How to use and Download Samiksha SED App (Complete Guide)?

Teachers too often need proper feedback to understand what they need to teach the students. An app that can make the student-teacher collaboration stronger will help the process immensely. If you want to know about such an app, read about the JK Samiksha SED app here.

What is Samiksha App?

Teachers need to take accountability and student needs to inform teachers of their issues. An online platform is more suited to this context. Already such an app has been introduced in Jammu and Kashmir and the app not only plans to inform teachers about the shortcomings being faced by students, it also plans to bring online education to the fore in the union territory. With the help of the app, teachers can locate what students need from them. Even the principals of schools will be able to manage their schools better with the help of this JK Samiksha app.


Samiksha SED app

These are the following features that make the app worth a try.

  • With the help of the app, students can inform teachers about their shortcomings.
  • They can provide feedback in three different languages- Urdu, Hindi, and English.
  • You will get access to different content, feedback forms, and study materials from the student dashboard of the Samiksha app.
  • Using a 5-point scale system, students can rate a teacher’s performance easily.

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How to use Samiksha SED app?

After completing the download of the Samiksha SED app, you must complete the following steps.

  1. You must visit the JK Samiksha the login page.
  2. Login using your username, password and also by filling in the captcha in the right way.
  3. Click on the sign in tab to complete the signing in process.
  4. For registration, you must click on the New Registration tab on the screen.
  5. A new user registration window will open up.
  6. Incorporate details like name, email ID, education related necessary information, and other such essential information.
  7. Once you complete your registration you can easily move to the login page to complete logging into your app.

How to do JK Samiksha SED app download?

To download the JK Samiksha SED app, you will need to move to the Google Playstore.

  1. Search for the Samiksha SED app and click open the app from the results.
  2. Next, press the install tab to download and install the app on your phone.


With the help of the app, the government plans to build a better system of sustenance and collaboration between teachers, students, and schools. The Samiksha app would also enable a newer environment for the children and the teachers alike helping in developing a collaborative environment that works well for both.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to add teachers to the Samiksha app?

To add teachers and students you need to login to the app. Once done below the dashboard, you will find students and teachers tab. Under the teachers tab, you have the ‘add and display’ tab.

You must go to the Add tab to incorporate the following details: name, gender, email, user type, designation, subject details, CPIS ID, phone number and password.

How to add students to the Samiksha app?

When a teacher is added to the list, there is an option to map the class and edit or delete people from it. You can move all students of a certain class to the app or choose to move only a few students to the app by adding their details separately. Apart from all this, you can check the reports, and enrollment status of different students from the app.


Here is all that you want to do with the Samiksha app and if you wish to use it, understanding about the app would be a better option to take. Here you get introduced to the basics of the app and by reading them you can understand what you must do with the app after you download it.

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