How to use Instant Portrait App (Complete Guide)?

Portrait images of different styles and designs cannot be made every day and not everyone has time to create them. The instant portrait app is an all-in-one solution for generating portrait photos in the simplest ways. All you need is a selfie of yourself and your portrait will be ready in no time.

How to download Instant Portrait app?

Those who wish to download the instant portrait app can head on to Google Playstore or Apple appstore. The app is free to produce instant portrait photos. There are no hidden fees for using the app and all you need to do is generate the portrait after downloading the app from any of the two playstores.

The search bar is the place where you add the name of the app and then when it comes, you must click on the Get or Install button to have it with you in no time. You can also use the web browser version if you don’t want to have the app on your device. If you want to produce portraits in bulk using the app might be beneficial. But, if you want to generate only one or two portraits of yourself or your friends, the web browser version is enough.

What is the Instant Portrait app’s speciality?

instant portrait app

The browser says the app is three times faster than any other app and can offer 5 times more number of themes. It is free to use and even sign-in is also not essential for the Instant Portrait app. Also, if you want, you can select the theme all by yourself.

If you have the app or whether you are using the web app, you can either drag and drop a photo of yours or browse through your photos to upload a close-up selfie. Also, the next step is to choose the gender of the photo which means you must tell the app if it is a man or a woman in the photo.

It will scan your eyes, nose, and skin color, and also your overall structure, and then it will change your attire to generate and use AI algorithms to generate your portrait. It is virtually impossible to detect any changes made in your structure by the AI app which means you cannot make out any difference between your original and AI-generated image.

The latest app update was done on 8th August 2023 and was developed by Histronaut OU to enable the creation of personalized AI portraits.

Simple navigation, easy user-friendly options, and hassle-free portrait creation options are available with the app.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Since when is the app apk available to users?

It has been available since March 2023 and there are already some 100+ thousand downloads already for the app.

Are there any apps other than Instant Portrait that can get your work done?

Other apps can do the same work for you like Retrato, Fotor’s AI photo generator, and others.


Starting with the Instant Portrait app is easy and if you want to understand more about the app, you should read more about it try the app for free, and then understand if the app can serve your purpose. There are several such apps and each of them has its speciality even though all of them use AI to generate these images. If you want to generate your images, you must use the Instant Portrait app as this is the best one for portrait generation.

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