Unlocking Earning Potential of 10k Instagram Followers in India [2024]

In this digital world, earning digitally is one of the easiest ways. You just need an audience on your social platforms, and you are ready to earn online. If you have Instagram followers, you can easily earn a good income depending on the quantity, quality, and location of your followers.

Instagram 10k followers income in India

10k Instagram Followers earning in India

The larger the number of followers, the more you can earn. If we talk about India, a lot of influencers are earning a huge income and changing their lifestyles.

Also, you can easily grow followers on Instagram compared to other platforms.

But you might be wondering, “Instagram does not allow monetization, so how are people earning through Instagram?”

The answer is affiliate marketing, promotion, lead generation, etc. These are some of the best methods to earn through Instagram.

Now, the next question is how to reach these companies for promotion and marketing their products.

The answer is your followers. Didn’t get it?

Let me explain: when you have a large number of followers, different companies will contact you for promotion and advertisement of their products on your story.

When they message you, discuss the charges with them, and you are good to go.

If we talk about how much you can earn with 10k Instagram followers:

Let me tell you, you are not going to earn much with this small number of followers. Companies mostly contact people with a large number of followers, like 1 million, 2 million, and so on.

To earn some amount, you should have at least 100k followers.

On the other hand, the quality of followers also matters. For example, if you have targeted 10k followers or an audience in the stock market niche, you can earn a good amount with just 10k followers that a guy with 100k followers can’t earn. That is why the niche and quality of followers matter a lot.

Also, the location of followers matters. If you have USA followers, you can earn more compared to Indian followers.

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