date to now, the Lachit Borphukan app gains the good reviews. Lachit Borphukan apps are used rapidly by people to upload their essays on Lachit Borphukan to pay tribute to them. You can also check the number of essays already posted by people on the official website.


  •  With the Lachit Borphukan app, people are free to show their essay writing or write-up skills by posting their essays on lachit borphukhan
  • In this, the Lachit Borphukan app allows people worldwide to write essays and make improvements between them.
  • The best thing is that people can get the choice to choose any of the essay formats from the three given options on the Lachit Borphukan app.


This article is full of knowledge about the newly launched Lachit Borphukan app. Hope this article is enough for you to understand how to download, register, and use the Lachit Borphukan app. 

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