How to Play skill clash Game & Get App latest version [2024]?

Willing to play games for money? Skill clash is an app that can help you win cash by playing games. It is available only in the Indian market and real time cash is transacted in your account after winning tournaments and battles through the app.

How to play skill clash game?

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Once you have downloaded the app, create a small profile for yourself in it. The Chrome web browser is also a perfect place to play the Skill clash game. Open it in your chrome mobile platform. 

  • Playing Cricket Gunda, Bubble Wipeout, Carrom, and 8 Ball Pool are some of the games you can play here.
  • You can also click on the promo cash tab to win Rs.10 for free.
  • Once you have decided which game to play click on the game icon to start playing the game.
  • If you click on Archery champs, you will be taken to a page where you can select from the options provided.
  • You can either avail of free entry or Rs.2, 5, or 10 entries.
  • If you do not want to waste your money you can play the free option.
  • If you want to invest and play you can choose the amount and click on the play button beside it.
  • Once you pay the amount, you can start playing the game.
  • Every battle room has some number of players, a fixed time for which it operates and the maximum number of players per battle indicated.
  • Click on the general rules tab before you start.
  • Sign in is essential to begin the game.
  • Catch up with your mates and other players and keep playing the game.
  • If you win you will get a sum of money which you can transfer later to your bank account.

How to Download skill clash app free?

The skill clash download can be done for free. All you have to do is, go to the particular site to download the app.

  • The skill clash game download can be done from third party appstores.
  • Adjust the Menu settings, visit the security tab and then toggle the switch to download unknown apps.
  • Visit any genuine third-party appstore, search for your app.
  • The skill clash game downloads in your device by clicking on the start injection or download tab.
  • Verification is a process that you might have to undergo. To verify, you must be asked to download some apps (2 or 3 depending on the platform used for downloading the app).
  • Post verification run and install the app in your device.

Game Features

  • Instant cash, prizes, and various gifts are there for those who play games and battles in the app.
  • The app works for Indian users only.
  • One must have an appropriate internet connection.
  • The app is ad-free and does not show ads in between games and battles.
  • The skill clash game is absolutely free. There is a certain amount of investment for participating in bigger battles and tournaments.


Reviews show that the app is already being used and loved by many. Various reviews have projected satisfaction among gamers. People are claiming to be earning from the app and love the games and their designs overall.

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