How much Venmo credit card fee Annually | International fees

How much Venmo credit card fee?

Venmo is a P2P platform that works best for individuals wanting to transfer money to their family and friends. If a person wants to have a Venmo credit card, they need to showcase a good credit score and be at least a month old with Venmo. Individuals also need to have verified accounts before asking for credit and debit cards.

The Venmo credit card brings back extra cashback facilities for individuals. There is no annual fee for using the Venmo credit card.

How much venmo credit card fee

The cash advance fee is almost 5% to 10% with the Venmo credit card. Venmo also has a charge for instant transfer equal to 1% of the total amount being shifted. Additionally, they charge an ATM cash withdrawal fee of $2.50, and if you try over-the-counter cash withdrawals, the charges would be $3.

Venmo credit card fee who pays

Usually, the user transferring the Venmo amount has to pay the charges. The Venmo credit card owners must pay instant transfer fees, credit card processing fees, and merchant fees. These fees are paid to the credit card companies through Venmo.

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Venmo credit card fee calculator

If you want to use a Venmo fee calculator, then the link can serve the purpose. To use the Venmo credit card fee calculator, you must check the steps given below.

  • In the first space given, enter the amount you want to withdraw from Venmo. Let’s say you wish to send $1000.
  • The below amounts would be auto-populated when using the calculator.
  1. It would tell you the ATM out-of-network fee that is $2.50.
  2. Instant transfers have a 1% fee.
  3. The credit card fee is 3%.
  • You would be able to withdraw $990 if you want to do an instant transfer where an instant fee of 1% is deducted from your account. You’d lose $10 in the process.
  • If you plan to send money to another Venmo user, via a bank, debit card, or credit card, the amount you’d lose would be about $30. Thus, to send money to another Venmo user you would need to spend $1030.
  • When you plan to withdraw out-of-network cash, you can do so by paying an ATM fee of $2.5.

Venmo credit card fee cash advance

Venmo’s credit card cash advance fee can be somewhere from 5% to 10%.

Venmo credit card annual fee

There is no annual fee for having a Venmo credit card.

Venmo credit card international fees

There is no Venmo credit card foreign transaction fee since the Venmo credit card offers a normal credit card transaction feature.

Is Venmo credit card free?

Yes, Venmo credit card has no fees and is free to procure.

Does Venmo charge a fee for credit card?

Venmo does not charge a fee for having a credit card, but there is a Venmo credit card payment fee for transferring money using the credit card.


Here’s a bit of the Venmo credit card and its various fees. If in doubt, quickly refer to this article for more clarity.

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