Why is Venmo declining my payment when I have money?

Venmo has evolved as one of the safest modes of money transfer. People in the US and UK use this application for daily payments and transferring funds to any distant source account. But have you ever faced a decline in payment? You might have noticed that Venmo sometimes declines the payment, and your amount is reversed back. Do you know what causes it? No? Read this article to find out.

Venmo declining my payment “Solution”?

venmo declining

Venmo is an excellent and reliable payment platform. It is also very secure too. However, in some cases, Venmo might decline your payment due to some reasons. The decline is very rare, but if you have to face it, there will be a valid reason for your payment failure. Here are the reasons for your decline in payment on Venmo.

The most frequent reason for the payment decline is not Venmo. Instead, your bank or the card issuer refused to complete the transaction from their side. For this problem, it is advisable that you either talk to your bank and let them handle the issue. Moreover, if this issue is frequent and the bank is incapable of dealing with it, then it is time for you to change the bank.

The other reason for the decline of payment is that somehow while paying, you have initiated, what we call, a red flag or security flag. It is an automated system of Venmo that will hold your payment and ultimately decline it. In such a case, you can contact Venmo customer care, and they will tell you the reason for the flag and help you remove it.

Why is Venmo declining my payment method “Solution”?

Venmo is very protective against any fraud on the internet. Thus, it can sometimes even decline to accept your payment method to protect the customer’s data and money. Most of the time, it is declined due to the unavailability of funds in the account, which can be avoided by keeping sufficient funds.

One of the unusual reasons for the decline of payment method is that Venmo does not trust the method. If Venmo feels like the payment method is on the way to doing some fraudulent transactions, it will decline and block the payment method for protection and security reasons. There is an automated system in Venmo that will automatically block your payment method from doing any further transactions.

If that is the case, then there is a very high chance that your payment methods are very questionable, and you better change them. However, if you still believe in your payment method, then all you can do is take support and guidance from Venmo customer support. They can help you get back your payment method on the acceptance side.

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Why is Venmo declining my instant transfer “Solution”?

Instant transfer by Venmo enables you to transfer the money into any eligible US bank or debit card within half an hour. However, this service is not free and costs about 1.75 percent as a fee.  First of all, the instant transfer is only valid in the US provinces and US banks, so if you are making a transfer to any other bank or country, then the transfer is bound to fail.

Venmo reviews every instant transfer, and some get declined for various reasons. It is the Venmo automated security measure that is responsible for such declines. Therefore, there are certain precautions that you can take to avoid a strike from security.  Before going for the instant transfer, make sure that the card or account you are using for the transfer must be registered under your name, and the Venmo account must have your legal first and last name in its system. This will help you bypass the security system most of the time.

Still, if you face the decline of instant transfer, despite doing several instant transactions from the same card in the past, you should contact the Venmo customer team directly. They will guide you much better, and soon you will be able to do the instant transfer if there is no problem from your side.

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Why is Venmo declining my prepaid card “Solution”?

Venmo has been supportive of many different types of cards for making payments. Almost every card can be used for making payments through Venmo. One of the popular cards that are being used frequently on Venmo is prepaid cards. Almost everyone is using them now.  These cards are easily accessible, and very quickly, they clear the Venmo security measure.

However, not all transactions are successfully made by the prepaid card. There were some cases of complexity in the transaction, ultimately leading to a decline in Venmo. Mostly the cards get declined when they run out of funds. However, that is not always the case. The decline is simply because Venmo automated security measures did not approve of the prepaid card.

Some might forget to enter the zip code while linking their card to Venmo, leading to the security decline of the prepaid card. Some cards require a zip code so that they can get linked with the Venmo account. So, it is advised that you check whether you have entered the zip code or not.  If you have entered the code correctly and still face the issue, then you must take the assistance of the Venmo customer support team.

Why is Venmo declining my apple card? “Solution”

 Just like any other card, Venmo also accepts the apple card. Apple card has become quite popular and widely used now. Thus, now you can link your apple card with the Venmo account and use it for payment through Venmo seamlessly.

But that is not the case all the time. It has been seen that at some point, the apple card has faced a decline in making payments by Venmo. Alike any other payment, payment through an apple card also passes through Venmo automated security measures that ensure that no fraudulent transactions occur and your data and money remain secure.

Mostly the decline is because of insufficient funds. Moreover, your card can get declined if you have not registered yet. Quite a few people have forgotten that.  Also, ensure you give proper credentials to bypass the security system. Venmo’s security system is top-notch and can quickly detect if there is any change. Nevertheless, if all is correct from your side and there is a problem from the company side or your bank side, then it is always better to take the help of the support team of Venmo or the respective bank to resolve your matter.

Why is Venmo declining my request? “Solution”

 Venmo supports almost every type of payment method and mode. You can request the payment anytime you want to Venmo, and it will make the payment on your behalf. However, we had some cases where the request has not been completed by Venmo and gets declined by it.

There are quite a few reasons behind the decline, and the most common is not having a balance in your account. You must always have enough balance to complete the request. One other common reason is reaching the maximum payment limit. Yes, Venmo indeed has a payment limit, and once it is reached, every payment request gets declined. In this case, you cannot do anything. You have to put the requests in the next cycle.

 The requests sometimes also get declined when there are too many login attempts from the user side. It has been cleared that Venmo security is very effective. If there have been many login attempts for your account, it freezes the requests or, in some cases, declines the request to protect your account from fraud. If it happens with you, then you can restart your account and request by taking assistance from Venmo customer support.

Why is Venmo declining my capital one card? “Solution”

decline capital one card

 Venmo recently has started to support the new capital one card. These cards are trending and are frequently used in the United States. Though there has been no trouble while paying through capital one cards. But there have been some cases where the payment through the capital card has been declined.

The most common reason for the decline is not having enough balance. People without looking at the balance go for the payment and ultimately get declined by Venmo. Therefore, checking the balance before making any kind of payment is a good practice. Also, one common reason for rejecting the payment is not completing complete verification. A bank or a payment platform company will never allow the flow of transactions before thoroughly verifying the users. You must complete any type of verification before you go for any payment.

Venmo never interrupts the payment; most of the time, the payment puts on hold due to no response from the card issuer. In that case, Venmo has to decline your payment. To resolve this issue, you must contact your bank support team to take action. And if your bank is fully responsive and the problem is from the Venmo side, then get in touch with the Venmo team to aid you. 


I hope you now know the reasons behind the unsuccessful money transfer. These are trustworthy reasons behind your failed payments or Venmo decline payments. Go through each of them and find out which one is causing you this. 


Why does my Venmo keep declining transactions?

Venmo can sometimes decline your transactions, and you do not have to get tensed over this payment failure. They generally occur due to insufficient funds in your transacting account or network failures. It might also happen because of improper linking of a bank account or exceeded transfer limit for the day. Remember, Venmo also declines payment if any fraudulent activities are going on your account or if they notice any suspicious moves. This can ultimately can lead to blocking your Venmo account.

Why does Venmo say payment declined to try again later?

The Venmo payment is getting declined? Check your bank status. Due to bank failures, the payment might get stuck and can ultimately get declined. It might also be the case that the payment you are trying to make is flagged as inappropriate. Hence, Venmo can hold and decline your payment due to security reasons. The declined payment amount will return to your source account safely.

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