Venmo credit card cash back rewards categories & Limit [2024]

Venmo credit card users, can enjoy a dedicated Venmo credit card rewards program. Once anybody takes a Venmo credit card, they automatically will be entitled to the rewards program. The rewards will be credited to your Venmo account within 1-3 days at the end of each of your statement periods. Such rewards do not come with an expiry date. The Venmo credit card rewards are separate from the Venmo debit card rewards.

venmo credit card cashback double rewards

Venmo credit card Rewards categories

Venmo credit card cash advances are fixed at three levels. You can get a 3% reward on all your top-selling categories, a 2% reward on your following top categories. Additional 1% rewards are offered in all categories other than the top ones. 

The categories for which you will be offered rewards include transportation, travel, entertainment, grocery, nightlife and dining, utility and bills, gas, health and beauty, and all other categories.

Venmo credit card rewards limit

The Venmo credit card does not have a reward limit. Your top purchase categories have a different credit limit than the ones low on the purchase segments.

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Venmo credit card double rewards

From time to time, Venmo offers a cash-back double rewards scheme. Like in August, there was a double rewards scheme whereby 6% was given for top-purchase categories in place of 3%. Similarly, people were offered 4% and 2% instead of 2% and 1% for the next top-level category and the last category. This offer was valid from 1st June to 15th August, and lookout for the double offer schemes when they appear next.

Venmo credit card cash back rewards

The Venmo credit card cash back rewards offer is available only when shopping with selected merchants. Check the merchant offers before shopping from the provided segment of the Venmo app. When making the purchase, you can check the online cashback amount you have received from it in your voucher itself. Some offers have limits others don’t have any limits on them.

Venmo credit card bonus

If a cardholder is making a $750 purchase within three months of opening the account, then they would be eligible for a $75 bonus. If you apply after 30th September and show a $1000 expenditure on the new card within six months, one can have $100 cashback.


Does Venmo have a rewards program?

Yes, Venmo offers a credit card reward program under which they give several offers, bonuses, and discounts year-round. To avail of the offers, you must keep a close watch on all the available rewards at any given time from the app.

Does Venmo count for credit card points?

A hard credit inquiry is needed for taking a credit card from Venmo. This might impact your credit card scores. Usually, a higher credit score is to be submitted when applying for a credit card with Venmo.


Here is all about credit card offers and bonuses. Use your credit card judiciously to avail of the right offers whenever they are available. Do keep a tap on the discount section of the app to know about different rates provided by other merchants in a period.

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