How to USE SiriusXM App on iPhone/Android [2024]

SiriusXM app is offering ad-free music to its listeners. Music buffs can enjoy non-stop without having to worry about in-between ads anymore. Not just music, but it also offers outstanding ad-free services for sports, comedy, talk shows, podcasts, concerts and so much more. But Sometimes the App does not work properly. Don’t worry the solution is in the article.

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Siriusxm app iphone android not working cost

How to USE siriusXM app?

SiriusXM app’s two GEO satellites are responsible for the ground station signal transmission. Adapting and unscrambling digital data signals is what the radio receivers are programmed to do. The app houses 170 or more radio channels.

So, this is pretty much how you can make it work if you want to go through the FM Radio way;

  • Take your FM Transmitter and plug it into the receiver of the satellite radio.
  • Get onto any ad-free channel.
  • Your car’s stereo system must also be tuned in to the same device. 

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If you are using an Android device, then this is how you can tune in.

  • Download SiriusXM on your Android devices.
  • Connect the Android device via USB cable to your Android radio.
  • Sign-in to the app from your Android device. Choose SiriusXM from the musical dashboard to listen to it.

You can also jag into your car Bluetooth to use it for tuning in.  

How to install siriusXM app on Android?

Installing the SiriusXM app in Android is just three clicks away-

  • Open your Google Playstore.
  • Search for the app, and press the install tab.
  • View your downloaded app on your device in a few seconds.

How to download siriusxm app on iPhone?

Downloading the app on iPhone is easy from the Apple AppStore. All you need to do is just press the Get button tab beside your Siriusxm app icon. 

SiriusXM app not working solution?

In the past few days, there is a downtime issue with the SiriusXM app. Many fans and regular listeners have complained about its problems through Twitter and other social media platforms.

There was a recent update by the SiriusXM team soon after they recorded many complaints. According to them they’re urgently considering the matter and would be getting back with a firm solution to their audiences.

How much does the app cost?

There is more than one plan offered by the SiriusXM app.

  • A free plan for 4 months of free streaming of 350+ channels.
  • $5 for 12 months with access to 325+ channels. The prices would then be increased to per-month charges of $16.99. 

Does siriusXM app use data?

Yes, SiriusXM uses data through three setting options.

  • Use of 56 MB/hour falls under the normal data category.
  • 70 MB/hour is considered a higher range.
  • 140 MB/hour is said to be the maximum usage range for SiriusXM.

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